Windows 10: Can not save a .txt file

Discus and support Can not save a .txt file in Windows 10 Customization to solve the problem; Trying to "save" or "save as" a .txt file created by someone else received as part of a download. Windows 10 Pro keeps telling me I need Administrator... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Customization' started by LarryWilliamsfsx, Jun 12, 2021.

  1. Can not save a .txt file

    Trying to "save" or "save as" a .txt file created by someone else received as part of a download. Windows 10 Pro keeps telling me I need Administrator permission to do the save. I am the only person using this computer and I am the Administrator. The only permission I do not have is "Special Permission". What is that? Is the problem because someone else created the file? I doubt it.I have no problem saving Microsoft 365 files created by other people.Would very much appreciate some assistance.Thanks,Larry Williams

    LarryWilliamsfsx, Jun 12, 2021
  2. dark2099 Win User

    Generating a .txt based file list in Windows 7

    I want to be able to generate a .txt file that lists all the files and folders in a specific folder on my PC, but don't know the name of any programs that do that. Searched on google a bit and came up with this guide, but it's for XP and I can't seem to find some of the folder options to modify the .bat file. Any suggestions? Thanks

    EDIT: The .bat file will do what I want if it is in the folder I want to do it in, but the option I want to add is having the right click option that it shows.
    dark2099, Jun 12, 2021
  3. Generating a .txt based file list in Windows 7

    No, that > bla.txt is the target file to write to. You could use a wildcard in the argument, ie c:\windows\*.txt which would list all dlls in c:\windows. But adding that to a simple right-click would be tricky.

    Basically you would execute fancyfile.bat c:\windows\*.txt, fancyfile.bat would then write all .txt files to bla.txt.
    DanTheBanjoman, Jun 12, 2021
  4. Can not save a .txt file

    Find a word in a lot txt files

    beats me. but it is faster using grep. what's more, in a business if you were scan through tens of thousands of documents the time saved would really add up. just saying.

    the OP has a bunch of txt files and he is trying to avoid doing what you suggested because it takes forever when youve got a bunch of files.
    Easy Rhino, Jun 12, 2021

Can not save a .txt file

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