Windows 10: BSOD kmode_exception_not_handled (classpnp.sys)

Discus and support BSOD kmode_exception_not_handled (classpnp.sys) in Windows 10 BSOD Crashes and Debugging to solve the problem; 4 BSOD in the last 3 days (only 2 dump files though, don't know why). 2 while browsing in Firefox (v57), 1 while working in Photoshop CS5, the last one... Discussion in 'Windows 10 BSOD Crashes and Debugging' started by Guts, Dec 1, 2017.

  1. Guts Win User

    BSOD kmode_exception_not_handled (classpnp.sys)

    4 BSOD in the last 3 days (only 2 dump files though, don't know why). 2 while browsing in Firefox (v57), 1 while working in Photoshop CS5, the last one I can't remember which program I was using when it happened.

    Each time it happened, the BSOD is there for a few seconds, then the PC reboots.

    The DM Log Collector file is attached.

    Any help is highly appreciated.

    Guts, Dec 1, 2017

  2. Kmode_exception_not_handled (classpnp.sys) on windows 10

    I have had my laptop for less than 2 months. Havent downloaded any new applications or drivers and have been using it mainly for work on Microsoft Office.

    3 days ago, my laptop very abruptly and out of no where crashed with a BSOD and displayed kmode_exception_not_handled (classpnp.sys). This has happened 5 times again since then.

    I have run a few diagnostic tests and a virus scan however neither have come back with anything. I have also performed a full system update for windows 10, but the issue does not seem to be resolved.
    ArinaPuzriakova, Dec 1, 2017
  3. auggy Win User
    Kmode_exception_not_handled (classpnp.sys) on windows 10

    You're welcome.
    auggy, Dec 1, 2017
  4. Spectrum Win User

    BSOD kmode_exception_not_handled (classpnp.sys)

    Hi Guts,

    From the two crash dumps included in your log bundle, it appears that there is problem with either your hard drive or some storage drivers.

    Looking at the crash dumps, I saw two 3rd party drivers that may be causing the crashes: iastora.sys (Intel Rapid Store Driver), and klbackupdisk.sys (Kaspersky Labs volume filter driver).

    I would suggest temporarily removing Kaspersky anti-virus from your computer, to ensure that their filter driver is not the culprit. Regarding your Intel Rapidstore driver, you are running an outdated version so I'd suggest you update it. Here is the latest version Asus approved for your Z170M-PLUS motherboard.

    You should also check that your hard disk is not failing, I recommend you run an error scan on each drive with HDTune. If you are unsure what the error scan results mean, post screen-shots of them here.

    Code: Start memory scan : 0xffffc583707feb48 ($csp) End memory scan : 0xffffc58370800000 (Kernel Stack Base) 0xffffc583707feb60 : 0xfffff806b9933fb7 : CLASSPNP!ServiceTransferRequest+0xb7 Unable to load image \SystemRoot\System32\drivers\iaStorA.sys, Win32 error 0n2 *** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for iaStorA.sys *** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for iaStorA.sys 0xffffc583707febd8 : 0xfffff806b9934193 : CLASSPNP!ServiceTransferRequest+0x293 0xffffc583707fec78 : 0xfffff806b9933fb7 : CLASSPNP!ServiceTransferRequest+0xb7 0xffffc583707fecb8 : 0xfffff806b74094b0 : storport!RaidAdapterPostScatterGatherExecute+0x240 0xffffc583707fecf8 : 0xfffff806b74098cf : storport!RaidXrbSetDataBufferAddress+0x12f 0xffffc583707fed80 : 0x0075006100660065 : !du "efault\https+++w" 0xffffc583707fed88 : 0x0068005c0074006c : !du "lt\https+++w" 0xffffc583707fed90 : 0x0073007000740074 : !du "ttps+++w" 0xffffc583707fee48 : 0xfffff806b740869d : storport!RaUnitStartIo+0x53d 0xffffc583707fee78 : 0xfffff806b7409200 : storport!RaidpAdapterContinueScatterGather 0xffffc583707fef08 : 0xfffff806b7407b4b : storport!RaidStartIoPacket+0x3db 0xffffc583707feff8 : 0xfffff806b74074bc : storport!RaUnitScsiIrp+0x19c 0xffffc583707ff008 : 0xfffff803d22cd70c : nt!RtlGetExtendedContextLength+0x34 0xffffc583707ff0e0 : 0xffffde03667144a0 : 0xfffff806b6c86360 : ACPI!gAcpiTriageInfo 0xffffc583707ff128 : 0xfffff803d230b17c : nt!MiResolvePageTablePage+0x37c 0xffffc583707ff160 : 0xfffff806b6c75388 : ACPI!AcpiFilterIrpDispatch+0x8 0xffffc583707ff168 : 0xfffff806b6c140dc : ACPI!ACPIDispatchIrp+0xcc 0xffffc583707ff170 : 0xffffde03667144a0 : 0xfffff806b6c86360 : ACPI!gAcpiTriageInfo 0xffffc583707ff1f8 : 0xfffff803d240aace : nt!KiExceptionDispatch+0xce 0xffffc583707ff210 : 0xffffc583707ff348 : 0xfffff806b9933fb7 : CLASSPNP!ServiceTransferRequest+0xb7 0xffffc583707ff228 : 0xfffff806b6c14400 : ACPI!ACPIIrpDispatchDeviceControl+0x60 0xffffc583707ff230 : 0x0075006100660065 : !du "efault\https+++w" 0xffffc583707ff238 : 0x0068005c0074006c : !du "lt\https+++w" 0xffffc583707ff240 : 0x0073007000740074 : !du "ttps+++w" 0xffffc583707ff2e8 : 0xfffff803d22d38d9 : nt!IofCallDriver+0x59 0xffffc583707ff348 : 0xfffff806b9933fb7 : CLASSPNP!ServiceTransferRequest+0xb7 0xffffc583707ff3d8 : 0xfffff803d2408d57 : nt!KiPageFault+0x217 0xffffc583707ff3e0 : 0x0000000000000000 : Trap @ ffffc583707ff3e0 0xffffc583707ff3e8 : 0xfffff803d23b46be : nt!IoReuseIrp+0x14e 0xffffc583707ff448 : 0xfffff803d22d38d9 : nt!IofCallDriver+0x59 0xffffc583707ff4c8 : 0xfffff806b9934193 : CLASSPNP!ServiceTransferRequest+0x293 0xffffc583707ff528 : 0xfffff803d2380a3e : nt!KeQueryUnbiasedInterruptTimePrecise+0x6e 0xffffc583707ff548 : 0xfffff806b9933fb7 : CLASSPNP!ServiceTransferRequest+0xb7 0xffffc583707ff578 : 0xfffff806b9933acb : CLASSPNP!ClassReadWrite+0x1cb 0xffffc583707ff618 : 0xfffff806b9933a74 : CLASSPNP!ClassReadWrite+0x174 0xffffc583707ff658 : 0xfffff803d22d2db0 : nt!FsRtlCheckOplockEx+0x940 0xffffc583707ff6a8 : 0xfffff806b99338f4 : CLASSPNP!ClassGlobalDispatch+0x24 0xffffc583707ff6c8 : 0xfffff803d2380a3e : nt!KeQueryUnbiasedInterruptTimePrecise+0x6e 0xffffc583707ff6d8 : 0xfffff803d22d38d9 : nt!IofCallDriver+0x59 0xffffc583707ff6e8 : 0xfffff803d22b1346 : nt!PsUpdateComponentPower+0x46 0xffffc583707ff748 : 0xfffff806b99338f4 : CLASSPNP!ClassGlobalDispatch+0x24 0xffffc583707ff768 : 0xfffff803d2380a3e : nt!KeQueryUnbiasedInterruptTimePrecise+0x6e 0xffffc583707ff778 : 0xfffff803d22d38d9 : nt!IofCallDriver+0x59 0xffffc583707ff788 : 0xfffff803d22b1346 : nt!PsUpdateComponentPower+0x46 0xffffc583707ff7b8 : 0xfffff806b6e9329e : partmgr!PmGlobalDispatch+0xfe 0xffffc583707ff838 : 0xfffff803d22d38d9 : nt!IofCallDriver+0x59 0xffffc583707ff868 : 0xfffff806b6e93387 : partmgr!PmGlobalDispatch+0x1e7 0xffffc583707ff878 : 0xfffff806b6e93978 : partmgr!PartitionIo+0x178 0xffffc583707ff8a8 : 0xfffff803d2380a3e : nt!KeQueryUnbiasedInterruptTimePrecise+0x6e 0xffffc583707ff8e8 : 0xfffff803d22d38d9 : nt!IofCallDriver+0x59 0xffffc583707ff908 : 0xfffff806b6e93206 : partmgr!PmGlobalDispatch+0x66 0xffffc583707ff948 : 0xfffff803d2380a3e : nt!KeQueryUnbiasedInterruptTimePrecise+0x6e 0xffffc583707ff988 : 0xfffff803d22d38d9 : nt!IofCallDriver+0x59 0xffffc583707ff998 : 0xfffff806b6e91bbb : partmgr!PmWmiCounterIoStart+0x1b 0xffffc583707ff9c8 : 0xfffff806b6f91103 : volmgr!VmReadWrite+0xf3 0xffffc583707ffa00 : 0xfffff806b7d112c8 : fvevol!FVE_PERF_READ_REQUEST_START 0xffffc583707ffa08 : 0xfffff803d22d38d9 : nt!IofCallDriver+0x59 0xffffc583707ffa28 : 0xfffff806b98e3862 : iorate!IoRateExemptionCtxIsThreadExempt+0x92 0xffffc583707ffa48 : 0xfffff806b7d050c8 : fvevol!FveFilterRundownReadWrite+0x2d8 0xffffc583707ffa68 : 0xfffff806b98e3dd6 : iorate!IoRateGetReason+0x1fe 0xffffc583707ffac8 : 0xfffff806b98e4f3f : iorate!IoRateOutstandingCountIncrement+0x63 0xffffc583707ffb28 : 0xfffff806b7d04dd7 : fvevol!FveFilterRundownRead+0x27 0xffffc583707ffb58 : 0xfffff803d22d38d9 : nt!IofCallDriver+0x59 0xffffc583707ffb98 : 0xfffff806b98e4039 : iorate!IoRateIssueAndRecordIo+0x79 0xffffc583707ffbd8 : 0xfffff806b98e5236 : iorate!IoRateProcessIrp+0x186 0xffffc583707ffc88 : 0xfffff806b98e247f : iorate!memset+0x13f 0xffffc583707ffc98 : 0xfffff806b751c36d : NTFS!NtfsExtendedCompleteRequestInternal+0x13d 0xffffc583707ffcc8 : 0xfffff803d22d38d9 : nt!IofCallDriver+0x59 *** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for klbackupdisk.sys *** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for klbackupdisk.sys 0xffffc583707ffce8 : 0xffffc583707ffd28 : 0xfffff806b98e247f : iorate!memset+0x13f 0xffffc583707ffd28 : 0xfffff806b98e247f : iorate!memset+0x13f 0xffffc583707ffd30 : 0xffffc583707ffd28 : 0xfffff806b98e247f : iorate!memset+0x13f 0xffffc583707ffd38 : 0xfffff803d22d38d9 : nt!IofCallDriver+0x59 0xffffc583707ffd68 : 0xfffff803d22d38d9 : nt!IofCallDriver+0x59 0xffffc583707ffda8 : 0xfffff806b7db102d : volume!VolumePassThrough+0x1d 0xffffc583707ffdd8 : 0xfffff803d22d38d9 : nt!IofCallDriver+0x59 0xffffc583707ffe40 : 0xffffde0300000020 : Trap @ ffffc583707ffe40 0xffffc583707ffe48 : 0xfffff806b7dc38ea : volsnap!ExAllocateFromNPagedLookasideList+0x12 0xffffc583707ffe68 : 0xfffff803d22d38d9 : nt!IofCallDriver+0x59 0xffffc583707ffed8 : 0xfffff806b7dc14f9 : volsnap!VolSnapRead+0x19 0xffffc583707fff08 : 0xfffff803d22d38d9 : nt!IofCallDriver+0x59 0xffffc583707fff48 : 0xfffff806b75361e6 : NTFS!NtfsStorageDriverCallout+0x16 0xffffc583707fff78 : 0xfffff803d2402017 : nt!KxSwitchKernelStackCallout+0x27 0xffffc583707fffa8 : 0xfffff803d2401fdd : nt!KiSwitchKernelStackContinue 0xffffc583707fffb8 : 0xfffff806b75361d0 : NTFS!NtfsStorageDriverCallout[/quote]
    Furthermore there are many event log entries, similar to the ones below, that indicate issues with your storage hardware or the storage subsystem.

    Code: Event[566]: Log Name: System > Source: Disk Date: 2017-11-12T09:45:57.027 Event ID: 153 Task: N/A Level: Warnung Opcode: N/A Keyword: Klassisch User: N/A User Name: N/A Computer: Tobi-PC Description: Der E/A-Vorgang an der logischen Blockadresse "0x14f670" für den Datenträger "4" (PDO-Name: \Device\0000007a) wurde Event[1297]: Log Name: System > Source: Disk Date: 2017-11-18T15:44:37.814 Event ID: 51 Task: N/A Level: Warnung Opcode: N/A Keyword: Klassisch User: N/A User Name: N/A Computer: Tobi-PC Description: Bei einem Auslagerungsvorgang wurde ein Fehler festgestellt. Betroffen ist Gerät \Device\Harddisk2\DR2.[/quote]
    Spectrum, Dec 1, 2017
  5. Guts Win User
    Hi Spectrum,

    thanks for your reply.
    I removed Kaspersky for the moment, as suggested. I guess Windows Defender will suffice for the moment?

    As for the Intel Rapidstore driver, do I have to run the AsusSetup64.exe in the Driver\64bit folder to update it? Apart from GPU I'm really not familiar with the process of updating drivers.

    I've run the HDTune error scan on both my internal hard drives, from what I understood they both should be fine? (see attachments) I'll also run it on the external one I've connected tomorrow.
    Guts, Dec 1, 2017
  6. zbook New Member
    Rule #4

    No piracy or discussion of piracy allowed at all.
    Such as software, music, videos and other intellectual property violations (e.g. downloading youtube videos locally etc) - it is forum policy that no help shall be given to people who knowingly steal software or services.
    zbook, Dec 1, 2017
  7. NkRQkYLz Win User
    What a surprise...

    I've been getting the exact same BSOD message (just got it the second time) and I'm also running Kaspersky's anti-virus software. I'm a Firefox user as well.

    I'm attaching my .zip file too.
    Maybe together we can figure out this issue! *Smile
    NkRQkYLz, Dec 2, 2017
  8. zbook New Member

    BSOD kmode_exception_not_handled (classpnp.sys)

    Piracy was noted on your computer.
    Website rules were posted in post #4.
    If you remove all the piracy we can then provide help.
    zbook, Dec 2, 2017
  9. Guts Win User
    Sorry, thanks for the heads up. An officially available expired test version shouldn't be any more problem I guess.

    Updated log attached, as well as the error scan of the external HDD I had connected.
    Guts, Dec 2, 2017
  10. NkRQkYLz Win User
    I researched this problem a bit more and it seems to be hardware/driver problem:
    Classpnp.sys Blue Screen - Microsoft Community

    A few days ago I plugged in a new router and configured it and to my surprise it was still listed here
    Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Devices and Printers

    I would recommend going through the list and removing the devices you're not using and see if that helps.
    And updating the other drivers (video card, etc.)
    NkRQkYLz, Dec 2, 2017
  11. Levanchik Win User
    Hello, I have the same problem as Guts and NkRQkYLz BSOD kmode_exception_not_handled (classpnp.sys) , the first time it occurred 3 days ago and after that happened several times I also using Firefox and Kaspersky Antivirus.
    (and always it happens when I'm using Firefox or closing Firefox)
    Did you find any solution delete Kaspersky Antivirus solves the problem or not? Here is my dmp file
    Thanks in advance for help .
    Levanchik, Dec 4, 2017
  12. NkRQkYLz Win User
    I can confirm that is the case for me as well. The last time I got it I just closed Firefox.... and the time before it I was just browsing YouTube.

    I opened up a ticket to Kaspersky and see if we can exclude them or not.

    Waiting for a reply...
    NkRQkYLz, Dec 4, 2017
  13. BSOD kmode_exception_not_handled (classpnp.sys)

    Same exact problem and code every time - 4 or 5 days now. Happens every day, about 2-5 times. Installed Firefox 57 probably around 2 weeks ago but had no BSODs until a few days ago (maybe an incompatible kaspersky update is the actual issue).

    BSODs always occur when opening or closing tabs (or firefox itself). Only one time, it happened when I was playing an online game and firefox was open in the background.

    After checking for hardware issues and reinstalling my graphics driver, I've now disabled Kaspersky and will see if this prevents it. I'll later try to turn it back on but use Waterfox (which I was using before for the 64-bit functionality).
    patternboy, Dec 4, 2017
  14. NkRQkYLz Win User
    I just got it a minute ago *Shock
    I was just looking at my tab, reading.... Let's hope they can get to bottom of this.
    NkRQkYLz, Dec 4, 2017
  15. Question for you guys - we obviously have the same issue, however my partner has the same version of Kaspersky and Firefox as me, same Windows version with same updates etc., and has had no BSODs.

    So I'm trying to find out what is unique to us. Do you guys both have overclocked CPUs (perhaps 6700k)?
    patternboy, Dec 4, 2017

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