Windows 10: Camera problem.

Discus and support Camera problem. in Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware to solve the problem; Just bought my dell latitude 4 Tablet and undated my window, after the update, the tablet cant locate the camera driver.... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware' started by anim carlson, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. Camera problem.

    Just bought my dell latitude 4 Tablet and undated my window, after the update, the tablet cant locate the camera driver.

    anim carlson, Sep 8, 2018

  2. Windows 10 update issue - camera


    Thank you for posting your query on Microsoft Community.

    I would require more information to help you better.

    What is the make and model of the camera?

    I would suggest you to make sure the camera is installed properly and listed under Device Manager.

    Follow these steps:

    • Press “Windows key + X” from keyboard.
    • Select “Device Manager” option from the list.
    • Check if the Camera is listed in the devices list.
    If it is not listed then the Camera driver is not installed. I would suggest you to run “Hardware and Devices” troubleshooter to diagnose and fix the issue.

    If the camera is listed in the device manager, then perform the following troubleshooting methods:

    Method 1:

    You may try running the Hardware and Device troubleshooter and check if it helps.

    a. Press Windows Key +R, type Control Panel.

    b. Type troubleshooting in the search bar, click on troubleshooting.

    c. Click on Hardware and Sound, click on Hardware and Devices.

    d. Follow the steps from the wizard to run the troubleshooter.

    Method 2:

    If that doesn’t work, then I would suggest you to perform troubleshooting steps from the link “What
    to do if you have problems with an app
    ” to diagnose and fix if the issue is with Camera app.

    Method 3:

    If this doesn’t fix the issue, I would suggest you to uninstall the camera from Device Manager then reinstall it and then check if this fixes the issue.

    Follow these steps:

    • Press “Windows key + X” from the keyboard.
    • Select “Device Manager” option.
    • Search for Camera, then right click and select “Uninstall”.
    • Then restart the computer.
    • Download the latest driver from the Manufacturer’s website and install it.
    Please do let us know if you need any further assistance related to Windows, we will be glad to assist you.
    Mohammed Yaseer, Sep 8, 2018
  3. Laptop Camera

    Thanks for updating us on the results of the troubleshooting steps that you have completed. Since the built-in webcam is still not working correctly and the same error code 0xA00F4244 (0xC00DABED) is still appearing, we suggest that we check the camera privacy
    settings to see if the camera access is turned on. Kindly follow the steps below to check the camera privacy settings:

    • Press the Windows key + I to open the Settings app.
    • Near the top of the Settings app window is the search box, kindly type the word "webcam" or "camera".
    • From the list of results choose Camera privacy settings.
    • Make sure that "Let apps use my camera" toggle is set to On.

    We look forward to your response once you complete the steps.
    Jordan Dom, Sep 8, 2018
  4. dalchina Win User

    Camera problem.

    Windows 10 1709 System Restore problems...

    That seems to be an attempt at Option 2 in the tutorial, which requires you to
    a. Boot to a command prompt (Did you?)
    b. You then seem to be mixing steps 3,4 and 5, thus your command is incorrect.

    I suggest Option 1 is easier.

    If you still have problems, please repost listing each specific step and saying which option from the tutorial you are using. Thanks.
    dalchina, Sep 8, 2018

Camera problem.

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