Windows 10: Can't escape from Safe mode - password issues

Discus and support Can't escape from Safe mode - password issues in Windows Hello & Lockscreen to solve the problem; I've been having a lot of troubles with my AMD driver recently, i tried to use an AMD cleanup tool to uninstall all AMD software but to do so it needed... Discussion in 'Windows Hello & Lockscreen' started by thebalmainboy, May 3, 2020.

  1. Can't escape from Safe mode - password issues

    I've been having a lot of troubles with my AMD driver recently, i tried to use an AMD cleanup tool to uninstall all AMD software but to do so it needed to use safe mode. I didn't think twice about it, however once the system re-booted i'm being asked to sign into my account with a password. The trouble is i've always logged in to my laptop using a passCODE. I don't have a password for this account and so now i'm stuck. I've tried every password I can ever remember using, none of the work.

    Why can't i access safe mode using my passcode??

    After troubleshooting it looks like you can disable safe mode by pressing escape, system recovery and using Command Prompt, but to access it you need to login with your PASSWORD!

    Now on the login screen it looks like the Account i'm logging into is the same Microsoft account as my email address. Same display name, same icon which is very old and not one i would have recently selected. I figure the accounts are linked so i try that password, but it doesn't work. I reset that Microsoft password on my phone and still I can't login to my laptop with the new password. It looks like the Windows account has to be connected to my standard Microsoft/Hotmail/Outlook account and password, but it's not.

    I'm totally stumped and am pulling my hair out what's left of it at least to simple try and log back in to the laptop. I only have one account, the administrator account on the laptop so i can't use a different profile.

    Can someone please offer me some help!

    Many thanks

    thebalmainboy, May 3, 2020

  2. New FF - passwords


    If that setting is already enabled, then I suggest as the next troubleshooting step might be Mozilla Safe Mode (not to be confused with Windows Safe Mode)):

    Troubleshoot Firefox issues using Safe Mode | Firefox Help

    • Please report back and let us know the outcome, as it will dictate the next steps.
    • Also: please tell us what AV/AM/firewall programs are you running on this system?

    MoxieMomma, May 3, 2020
  3. Password not accepted in Safe mode


    Thank you for posting your query on Microsoft Community forum.

    Have you tried all the above steps suggested by Sangeeta Sarkar on September 13, 2015.

    I would suggest you to provide some information to help you better.

    • Are you trying to login the Microsoft account or the Local account in safe mode?
    • Did you try with only safe mode or safe mode with networking?
    • What is the critical error you are getting?

    If you are using Windows 10. To go to safe mode you have to follow the below steps.

    If you are able to go to login screen in normal mode try the below steps to go to safe mode with networking.

    • At the login screen click on the power symbol.

    • Hold SHIFT + Click Restart.

    • After restarting your system, select the Troubleshoot option.

    • Select advanced options under
      Troubleshoot screen.

    • Click on Startup Settings.

    • Click Restart and follow the onscreen steps to go to
      Safe Mode with networking and check if you are able to login.

    Please get back with more information, we will be glad to help you further.
    Sachin Venkatesh, May 3, 2020
  4. Roohi_Taj Win User

    Can't escape from Safe mode - password issues

    Password not accepted in Safe mode

    Hi Pedro E Cordeiro,

    Thank you for writing to Microsoft Community Forums.

    Could you please help me with the below questions:

    • Are you aware of any changes happened on the computer prior to internet issue started?
    • Are you referring to PIN password or Microsoft account password?

    I understand the inconvenience caused due to this issue, this could be due to a change in the keyboard layout. However, I suggest you to follow the troubleshooting steps mentioned below:

    Method 1: Change the keyboard layout.

    1. In the bottom right corner of the sign in screen, select the first option to change the keyboard layout.
    2. Try to change the keyboard layout from the list if you have any and type in the password.

    Method 2: Use the On screen keyboard.

    1. Restart the computer. In the sign in screen, hold down the shift key and select restart from bottom right corner of your screen.
    2. After the pc is restarted, select Troubleshoot > Select
      Advanced options >Click on Startup settings >
      Now, click on Restart.
    3. After your PC restarts, you should see number of options. Press F5 for
      Safe Mode with networking.
    4. When you are in login screen, press Windows
      and U together on the keyboard
      and select the On-Screen Keyboard from the
      Ease of Access list or click on
      Ease of Access at bottom right and select
      On-Screen Keyboard from the list.
    5. Now, use the cursor to type the password with On-screen keyboard.
    6. Before clicking the login, press the eye symbol
      (I.e. Reveal Password) option in the password field, to see the password is correct.

    After you login to safe mode with networking, I would suggest you to follow the steps provided in the Microsoft article on
    Fix network connection issues in Windows.
    Let us know the results to assist you further regarding this issue.

    Hope it helps.

    Roohi Taj S

    Microsoft Community - Moderator
    Roohi_Taj, May 3, 2020

Can't escape from Safe mode - password issues

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