Windows 10: BSOD fun that doesn't end

Discus and support BSOD fun that doesn't end in Windows 10 BSOD Crashes and Debugging to solve the problem; Hello, I just built a new gaming pc, installed a fresh copy of windows that I installed from their website (windows media creation tool), and got the... Discussion in 'Windows 10 BSOD Crashes and Debugging' started by arcticx7, Oct 3, 2017.

  1. arcticx7 Win User

    BSOD fun that doesn't end

    I just built a new gaming pc, installed a fresh copy of windows that I installed from their website (windows media creation tool), and got the first BSOD while the windows installation was finishing. When i got all set up and done with my windows installing i got another blue screen (new stop codes almost every time). I updated my drivers and that didn't seem to help (maybe i didn't update all of them, installed a faulty driver, didn't properly update my motherboard bios etc., i don't know..).
    I unplugged all the unnecessary devices from my PC aka mouse, keyboard and the PC still crashed after a while. So i decided to check for damaged/missing system files in cmd with command sfc /scannow and it didn't find anything, checked my memory with memtest86 (let it go 10 passes) and windows memory diagnostic, checked my ssd and hard drive with HDTune and CrystalDiskInfo and health is all fine, 0 damaged blocks, SMART is all good.. i ran driver verifier on all processes that were not from microsoft and didn't get a blue screen.
    PC specs:
    Motherboard: MSI B250M PRO VDH LGA1151
    Processor: INTEL Pentium G4560, 3.50GHz, 3MB, HyperThreading, LGA1151, Kaby Lake
    Memory: 8GB DDR4 2133MHz PC17000
    SSD: 120gb sata3 ssd
    Hard Drive: 1TB, 7200rpm, SATA3
    Graphics: nVidia GeForce GTX1050Ti 4GB GDDR5
    PSU: LC POWER LC6350, 350W

    Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance *Smile

    arcticx7, Oct 3, 2017

  2. Windows 10 Update and POWER_DRIVER_STATE_FAILURE


    My windows 10 has to update but it always takes way too long and in the end it doesn't even end up updating and returns my PC to the way it was at the start. Anybody knows what I should do to make sure my PC updates?

    Secondly often my PC will have the BSOD with the code POWER_DRIVER_STATE_FAILURE I know to fix it you have to go into safe mode and go to device manager and uninstall the drivers that have
    a yellow triangle beside themStill of the drivers will not uninstall and even if they do I still get the BSOD. Any ideas?
    Aayush_967, Oct 3, 2017
  3. Spotlight option is missing and "managed by my organization"

    I tried it and it doesn't work.

    And still the option to fun facts and all is grey.
    MarieleHochmüller, Oct 3, 2017
  4. axe0 New Member

    BSOD fun that doesn't end

    Hi arcticx7,

    Same user from a different forum here.

    Switch your PSU with a proper one, if it doesn't help then your motherboard is likely the cause.
    axe0, Oct 3, 2017
  5. arcticx7 Win User
    How can I be sure though? I don't wanna buy another psu and motherboard just to see that something else is the issue.. (new psu and motherboard would cost me one third of the entire pc cost)
    arcticx7, Oct 3, 2017
  6. axe0 New Member
    All that's left is the PSU, motherboard and CPU. CPU is unlikely at the moment.

    You said you can swap the PSU with another pc so that saves you money and time.
    axe0, Oct 3, 2017
  7. arcticx7 Win User
    You think it's not a software issue? Most of the time blue screens are a software issue right? Drivers? Maybe a microsoft driver/process is causing this..
    arcticx7, Oct 3, 2017
  8. arcticx7 Win User

    BSOD fun that doesn't end

    If it's a psu issue, wouldn't the system crash when I ran memtest86 for 9 hours straight?
    arcticx7, Oct 3, 2017
  9. axe0 New Member
    Windows vanille installation crashes so it's not a software problem.

    No, memtest86 doesn't require much and as I mentioned on the other forum hardware can be specific and random.
    axe0, Oct 4, 2017
  10. axe0 New Member
    A tip, don't create any more threads on different forums. You will mainly be asked to go through the same things you've already done over and over again, that is, if you're lucky to have another BSOD Analyst helping.
  11. arcticx7 Win User
    Thanks for all the help axe, I will run hdtune again just to be sure, and then swap the cpu.
    arcticx7, Oct 4, 2017
  12. axe0 New Member
    Has the PSU been swapped and system crashed?
  13. BSOD fun that doesn't end

    350W running all that hardware must be a strain. Probs best to double that.
    kingtez1984, Apr 5, 2018

BSOD fun that doesn't end

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