Windows 10: Can't get rid of the "korean" language option (not there?)

Discus and support Can't get rid of the "korean" language option (not there?) in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; so I updated to 1903 after making a macrium reflect backup of my 1809 setup, and there's something hinky going on I got the language bar on my taskbar... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by BrokenDaily, Aug 28, 2019.

  1. Can't get rid of the "korean" language option (not there?)

    so I updated to 1903 after making a macrium reflect backup of my 1809 setup, and there's something hinky going on

    I got the language bar on my taskbar visible, and its giving me two choices: english, or korean. I do not remember installing korean, and when I tried to download the korean pack and go to uninstall it from the settings page, it wouldnt download. I then tried setting the visibility of the language bar to hidden to get an out of sight out of mind setup, but its still there

    is there a way to get rid of this extra language pack I got "installed" or not?

    BrokenDaily, Aug 28, 2019
  2. B_ingSoo Win User

    Cannot type Korean

    Thanks for reply but I still cannot type Korean even if I followed all the step you listed.

    I can see the change of language at task bar when I click ALT.

    But only I can type is alphabet even "Han (in Korean)" is shown at task bar.
    B_ingSoo, Aug 28, 2019
  3. Guy.Yeon Win User
    Unable to download the Korean language pack for Windows 10

    Hi Andre,

    Thanks a lot for your guidance.

    Unfortunately I'm stuck at the step below and not able to download the language pack.

    Can't get rid of the "korean" language option (not there?) 8b80f238-412d-41fd-a53c-0e79699a6a86.png

    All I want is to type in Korean time to time.

    If I reboot my system it allows me to type both in English and Korean.

    But after few minutes the following things happen repeatedly:

    1. My system automatically tries to download the Korean language pack. (Few months ago I had manually clicked the Korean language pack download option. It failed to download the pack.)

    2. The automatic download fails. FYI, "Metered connection" is set OFF by default in my system.

    3. Now the option to type in Korean disappears. (I wish I may be able to turn off the automatic Korean language pack download option.)

    4. I keep clickng the 3 download buttons (Basic typing, Handwriting, Speech) for Korean language pack.

    5. I only get "Download failed" message.

    6. I reboot the system only to type in Korean for few minutes before the step 1, 2, 3 happen.


    Guy.Yeon, Aug 28, 2019
  4. LeoSeabra Win User

    Can't get rid of the "korean" language option (not there?)

    Cannot type Korean

    Hi Soo,

    Welcome to our community.

    This is Leocadia, an independent advisorr, and I am glad to assist you today.

    We are sorry to hear about this inconvenience. Now, we would like to help you promptly. In fact, this is a very known issue.

    We suggest you to follow the below method and check if it helps:

    This will assume that:

    You speak English

    You want to use Windows in English

    Sometimes you want to type in Korean.

    If that describes you then this guide is for you. Just follow the easy steps. This works whether you actually have a physical Korean keyboard or not (if you don't, the right-alt key will be your 한/영 toggle).

    Typing in Korean on Windows 10 (post-2017)

    Note that my Windows is using the dark theme in these screenshots so yours will probably be white. Everything's the same though. Click these screenshot thumbnails for full-size views.

    Step 1 Right-click on the keyboard icon in the taskbar. Ignore the fact that mine already has Korean in it.

    If you don't see this, just tap the Start menu (or press the Windows key) and type "Region" to open the Region & Language settings.

    Step 2 Inside the Region & Language settings, tap the large "+" to Add a language.

    Step 3 Find "Korean" and tap "next"

    Step 4 Do NOT check the "Set as my Windows display language" unless you want everything in Korean. Just tap Install.

    Step 5 Wait while it downloads the Korean language pack.

    Step 6 When it's done downloading, you'll see this. "Language pack installed"

    Step 7 Scroll down to the link that reads "Advanced keyboard settings"

    Step 8 In the "Override for default input method" section choose "Korean - Microsoft IME"

    That's it! You're done. This setting will ensure that your computer uses the Korean MS IME keyboard, which includes both English and Korean. You don't ever need to use "English US Keyboard" again.

    You can now switch between typing Korean and English either by pressing the right "Alt" key (next to your spacebar), or clicking the new keyboard language icon in the bottom-right of your Windows taskbar, or of course the 한/영 key if you have a physical Korean

    I assume you know where the Korean letters are on the keyboard. If not you might want to play with the Windows 10 soft keyboard until you get comfortable

    To summarize: After adding the language pack (which obviously the person asking this, go to Additional date, time, & regional settings, click Change Input Methods, click Advanced Settings, set the first two menus to English and Korean, respectively.

    Please let us know if you need further assistance.

    Thank you.
    LeoSeabra, Aug 28, 2019

Can't get rid of the "korean" language option (not there?)

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