Windows 10: Cannot buy Microsoft 365

Discus and support Cannot buy Microsoft 365 in Microsoft Windows 10 Store to solve the problem; Everytime I want to buy Microsoft 365, always pop error message below : Error Details Contact your subscription provider Cancel your existing... Discussion in 'Microsoft Windows 10 Store' started by SteveMulyono, Oct 14, 2019.

  1. Cannot buy Microsoft 365

    Everytime I want to buy Microsoft 365, always pop error message below :

    Error Details

    Contact your subscription provider

    Cancel your existing subscription before starting a new one.

    2019/10/14 - 08:01:16 UTC

    I have other subscription in Apple apps, but already been cancel the subscription

    Please help ,

    Thanks & regards,


    SteveMulyono, Oct 14, 2019

  2. Cortana & Office 365 Integration

    We are trying to integrate Cortana with our Office 365 subscription, but it never works. Here are the steps we have done:

    • Turned on Cortona in the Office 365 Admin portal
    • We are using Windows 10 1703 – connected Office 365 service to Cortana
    Did the same on windows 10 mobile with no luck, Cortana says its connected to Office 365, but sees no data and we are getting zero errors

    We went rough office 365 support first and tried all fo their suggestions, they kicked us over to Windows support which is currently closed.

    We are on v1703 with all updates in place, it does not work on Windows 10 desktop or mobile

    any ideas? I can give you all steps 365 support had us run through if that will be helpful

    Thank you

    Douglas Clelland, Oct 14, 2019
  3. Microsoft Releases Office 365 Home Premium

    Microsoft Corp. today announced worldwide availability of Office 365 Home Premium, a reinvention of the company's flagship Office product line for consumers. Office 365 Home Premium is a cloud service designed for busy households and people juggling ever-increasing work and family responsibilities.

    The new offering includes the latest and most complete set of Office applications; works across up to five devices, including Windows tablets, PCs and Macs; and comes with extra SkyDrive storage and Skype calling -- all for US$99.99 for an annual subscription, the equivalent of US$8.34 per month.

    Cannot buy Microsoft 365 office_365_logo_1_thm.jpg

    "Today's launch of Office 365 Home Premium marks the next big step in Microsoft's transformation to a devices and services business," said Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft. "This is so much more than just another release of Office. This is Office reinvented as a consumer cloud service with all the full-featured Office applications people know and love, together with impressive new cloud and social benefits."

    Microsoft also announced it will now deliver many new features and services to the cloud first, transforming the company's traditional three-year release cycle. Now, new features and services stream to subscribers as soon as they are ready, keeping subscribers always up to date while eliminating the hassles of upgrading.

    "This is a major leap forward," said Kurt DelBene , president of the Microsoft Office Division. "People's needs change rapidly, and Office 365 Home Premium will change with them."

    Simultaneously, Microsoft today released Office 365 University for college or university students, faculty and staff at a price of just US$79.99 for a four-year subscription -- the equivalent of US$1.67 per month. Globally, the company also released updated versions of the traditional Office suite: Office Home and Student 2013, Office Home and Business 2013 and Office Professional 2013. Office 365 for businesses will be released globally with new capabilities on Feb. 27.

    Time to Do the Things You Want
    In a recent global survey, nearly 60 percent of people said they don't have the time to do the things they want to do, and more than 80 percent said they could save one or more hours a day if they were better organized. Office 365 Home Premium is designed to help people be more productive from virtually anywhere and find the flexibility to do the things they want.

    "Between kids and career, I'm never completely at home or completely at work -- and thanks to technology, that suits me just fine," said Jen Singer , an author, blogger and mom of two teen boys. "With Office 365 Home Premium, I can work around my kids' schedules, so I can drive the soccer carpool, coordinate errands while at a doctor's office and still hit my deadlines at work. And, with one subscription for everyone in my family, it's an absolute steal."

    To help people find more time to do the things they want, Microsoft is introducing Time to 365 (Office 365 Login | Microsoft Office), a new crowd-sourced website where people can find and share tips, tricks, ideas and inspiration from around the world. Contributors include experts such as "techorating" pro Janna Robinson (Janna Robinson The Techorator) and everyday working parents who have found ways to simplify their lives. Tips on the site include, for example, an idea for organizing your grocery list with OneNote on your phone, a pointer on how to pick the right-sized TV for your living room, and ways to use Office applications to help plan a child's birthday party.

    About Office 365 Home Premium
    Office 365 Home Premium is available in 162 markets in 21 languages and includes the following:

    ● The latest and most complete set of Office applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher and Access
    ● One license for the entire household to use Office on up to five devices, including Windows tablets, PCs or Macs, and Office on Demand available from any Internet-connected PC
    ● An additional 20 GB of SkyDrive cloud storage, nearly three times the amount available with a free SkyDrive account
    ● 60 free Skype world calling minutes per month to call mobile phones, landlines or PCs around the world
    ● Future upgrades, so you always use the latest time-saving technology

    People can learn more about Office 365 Home Premium or try it free for 30 days at Office 365 Login | Microsoft Office.
    Cristian_25H, Oct 14, 2019
  4. Cannot buy Microsoft 365

    Office 365 activation error after big Win 10 update

    We appreciate your response, Keith. We suggest that you update Office 365 and see if it'll make a difference. You can simply do it by opening any Office 365 applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint). Here are the steps on how to do so:

    • Open Office app, then click on File.
    • Look for Account, then click on Update.
    • Once done, restart your computer.

    We're looking forward to your feedback.
    Carlos Tin, Oct 14, 2019

Cannot buy Microsoft 365

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