Windows 10: Can I Use "Classic Shell" Menu Setup to Make Things Easier?

Discus and support Can I Use "Classic Shell" Menu Setup to Make Things Easier? in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; New Dell Laptop, W10 Not crazy about this setup, is that classic shell thingy considered a better way to go? I'm as basic and non-techie as one gets,... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by ImLost, May 26, 2017.

  1. ImLost Win User

    Can I Use "Classic Shell" Menu Setup to Make Things Easier?

    New Dell Laptop, W10
    Not crazy about this setup, is that classic shell thingy considered a better way to go? I'm as basic and non-techie as one gets, need basic easy-to-use and understand stuff, always seem to have troubles.

    This is 3rd comp W10 past year, poorly operating. I just don't get it. Similar issues. Wait and wait after clicking to be able to use next page....often have to click multiple times.....often won't scroll or lags....when typing, the letters often hesitate for a few seconds or as many as 10 or 15....often get " is not responding...", often get Int Expl is not responding, etc. Isn't something very weird about having continued similar issues when getting new computer?? I have had Comcast check all their stuff multiple times.

    Doing what's called a "clean install" of W10 has been mentioned......does that make any sense under these circumstances? (another new comp, 'new' issue of W10, 'new' Int Expl, etc.). Very frustrating for couple of years.

    ImLost, May 26, 2017

  2. Windows 8.1 Start Up Menu in Windows 10

    Are "Start Menu 8" & "Classic Shell" third party programs?
    TurretHead, May 26, 2017
  3. "Critical Error - Your start menu isn't working. We'll try to fix it next time you sign in"

    I have the same problem and these fixes do not work for me either. However, another thread has a simple cure which seems to work: download and install the free "Classic Shell" program (like we used to do for Win8) and the start menu works again. Classic
    Shell is free but the developer asks for a donation. Would it not be nice if Microsoft made that donation on our behalf!
    ChrisHitch, May 26, 2017
  4. AddRAM Win User

    Can I Use "Classic Shell" Menu Setup to Make Things Easier?

    If you bought a new Dell laptop, and it`s not functioning properly, return it.
    AddRAM, May 26, 2017
  5. Berton Win User
    Your My Computer lists an HP Notebook/Laptop so there needs to be more information given about the Dell machine. I have 3 Dell Notebooks that have satisfactory performance with Win10, a few variables affect performance such as CPU speed, installed RAM, video adapter/memory, etc. Most Notebooks come with sufficient storage capacity except those with only an SSD/Solid State Drive may be only 128GB or 256GB which is enough for most uses but not for folks like me that need to have files available when working on clients' computers at their location. The less-expensive Notebooks and even Desktops will have lower-cost CPUs and less RAM, sometimes a problem sometimes not depending upon the use. I feel 4GB RAM is sufficient but prefer 8GB if a computer will accommodate it.
    Berton, May 26, 2017
  6. flybynite Win User
    Open task manager by right clicking on your task bar and choosing task manager. At the bottom left hand corner select more details. Then select the start up tab. I am sure that HP has put a whole bunch of unnecessary programs in startup. I would right click on each, and every one, and select disable. Now restart. See how that helps.
    flybynite, May 26, 2017
  7. Steve C Win User
    Note the above posts to investigate your performance issues. I don't think Classic Shell (CS) will help with performance, but I find CS much easier to use than the standard Windows 10 Start Menu. I configure CS so mouse hover opens CS and mouse click opens the Windows Start Menu - you can use either menu as you wish.
    Steve C, May 26, 2017
  8. ImLost Win User

    Can I Use "Classic Shell" Menu Setup to Make Things Easier?

    The HP I no longer have, guess I must have forgotten I put that info in there and didn't get rid of it. The HP was real bad, went back to HP 3 times, still fouled up, they 'bought me out' for 75% of what I paid for it after about 6 months.

    (not sure I posted this right....and where to list my new Dell info)
    ImLost, May 26, 2017
  9. prikker Win User
    Classic Shell is easier (at least i think it is) to use then W10 startmenu, but it won't fix the problems you discribe. I have an 4 year old HP sleekbook and i upgraded W10 each time there was a new version and don't have any problems. Maybe you have a virus or something or to many bloatware. Try the flybynite option and see if that helps. Success!
    prikker, May 26, 2017
  10. ImLost Win User
    I put the new info in on my new Dell. I have 8gb ram, 1tb hdd. Dell tech did a remote check/repair twice right after recent purchase.
    What's the "fly by night" option?
    ImLost, May 26, 2017
  11. Berton Win User
    flybynite is the user name of the person that posted a reply about 12 hours ago.
    Berton, May 26, 2017
  12. ImLost Win User
    Oh, right, how the heck did I miss the obvious.
    ImLost, May 26, 2017
  13. ImLost Win User

    Can I Use "Classic Shell" Menu Setup to Make Things Easier?

    My new Dell....I checked the "flybynight" option. Have 9 things listed. Some sound important to have, I don't know if I should disable any. Have something called "Chromium" and desktop shortcut. Don't even know how I got it, the shortcut brings up a yahoo search box....probably don't need that? And it says "high" under startup impact.

    Then I have delayed launcher/dell system detect/hd audio background process/Logitech download assistant/Microsoft onedrive(?)/realtek hd audio mgr/waves maxaudio svc/windows defender notifications.
    ImLost, May 26, 2017
  14. Berton Win User
    Chromium, or maybe Chrome, is another Browser you probably got as an add-on to some program such as a update to an antivirus program, getting to be more common requiring one to carefully read a page and uncheck things not wanted. That particular program usually can be uninstalled in Control Panel, Programs and Features.
    Berton, May 26, 2017
  15. AddRAM Win User
    AddRAM, May 27, 2017

Can I Use "Classic Shell" Menu Setup to Make Things Easier?

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