Discus and support BSOD on boot: INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE in Windows 10 BSOD Crashes and Debugging to solve the problem; I run Win10 64bit on an AS-Rock Q1900-ITX board as a PVR backend and connect to it via VNC as and when required for maintenance. The system runs... Discussion in 'Windows 10 BSOD Crashes and Debugging' started by steford, Sep 16, 2016.

  1. steford Win User


    I run Win10 64bit on an AS-Rock Q1900-ITX board as a PVR backend and connect to it via VNC as and when required for maintenance. The system runs largely trouble free. Recently I rebooted and noticed it had not come back up. Connected to a TV I now see it enters a boot loop with the message above.

    Win10 is installed on a 64GB NTFS SSD. It has 3 partitions - System Reserved (350MB), Windows (55GB) and 1 other at 450MB. There is also a 3TB HDD for data (NTFS, single partition)

    I have looked around this board and the internet for solutions and put it down to EFI/MBR issues. I have seen an error message at times stating an issue with \EFI\Boot or similar. I am pretty handy with IT but this problem has had me stumped for a week. I have tried the Windows recovery disk USB created on another machine (which fails to fix) and various 3rd party ones along with Linux live disks etc which all work and the disks in the system are intact and functioning normally but I feel I am getting further away from a solution to getting it booting again.

    Unfortunately I cannot run the diagnostic tool as mentioned in the thread stickies.

    Any help greatly appreciated before I have to re-install which I am reluctant to do due to the amount of config necessary for TV channels etc.


    steford, Sep 16, 2016
  2. SuperTA Win User

    Spaceport.sys missing or corrupted


    I recently booted into this Linux DVD to try it out. I was trying to mount the c:\ drive and it told me to run this command. I ran the command, and then rebooted back into Windows. I get a BSOD (INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE) or (KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR spaceport.sys).
    Can someone help me fix this?

    SuperTA, Sep 16, 2016

    Here is the Dump after driver verifier

    Memtest after 3 h 0 error

    I have restored system because verifier BSOD at boot Error:


    After I disabled rapid mode(of the software) or/and Deleted magician,

    It don't write nothing but


    I have also tried to remove entirely magician and SamsungRapid(Disk)FSFltr.sys manualy from system32 driver and regedit but after that




    Probably the error is INSIDE Samsung, but i have my Windows boot system inside... then IDK what should i do?

    If i remove magician only and rapid mode is still


    If i remove on regedit completely

    DavideHuang, Sep 16, 2016
  4. axe0 New Member


  5. steford Win User
    Thanks for that. I'd had a further play last night and made things worse so decided to re-install to save any more messing.

    After the re-install I can now see the drive has been partitioned differently with a 100MB EFI partition which wasn't there before. This legacy/BIOS/GPT stuff is really beyond me.

    I am now booting to Windows again, however, a restart in Windows causes the PC to hang on the POST screen when booting with "9C" in the corner. A power cycle reboots to UEFI settings and finally, a "save and exit" there boots to Windows properly. Without a screen I really need to be able to hit "restart" and assume that the machine will do just that.

    Any thoughts?
    steford, Sep 17, 2016
  6. axe0 New Member
    A 100MB EFI partition means that your in UEFI mode, there should then also be a recovery partition of 450MB besides the Windows partition. Thus you're using the GPT format.

    The MBR format (legacy mode in many situations) has only 2 partitions, 'system reserved' and the Windows partition.

    If you mean a 0x9C, it means that the system has received a hardware error report from the CPU, in simple terms a hardware error has occured.
    Unfortunately even that I say 'hardware error', a hardware error is caused by a variety of things
    • Manufacturer software (bloatware and software from the motherboard manufacturer
    • Overclocking
    • A BIOS problem (normally resolved with a reset to default settings or updating the BIOS)
    • Overheating
    • Improperly seated cards (RAM/ GPU)
    • Damaged hardware (including cables)
    • Drivers
    axe0, Apr 5, 2018



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