Discus and support BSOD HP Zbook - CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED in Windows 10 BSOD Crashes and Debugging to solve the problem; Hi,Can anyone analyze my dump results. ************* Path validation summary **************Response Time ms LocationDeferred srv*Symbol search path is:... Discussion in 'Windows 10 BSOD Crashes and Debugging' started by Robert Jesionek, Sep 21, 2021.


    Hi,Can anyone analyze my dump results. ************* Path validation summary **************Response Time ms LocationDeferred srv*Symbol search path is: srv*Executable search path is: Windows 10 Kernel Version 19041 MP 12 procs Free x64Product: WinNt, suite: TerminalServer SingleUserTSMachine Name:Kernel base = 0xfffff807`1f000000 PsLoadedModuleList = 0xfffff807`1fc2a230Debug session time: Sun Sep 19 00:12:22.086 2021 UTC + 2:00System Uptime: 0 days 6:40:21.636Loading Kernel Symbols.................

    Robert Jesionek, Sep 21, 2021
  2. Chino Win User

    HP Unveils Fifth-Generation HP ZBook Mobile Workstations

    HP Inc. today unveiled a range of new, fifth-generation HP ZBook Mobile Workstations designed for creative and technical professionals, executives and students who demand high-performance computing and premium experiences. The new lineup features cutting-edge design, innovative collaboration tools and superb security features to help elevate the creative process.

    "Today's mobile users are looking for premium products with outstanding performance, differentiated design, resilient security and practical collaboration tools to create anytime, anywhere, without limits," said Xavier Garcia, vice president and general manager, HP Z Workstations, HP Inc. "Whether it's the game-changing design of the world's most powerful convertible PC, the world's most powerful mobile workstation or the world's most secure mobile workstations, HP is delivering the products that creative and technical workers crave."


    BSOD HP Zbook  - CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED W6xKortT6U7wvvB0_thm.jpg

    Purposeful Innovation to Excite
    By constantly monitoring market trends and customer insights, HP understands that today's mobile workers

    surround themselves with a collection of products that speak to their personal design philosophy. They require products that don't just enable the creative process, but elevate it. HP ZBooks were created with forward-thinking design and versatility, precision inking experiences, the brightest displays, tool-less access and distinct eye-pleasing finishes. This generation of HP ZBook's tout precision-crafted machined aluminum for enhanced structural integrity, durability and weight-savings, and streamlined narrow border displays allow for more screen real estate in a smaller chassis.

    Today, technical workstation users demand accelerated performance to dramatically improve workflows. As boundaries around traditional workplaces are erased, security becomes even more important. Nearly 70 percent of organizations have reported compromised laptops in the past 24 months, highlighting the need for robust security features that provide constant protection and resiliency in the event of an attack. Therefore, HP designs its HP ZBooks to be the world's most secure and manageable mobile workstations.

    At the same time, as workplaces become more collaborative, the need for innovative tools is on the rise. The mobile user is at the center of this shift, with laptops/mobile workstations as the most frequently used devices for meetings and collaboration. HP ZBook Mobile Workstation users can collaborate naturally with the world-facing microphone and the HP Premium Collaboration Keyboard. This generation of HP ZBooks also have even richer sound over the previous generation - louder, bigger speakers with a lower bass roll-off.

    Premium HP ZBooks Delight Creative Professionals
    Today, HP revealed the HP ZBook Studio x360 G5, the world's most powerful convertible PC. This versatile laptop gives users the latest convertible design with professional-grade performance needed to run multiple apps with speed and responsiveness. Users can edit high-resolution images without delay, with NVIDIA graphics and Intel Xeon processors. HP's innovative 360-degree hinge delivers the comfort of a laptop, the convenience of a tablet and the luxury of additional modes to help showcase work. Precision inking with 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity are realized on the anti-glare HP DreamColor display - the world's brightest, 4K laptop display.

    Creative professionals will experience the ultimate blend of design and performance in the next generation HP ZBook Studio G5. This premium model is smaller, faster and brighter than ever. Users can bring ideas to life on the world's brightest 4K laptop display. The HP DreamColor anti-glare display supports 100 percent Adobe RGB, has 600 nits of brightness, is 20 percent brighter than the Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch Retina display and 50 percent brighter than the Dell XPS UltraSharp 4K display. The HP ZBook Studio supports up to 6 TB of storage, with certified NVIDIA Quadro graphics and ultra-fast 6-core Intel Xeon processors, with 35 percent higher processing performance than the Apple MacBook Pro8.

    Last fall, HP announced the HP ZBook x2, the world's most powerful detachable PC, to unleash the power of Adobe Creative Cloud with remarkable performance and versatility. This product now includes Intel's 8th generation of quad core processors that deliver 73 percent higher graphics performance compared to the Surface Pro.

    Performance HP ZBooks Thrill Technical Community
    HP ZBook17 G5 delivers the performance of a desktop with the freedom of a laptop. Users will revel over the relentless performance when editing multiple streams of content, manipulating data and developing in VR. The HP ZBook 17 G5, the world's most powerful mobile workstation, is packed with 50 percent more cores generation over generation, up to 10 TB storage, 64 GB memory, NVIDIA Quadro P5200 graphics and 20 percent better thermals generation over generation to stay cool and quiet. With up to 50 million different configurations, the HP ZBook 17 G5 can be customized to meet any demand and can be upgraded in seconds without tools.

    HP ZBook 15 G5, the number one mobile workstation in the world, provides extraordinary performance with industry-leading security and is designed to thrive with heavy rendering, engineering and simulation workflows. With 30 percent better thermal performance generation over generation, it stays quiet and cool running at maximum performance workloads. Users can bring projects to life with one billion colors on the stunning 600 nits 4K HP DreamColor display11. Users can also increase productivity with up to 6 TB of storage and 3 drives and up to 4 TB local PCIe TLC storage. Engineered for the future, upgrading is made easy with tool-less access. In 2016, NASA purchased 1,200 HP ZBook 15 mobile workstations for use on the ISS and to support ground development and flight support.

    HP ZBook 15v G5 is a high-performance laptop, aimed at engineering students and SMBs, with high speed processors and graphics certified for peak performance - all at a low cost. This model has fast response times with 6-core Intel Xeon processors and 32 GB memory, even when running multiple apps at once. Users can access large 4K files quickly with up to 4 TB of high-speed storage and tackle complex 2D and 3D models with certified NVIDIA Quadro graphics. The HP ZBook 15v is optimized for stability and peak performance with professional software applications from leading software providers like Autodesk, Revit and SOLIDWORKS. This model features up to 2 TB local PCIe TLC storage.

    Visionary Display for Visionary Creators
    The HP DreamColor Z27x G2 Studio Display delivers consistent accurate color, features a wide color gamut, high performance IPS Panel and workflow management tools with breakthrough HP DreamColor technology. This 27-inch diagonal display uses an integrated pop-up sensor that calibrates on demand or on a regular schedule. HP worked with leading visual effects studios to create customized solutions for an optimal design process, including onscreen markers, remote management and the world's first integrated keyboard-based input switching KVM to easily switch between devices. Users will experience a broad range of vividly accurate colors from 99 percent DCI P3 coverage, 98 percent Adobe RGB and a 1500:1 contrast ratio. The new HP Z27x joins the HP Z31x DreamColor Studio Display to make a family of the most advanced color-critical displays in the world.

    Pricing and Availability
    • The HP ZBook Studio x360 is expected to be available beginning in May for a starting price of $1,499.
    • The HP ZBook Studio is expected to be available beginning in May for a starting price of $1,299.
    • The HP ZBook 17 is expected to be available beginning in May. Price not yet available.
    • The HP ZBook 15 is expected to be available beginning in May. Price not yet available
    • The HP ZBook 15v is expected to be available beginning in May for a starting price of $949.
    • The HP DreamColor Z27x G2 Display is available beginning in April for a starting price of $1,999.
    Chino, Sep 21, 2021
  3. Critical_Process_Died BSOD


    In order to resolve your concern, we suggest that you to follow these steps:

    • If you've installed any new apps or devices, uninstall or unplug them and restart your PC.
    • Make sure your PC has the latest updates:
    • Go to the search box.
    • Type Windows Update then Enter.
    • Select Check for updates.
    • In the Settings menu, select Check for updates button.
    • When it's finished, restart your PC.

    You may also check this
    for more troubleshooting steps regarding critical_process_died error message.

    Let us know how it goes.
    PreciousLeb, Sep 21, 2021

    Static IP With Windows 10 and HP Zbook

    I'm at my wits end with a problem that I see on my zbook with static ip addresses

    To connect to a device, I need to set my ip to a 192.168.1.*, netmask and gateway to I do this by going to change adapter settings->properties(of Ethernet adapter) . Then click "Internet Protocol Version 4" and hit "properties.
    This allows you to set a static IP. But the problem is I cannot connect to a device (DHCP is not available). I disabled all other adapters

    I would think I'm doing something wrong with the setup except that following these exact steps with a DELL m6800 and it works fine! The only difference is HP is windows 10 and the DELL is windows 7. They are the same Intel I217-LM though.

    Things I've tried:

    1. Right click on adapter->Diagnose: I tried all suggestions until it tells me "gateway is not available"

    2. Updating driver

    3. Downloading hp driver

    4. Checked ipconfig to verify correct ip set.

    Any suggestions would be fantastic.

    (I tried to post this on the HP support website but it is garbage and a nightmare to use)

    PS anyone want to buy a zbook? BSOD HP Zbook  - CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED :p
    NateElmore, Sep 21, 2021




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