Windows 10: BSOD - Hal.dll+395cf & ntoskrnl.exe+25bfbd

Discus and support BSOD - Hal.dll+395cf & ntoskrnl.exe+25bfbd in Windows 10 BSOD Crashes and Debugging to solve the problem; Hey guys, new to the forums here and at my wits end... just about lost a phone and a monitor tonight *Rolleyes I've had nothing but errors for a few... Discussion in 'Windows 10 BSOD Crashes and Debugging' started by ItsGoose, May 24, 2017.

  1. ItsGoose Win User

    BSOD - Hal.dll+395cf & ntoskrnl.exe+25bfbd

    Hey guys, new to the forums here and at my wits end... just about lost a phone and a monitor tonight *Rolleyes

    I've had nothing but errors for a few months now and its really really annoying me!

    I just received a replacement motherboard from Asus but the issues are still happening.

    System Info Here:
    DxDiag Here:
    Dump File Here:

    I always seem to get hal.dll and ntoskrnl.exe to show up, about 3 hours ago I got netio.sys which I have never seen before.. since then I have reinstalled windows 10 and have nothing but chrome, bluescreen viewer and the current gtx 970 drivers installed.

    I think obviously its boiled down to a hardware issue, ram? hdd? etc? All of my parts are fresh and just under a year... I would hope that they wouldnt fail but you never know I guess..

    Any idea's on what I can do fella's? I'm thinking of running memtest86 over night to see what happens if anything at all.

    Most of my resets generally happen when I'm playing WoW and have music playing on the other monitor, but sometimes it happens shortly after I boot up my computer. It's not really consistent..

    I await your help and guidance

    (I've attached the files if the website doesn't work for some reason)

    ItsGoose, May 24, 2017
  2. AngDean Win User

    hal.dll+35f1f bsod error in Windows 10

    OT- hal.dll+35f1f bsod


    There was a bsod just now, which is the first time I've experienced it - and should I be worrying about it?

    This is what I got from BlueScreenView:


    18/7/2016 8:23:23 PM











    What caused this? Thanks!
    AngDean, May 24, 2017
  3. EThe coli Win User
    BSOD errors without an identifiable cause

    Okay I may or may not be onto something now. Since, from what I've read, it seems that most ntoskrnl.exe BSODs are not actually caused by ntoskrnl, but by another driver that takes up the krnl's space. When ntoskrnl.exe finds it, it throws the system into
    a BSOD to prevent damage. Looking the the dump files, I found that there was a driver called hal.dll, but the crash address was different from the driver address. The crash address was ntoskrnl.exe+14ec00, the same as my above post. There is also another driver
    called dxgmms2.sys who's crash address was ntoskrnl.exe+14ec00. I'm not sure if this will help or if it means anything but I'm looking for anything at this point.
    EThe coli, May 24, 2017
  4. philc43 Win User

    BSOD - Hal.dll+395cf & ntoskrnl.exe+25bfbd

    Hello Goose,

    The error in the one dump file points to CPU hardware:
    Code: =============================================================================== Common Platform Error Record @ ffff9f8ebc8eb028 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Record Id : 01d2d519c36253b9 Severity : Fatal (1) Length : 928 Creator : Microsoft Notify Type : Machine Check Exception Timestamp : 5/25/2017 5:57:39 (UTC) Flags : 0x00000000 =============================================================================== Section 0 : Processor Generic ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Descriptor @ ffff9f8ebc8eb0a8 Section @ ffff9f8ebc8eb180 Offset : 344 Length : 192 Flags : 0x00000001 Primary Severity : Fatal Proc. Type : x86/x64 Instr. Set : x64 Error Type : Cache error Operation : Generic Flags : 0x00 Level : 1 CPU Version : 0x00000000000506e3 Processor ID : 0x0000000000000004 =============================================================================== Section 1 : x86/x64 Processor Specific ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Descriptor @ ffff9f8ebc8eb0f0 Section @ ffff9f8ebc8eb240 Offset : 536 Length : 128 Flags : 0x00000000 Severity : Fatal Local APIC Id : 0x0000000000000004 CPU Id : e3 06 05 00 00 08 10 04 - bf fb fa 7f ff fb eb bf 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 - 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 - 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 Proc. Info 0 @ ffff9f8ebc8eb240 =============================================================================== Section 2 : x86/x64 MCA ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Descriptor @ ffff9f8ebc8eb138 Section @ ffff9f8ebc8eb2c0 Offset : 664 Length : 264 Flags : 0x00000000 Severity : Fatal Error : GCACHEL1_EVICT_ERR (Proc 2 Bank 3) Status : 0xba00000000200179[/quote]
    I have seen this error once before and it turned out to be a bad CPU even though all the hardware tests run on the CPU came back with no errors. There could be other reasons but for now I would suggest you see if you can test with another CPU. Refer to here for the previous case BSOD playing WOW, but occasionally doing just about anything
    philc43, May 24, 2017
  5. ItsGoose Win User
    I have seen this error once before and it turned out to be a bad CPU even though all the hardware tests run on the CPU came back with no errors. There could be other reasons but for now I would suggest you see if you can test with another CPU. Refer to here for the previous case BSOD playing WOW, but occasionally doing just about anything[/quote] I ran the IDPT test and it came back with passes just like the previous guy in that post. I just contacted intel and told them whats going on and he right away said "lets replace your processor".

    It's nice to not be jerked around by a company for a month. I should have the new i5 in a day or two - I'll swap it out, run it and see how she goes.. I'll be sure to update from that point on to let you know what goes down!

    He updated his processor and hasn't had a crash since then. So heres to hoping!
    ItsGoose, May 24, 2017
  6. ItsGoose Win User
    double post - lets get this puppy fixed! *Biggrin
    ItsGoose, May 24, 2017
  7. ItsGoose Win User
    Attachment 136678Attachment 136679Just got two more BSOD's while trying to install the bnet application on my PC...

    One of them shows "win32kfull.sys" as the cause of the error.. other ones the same as before hal.dll

    What would my computer have to severely malfunction to cause a win32 bsod is my question though...

    So frustrating.. can't do anything on this pc now *Sad
    ItsGoose, May 24, 2017
  8. philc43 Win User

    BSOD - Hal.dll+395cf & ntoskrnl.exe+25bfbd

    The above would be consistent with CPU cache errors. Sometimes the windows kernel process just gets blamed because it's running when the error occurs.
    philc43, May 24, 2017
  9. ItsGoose Win User
    So what you're saying is still go through with the CPU replacement is what im pickin up!

    My "techy" friend is in disbelief that it the cpu, hes urging me to replace my evo 850 ssd... says samsung are bad and the culprit.... just to appease him im installing fresh on a kingston hyperx fury right now.

    "intel chips either work or dont work" is all he keeps yelling into my ears, lol.

    thanks again phil.
    ItsGoose, May 25, 2017
  10. zbook New Member
    Place your computer in clean boot to decrease or eliminate bsod:

    How to perform a Clean Boot in Windows 10 - TechNet Articles - United States (English) - TechNet Wiki

    Clean boot turns off all non-Microsoft applications on boot. All items in task manager are off on boot. It makes boots faster. When any application is needed after boot it will then load. If you have any more bsod please post the minidump files. If you must have an application on boot you can modify clean boot into a nearly clean boot but the goal is to turn off any drivers that could potentially contribute to any bsod.

    The minidump analysis so far are indicating cpu problems but the Intel processor diagnostic tool kit has passed. Are you doing any overclocking? Have you run prime? GIMPS - Free Prime95 software downloads - PrimeNet While I don't want to push your luck if you no longer have any bsod while in clean boot you could consider using it to better determine or differentiate driver from hardware.
    zbook, May 25, 2017
  11. ItsGoose Win User
    So far a fresh reinstall on a different ssd (120gb kingston hyperx fury) seems stable.

    I just played over an hour of my game, before I couldn't even install the game without a crash.

    I dont overclock anything, the most recent tests ive run on the samsung evo 850 was just a memory test on again a fresh install with just what comes with windows installed.. it didnt show anything and the IDPT tool from Intel also showed all passes (which could be a false positive)

    Intel is sending me a brand new i5-6600k in the mail, should be here in a day or two.. gonna swap that out when I get a chance and plug my samsung ssd back in and see what happens!

    I'm seriously hoping for a BSOD tonight, praying for one even.
    ItsGoose, Apr 5, 2018

BSOD - Hal.dll+395cf & ntoskrnl.exe+25bfbd

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