Windows 10: Cant click certain icons/options

Discus and support Cant click certain icons/options in Windows 10 Customization to solve the problem; So today i came home to this problem where i cant click certain options or icons in certain programs. For example, if i open youtube on chrome i cant... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Customization' started by Franki_BIC, Feb 23, 2021 at 4:47 PM.

  1. Cant click certain icons/options

    So today i came home to this problem where i cant click certain options or icons in certain programs. For example, if i open youtube on chrome i cant click on any video or anything at all. Theres another problem, which is kind of hard to explain so bare with me: basically, in a normal setup i could open or close programs that were running in the background by clicking the X icon on the top-right corner, or just using a or dragging a program in the background. Minimizing certain programs is also impossible. To choose and select items i need to use the TAB and Enter keys, which is not very practical at all. Although this is only on certain programs and doesnt happen in some others, to open anything regarding the basic software of the computer for example, i need to use the keyboard. I also need to click twice to change between programs, for example, if im in the desktop and want to use the task bar i would have to click once on the task bar and only then would i be able to click on the programs placed there. Even hovering over them doesnt provide an animation unless i click it first. I have tried some solutions like using some commands on the CMD such as sfc /scannow and dism.exe /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth, both of which did not help. I also tried creating a new account and giving it admin permissions, but that rendered useless too. I was wondering what else could i do to solve this problem. Any help is appreciated.

  2. Naki Win User

    Feature suggestion: Add "Options" screen + add icon for it

    The place for the options, namely the top left corner system menu, is a bit strange, most similar programs do not use it like that.
    Most programs use a separate Options (or maybe Settings, whichever sounds best) screen.

    So, I suggest for the menu items in the system menu to become like this:
    Check for Update...
    Read Asic Quality
    Launch GPU-Z Instaler
    (or maybe Always on Top option can also stay)

    Also, optionally I suggest adding a Gear or maybe Wrench icon next to the Camera icon in top right.
    When that Gear or Wrench icon is clicked, for the Options/Settings screen to appear.
    Where we have the Tooltips, Always on Top, Tooltip language and the other options.

    What do you think? Thanks for any comments!

    NOTE: Also, if the Size system menu item as well as the Restore menu item are not needed, they can both be removed. It is not trivial, but there is a way. *Smile Cant click certain icons/options :)
  3. Naki Win User
    GPU-Z Program Icon Submission

    Suggestion to have an option to change Notification Area icon this way too.
    Suggestion to finally have proper separate Options window like most (all?) Windows programs do.
  4. d2thomas Win User

    Cant click certain icons/options

    Desktop Icon Color Change - Accessibility Option

    Hello tenforums, I hope you can help.

    A friend of mine who recently upgraded to Windows 10 is legally blind and is struggling with some accessibility options. Here is what we are struggling with: We need to change the font color of desktop icons to black. Certain contrasts are more visible for some impairments and in this case, a yellow background with black bold icon text is the best condition.

    What I've tried:
    • Tried high contrast theme / mode
    • Tried to modify regedit based on a suggestion for 8.1 here.

    Where I've looked:
    • Control Panel - System - Advanced System Settings - Advanced - Performance
    • Personalize - Change Desktop Icons
    • Personalize - Colors
    • Control Panel - Personalization
    • Display Settings
    • Themes - Theme Settings

    I was able to get the text black when using the white high contrast mode, but that option won't work. While it does change the icon text to black, it also takes over many other options that deliver a less than desirable contrast for the user. We originally were thinking we could start with the high contrast theme, save as another theme and then systematically roll back the changes we didn't like, leaving the black text. Does not work - when in high contrast mode it effectively locks out your ability to make certain changes.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Cant click certain icons/options

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