Windows 10: BSOD in Unity Games

Discus and support BSOD in Unity Games in Windows 10 Gaming to solve the problem; Looking for help with my system bluescreening. It only happens while I'm inside a game. In the past it happened a lot with 7 days to die and I had to... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Gaming' started by SageGaming, Feb 20, 2021.

  1. BSOD in Unity Games

    Looking for help with my system bluescreening. It only happens while I'm inside a game. In the past it happened a lot with 7 days to die and I had to stop playing it. Recently I bought and am trying to play Valheim. It is random but I bluescreen anywhere from 5 min in to 2 hours in. Both games are unity games I don't know if that matters. the codes are machine check exception and whea uncorrectable error. in event viewer "The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly." is the only critical error shown.

    My Hardware includes Z390 phantom gaming motherboard, 4x 8Gb ram, GeForce RTX 2080, intel i7-9700K processor, dual hard drives SSD for OS and HHD for media storage, and an Elgato capture card for recordings.

    So far I have tried checking and updating all drivers. I ran both /sfc and /dism no errors found. I ran a mem test no errors found. I removed and reseated all ram in different positions making sure all connections are good.

    If I need to list any additional information to help me figure out why its crashing during these specific games that would help. When it crashes the game freezes goes to BSOD says stop code then automatically restarts.

    SageGaming, Feb 20, 2021
  2. Pavan_N Win User

    unable to play games Unity Web Player error.

    Hi Daryl,

    As an initial troubleshooting step I would suggest you to uninstall and reinstall Unity Web Player from Programs and features and check the status of the issue.

    To uninstall programs, go to Settings.

    • On the Start menu, then select Settings.
    • Select System > Apps & features.
    • Select the program, then select Uninstall. Some apps that are built in to Windows can’t be uninstalled.
    • Follow the directions on the screen.
    As you have clearly described that the issue is with Unity Web Player not with game or browser and Unity Web Player is not developed by Microsoft. I suggest you to contact
    Unity Web Player Support. Thank you.
    Pavan_N, Feb 20, 2021
  3. 786shahz Win User
    unity based games

    windows phone 7.8 will be able to run unity based games or not ???
    786shahz, Feb 20, 2021
  4. Josh Win User

    BSOD in Unity Games

    How to run a unity-built after Computer is turned on


    • User turns on Computer and Unity-built runs automatically.
    • Upon system start and thereafter Unity start, User only sees the maximized gameview of unity. No windows Taskbar, steamVR window, nor anything else is visible.
    • Unity-built quits and computer shuts down automatically upon respective user-input within the running Unity application.

    The following approach is my current plan. Simpler solutions are always welcome.

    I've tried Windows Kiosk Mode, but manual login to kiosk account was still necessary. Plus Unity doesn't seem to be available in Kiosk mode - or I overlooked something...

    Step by step:

    1. User turns on computer by pressing the power-button.
    2. User-Login happens automatically; no user-input necessary (neither click, nor password input).
    3. if a password protected account exists; login happens automatically.
    4. if user-account exists, but without password protection; login happens automatically
    5. Unity-built starts immediately.
    6. Screen only shows game content; neither windows start menu, nor anything else is shown on the screen.
    7. User has in-game options (within the running Unity application) to quit the game. Both Unity application and system shut down after user picks respective option.

    Step 1 - 5:

    I've been able to start the unity-built after system start via task scheduler, but I couldn't solve the problem of automatically logging into the user-account.

    • Edit 1:
      I mangaged to disable required account-password input. User now reaches the desktop without having to input anything. I used strg + r and "netplwiz" which is described in this thread.

    Step 6:

    Problem: After unity start Windows start menu and steamVR windows are visible and overlay the gameview. User has to click into the gameview, to "pull" gameview to the front in order to hide said overlaying elements.

    Solution: ???

BSOD in Unity Games

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