Windows 10: Bootloader issues with multi-boot

Discus and support Bootloader issues with multi-boot in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; I'm trying to dual-boot Win 10 (64-bit) and WinXP (32-bit). If I try to go to WinXP, the entire system just restarts, then restarts once more when I... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by Rae, Oct 4, 2015.

  1. RAE
    Rae Win User

    Bootloader issues with multi-boot

    I'm trying to dual-boot Win 10 (64-bit) and WinXP (32-bit). If I try to go to WinXP, the entire system just restarts, then restarts once more when I get back into the bootloader.

    I tried using Dual Boot Repair, but all it did was add a redundant item to my bootloader menu.

    Please help.
    Thank you.

  2. jbootland Win User

    Cumulative Update KB3194798 failing to install

    Looked at your link.. Sadly none of the repairs there were associated to my system at all. I am on a HP Laptop, which I have made the HD a multi-boot (Yes this was a challenge and a chore to get to work right).

    OS : MANJARO LINUX (Arch linux base)

    OS : Windows 10

    OS : Windows 7

    OS : Windows XP

    OS : Kali Linux

    (Yes, overkill .. I'm a geek.. go figure)

    Bootloader : Grub 2.02 (linux based bootloader)

    And here is what I think is happening, that the windows update is trying to modify the boot sector, or something associated to it, but because I am on the multi-boot using Grub Bootloader, it can not find what it is looking for, and fails.


    Ok, when doing multi-boots it often changes the 'ACTIVE PARTITION'

    Suggested to you all to try !

    Step 1: Right Click on windows icon (bottom left on your taskbar) should open a menu

    Step 2: Select Disk Management in the menu

    Step 3: In the Disk Management window, right click on your Windows Drive (usually defaulted to C: )

    - Can be done in either half, upper or lower

    Step 4: In the new menu that opens 'Mark Partition as Active' is what you select

    Then Attempt the Update. (This resolved the issue for me, please mark as HELPFUL if it works for you!)
    jbootland, Oct 4, 2015
  3. Tomazsi Win User
    Cumulative update (KB 3135173) fails to install, just like KB 3124262 and KB 3124263

    I had the same problem, impossible to update or turning on/off any windows feature. It always failed to update, than undoing changes, rebooting... I have dual boot system with Ubuntu and Windows 10 with Grub2 bootloader because win bootloader can't load

    Maybe this fix works in single boot systems same way and the reason for this update fails is corrupted bootloader.

    Ok so my solution for this problem was (not fastest one or permanent, but it's nice to update system every few months):

    1. Booting to windows with live windows10 USB, should work same with windows10 DVD,

    2. Then click Repair your computer - Advance options - Command Prompt - type "bootrec /fixmbr" (it does not delete any data, it only changes back to windows boot loader),

    3. Exit Command Prompt, Reboot,

    4. Download and run Windows Update Troubleshooter just to be sure,

    5. Update

    6. If you have multi boot system use
    to restore back to multi boot. Use recommended repair and carefully follow instructions.

    Hope this helps to someone.
    Tomazsi, Oct 4, 2015

Bootloader issues with multi-boot

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