Windows 10: Can I disable cortana and bing?

Discus and support Can I disable cortana and bing? in Cortana to solve the problem; Cortana is using a lot of memory and I don't use it . The same with Bing... Discussion in 'Cortana' started by StephenMcIntire1, Dec 3, 2019.

  1. Can I disable cortana and bing?

    Cortana is using a lot of memory and I don't use it . The same with Bing

    StephenMcIntire1, Dec 3, 2019

  2. how to remove bing

    Hi NCA666,

    My name is Roger W, an independent advisor trying to help. Let's try with the following suggestions, please:

    Step 1:

    Steps for removing Bing from search bar:

    1. In Search type “Cortana & Search Settings” and hit enter.

    2. You will have to find “Search online and include web results” feature and toggle the switch to disable it.

    Note: Set the switch to “Off” state.

    3. Reboot the Windows 10 device and your Bing search bar should be disabled.

    Step 2:

    Steps for removing Bing from the Browser.

    Open Internet Explorer and click on the Gear icon.

    Click on the ‘Manage add-ons’ option.

    Click on ‘Search Providers’ which is on left pane.

    Right click on ‘Bing’ where is listed under the ‘Name:’ column.

    Click on ‘Remove’ from the drop-down menu.

    Keep us posted if you face any issues on windows in future. We will be glad to help you.

    Let us know if the solution above works for you.
    RogerWaltes98, Dec 3, 2019
  3. Cortana


    Thank you for posting your question in the Microsoft Community.

    Appreciate your efforts to work on this issue.

    This issue can occur if some of the system files are not working as expected.

    Suggest you to follow the steps from this article to
    troubleshoot Cortana on the PC

    Note: Do not go with the ‘Reset PC’ option for now.

    Method 1: Follow these steps to disable Cortana:

    1. Sign-in to the PC with your Microsoft account.
    2. In the search box at the bottom, type Disable Cortana.
    3. Once the suggestions appear in the list, click Cortana & Search settings.
    4. From the right section of the Settings pane, move the top button to ‘Off’ to disable Cortana from Windows 10.

    Method 2: Follow these steps to check if that helps.

    1. Launch Cortana from the search bar on the taskbar.
    2. Then, from the left pane click the settings button.
    3. Under "Cortana" (the first option) and slide the pill switch to the ‘Off’ position.

    Method 3: Launch the Settings app and click on Privacy. Navigate to Speech, inking, & typing, and click Stop getting to know me. These steps will disable Cortana.

    Hope this helps.

    Let us know if you got the help you needed.


    Srimadhwa B

    Microsoft Community-Moderator
    Srimadhwa_B, Dec 3, 2019
  4. Can I disable cortana and bing?

    Cannot restore disabled Cortana

    You may change your policy settings using the Local Group Policy Editor to disable Cortana and still be able to use Windows Search. Please refer to the steps below:

    • Press Windows key + R, type GPedit.msc, and click OK to open the
      Local Group Policy Editor..
    • Navigate to Local Computer Policy > Computer Configuration
      > Administrative Templates > Windows Components
      > Search.
    • In the right pane, double-click on policy named Allow Cortana.
    • Select the Disabled radio button.
    • Restart the PC and Cortana and Bing Search will be disabled.

    Let us know how it goes for you, Muhammed.
    Aileen Alf, Dec 3, 2019

Can I disable cortana and bing?

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