Windows 10: can't install office 10

Discus and support can't install office 10 in Microsoft Office and 365 to solve the problem; I had office 2016 ...signed up for an office 365 subscription ...tried installing the new office ...yet, when I run excel etc's still showing as... Discussion in 'Microsoft Office and 365' started by Dwight10000, Aug 13, 2021.

  1. can't install office 10

    I had office 2016 ...signed up for an office 365 subscription ...tried installing the new office ...yet, when I run excel etc's still showing as office 2016 despite checking for updates ....I knew I should have uninstalled offi e 2016 first so , I tried uninstalling offi e 2016 . .then try again to reinstall the new office ...still the same result it's as if it "remmeber " what version I originally had

    Dwight10000, Aug 13, 2021

  2. Cortana & Office 365 Integration

    We are trying to integrate Cortana with our Office 365 subscription, but it never works. Here are the steps we have done:

    • Turned on Cortona in the Office 365 Admin portal
    • We are using Windows 10 1703 – connected Office 365 service to Cortana
    Did the same on windows 10 mobile with no luck, Cortana says its connected to Office 365, but sees no data and we are getting zero errors

    We went rough office 365 support first and tried all fo their suggestions, they kicked us over to Windows support which is currently closed.

    We are on v1703 with all updates in place, it does not work on Windows 10 desktop or mobile

    any ideas? I can give you all steps 365 support had us run through if that will be helpful

    Thank you

    Douglas Clelland, Aug 13, 2021
  3. office 365 vs office 2013

    my Microsoft surface came with 1 month trial of ms office 365 , now it's I wanna know if I she subscribe to office 365 or uninstall it & install office 2013. what's the difference between both?
    freebird_9924, Aug 13, 2021
  4. can't install office 10

    need to re-install office 365 personal on windows 10 p.c.

    Hi Jane,

    One common cause that may inhibit the reinstallation of Office 365 on a device is that the number of installs exceeded that limit of your subscription or the old Office 365 installation used on your device has not yet been deactivated under your account.
    To assist in resolving your concern, kindly answer the questions below:

    • What troubleshooting steps have you completed?
    • Did you receive any error messages?
    • What were the steps you took and where did you get the installer for Office 365?

    In the meantime, you can check the articles below on how you can manage your Office 365 account as well as deactivate active Office 365 installations. Also, the article we provided titled " Troubleshoot installing Office" has an option labeled "How
    do I reinstall Office?
    " under the "Common questions" section of the article. This option includes detailed steps on how you can reinstall Office 365.

    To notify us and have us get back to you, simply reply to this post.
    Jordan Dom, Aug 13, 2021

can't install office 10

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