Windows 10: Can't open C:\Program Files\WindowsApps

Discus and support Can't open C:\Program Files\WindowsApps in AntiVirus, Firewalls and System Security to solve the problem; I want to run Malwarebytes on an app that I downloaded from the Microsoft store. I found a posting... Discussion in 'AntiVirus, Firewalls and System Security' started by Harold E1, Jun 29, 2019.

  1. Harold E1 Win User

    Can't open C:\Program Files\WindowsApps

    I want to run Malwarebytes on an app that I downloaded from the Microsoft store. I found a posting ( that says the files are downloaded to C:\Program Files\WindowsApps

    When I tried to open that folder, I get an error message “you don’t currently have permission to access this folder”. I eventually get to the Advanced Security Settings, but when I select the permissions for Administrators, everything is grayed out, so I can’t do anything. When I select permissions for Users, I get an error message “this access control entry is corrupt. Delete it and create a new one”, which I’m not sure how to do.

    What can I do?

    Harold E1, Jun 29, 2019
  2. Eagle51 Win User

    Why I can not open C:\Program Files\WindowsApps ?

    Hey camelia,
    FYI .. that "access control entry is corrupt" message is misleading. It's actually a special permission/condition that is suppose to be there and I would not change/mess with it .... IIRC it's the user DOMAIN\USERS with the Condition Exists (Win://SYSAPPID)

    BTW ... if you're just wanting to take a look inside the C:\Program Files\WindowsApps you should be able to do it by opening a Command Prompt as Admin and cd C:\Program Files\WindowsApps then dir to list the folders.
    Eagle51, Jun 29, 2019
  3. rubpa Win User
    Unnecessary apps in C:\Program Files\WindowsApps

    I see a lots of versions of the same app in C:\Program Files\WindowsApps. These are apps that I don't even have installed. Overall they are taking up about 10GB.

    1. How can I remove these apps completely?
    2. Or can I keep only the most recent version?

    The storage sense
    suggested here
    or disk cleanup of system files has not helped.

    Here is the log of some of the unnecessary apps with sizes in MB

    1M    ./Program Files/WindowsApps/828B5831.HiddenCityMysteryofShadows_1.24.2401.0_neutral_~_ytsefhwckbdv6
    86M    ./Program Files/WindowsApps/828B5831.HiddenCityMysteryofShadows_1.24.2401.0_x86__ytsefhwckbdv6
    1M    ./Program Files/WindowsApps/828B5831.HiddenCityMysteryofShadows_1.24.2401.1000_neutral_~_ytsefhwckbdv6
    54M    ./Program Files/WindowsApps/828B5831.HiddenCityMysteryofShadows_1.24.2401.1000_x86__ytsefhwckbdv6
    1M    ./Program Files/WindowsApps/828B5831.HiddenCityMysteryofShadows_1.25.2500.0_neutral_~_ytsefhwckbdv6
    83M    ./Program Files/WindowsApps/828B5831.HiddenCityMysteryofShadows_1.25.2500.0_x86__ytsefhwckbdv6
    1M    ./Program Files/WindowsApps/828B5831.HiddenCityMysteryofShadows_1.25.2503.0_neutral_~_ytsefhwckbdv6
    84M    ./Program Files/WindowsApps/828B5831.HiddenCityMysteryofShadows_1.25.2503.0_x86__ytsefhwckbdv6
    1M    ./Program Files/WindowsApps/828B5831.HiddenCityMysteryofShadows_1.25.2504.0_neutral_~_ytsefhwckbdv6
    84M    ./Program Files/WindowsApps/828B5831.HiddenCityMysteryofShadows_1.25.2504.0_x86__ytsefhwckbdv6
    1M    ./Program Files/WindowsApps/828B5831.HiddenCityMysteryofShadows_1.25.2505.0_neutral_~_ytsefhwckbdv6
    84M    ./Program Files/WindowsApps/828B5831.HiddenCityMysteryofShadows_1.25.2505.0_x86__ytsefhwckbdv6
    1M    ./Program Files/WindowsApps/828B5831.HiddenCityMysteryofShadows_1.26.2600.0_neutral_~_ytsefhwckbdv6
    85M    ./Program Files/WindowsApps/828B5831.HiddenCityMysteryofShadows_1.26.2600.0_x86__ytsefhwckbdv6
    1M    ./Program Files/WindowsApps/828B5831.HiddenCityMysteryofShadows_1.26.2601.0_neutral_~_ytsefhwckbdv6
    85M    ./Program Files/WindowsApps/828B5831.HiddenCityMysteryofShadows_1.26.2601.0_x86__ytsefhwckbdv6
    1M    ./Program Files/WindowsApps/828B5831.HiddenCityMysteryofShadows_1.26.2603.0_neutral_~_ytsefhwckbdv6
    85M    ./Program Files/WindowsApps/828B5831.HiddenCityMysteryofShadows_1.26.2603.0_x86__ytsefhwckbdv6
    1M    ./Program Files/WindowsApps/828B5831.HiddenCityMysteryofShadows_1.27.2700.0_neutral_~_ytsefhwckbdv6
    84M    ./Program Files/WindowsApps/828B5831.HiddenCityMysteryofShadows_1.27.2700.0_x86__ytsefhwckbdv6
    1M    ./Program Files/WindowsApps/828B5831.HiddenCityMysteryofShadows_1.27.2701.0_neutral_split.scale-125_ytsefhwckbdv6
    1M    ./Program Files/WindowsApps/828B5831.HiddenCityMysteryofShadows_1.27.2701.0_neutral_~_ytsefhwckbdv6
    84M    ./Program Files/WindowsApps/828B5831.HiddenCityMysteryofShadows_1.27.2701.0_x86__ytsefhwckbdv6
    1M    ./Program Files/WindowsApps/828B5831.HiddenCityMysteryofShadows_1.27.2702.0_neutral_~_ytsefhwckbdv6
    236M    ./Program Files/WindowsApps/828B5831.HiddenCityMysteryofShadows_1.27.2702.0_x86__ytsefhwckbdv6
    1M    ./Program Files/WindowsApps/828B5831.HiddenCityMysteryofShadows_1.27.2703.0_neutral_split.scale-100_ytsefhwckbdv6
    1M    ./Program Files/WindowsApps/828B5831.HiddenCityMysteryofShadows_1.27.2703.0_neutral_split.scale-125_ytsefhwckbdv6
    1M    ./Program Files/WindowsApps/828B5831.HiddenCityMysteryofShadows_1.27.2703.0_neutral_~_ytsefhwckbdv6
    234M    ./Program Files/WindowsApps/828B5831.HiddenCityMysteryofShadows_1.27.2703.0_x86__ytsefhwckbdv6
    67M    ./Program Files/WindowsApps/89006A2E.AutodeskSketchBook_1.8.5.0_x64__tf1gferkr813w
    559M    ./Program Files/WindowsApps/A278AB0D.DisneyMagicKingdoms_3.3.0.7_x86__h6adky7gbf63m
    532M    ./Program Files/WindowsApps/A278AB0D.DisneyMagicKingdoms_3.4.0.12_x86__h6adky7gbf63m
    531M    ./Program Files/WindowsApps/A278AB0D.DisneyMagicKingdoms_3.4.1.1_x86__h6adky7gbf63m
    531M    ./Program Files/WindowsApps/A278AB0D.DisneyMagicKingdoms_3.4.2.1_x86__h6adky7gbf63m
    562M    ./Program Files/WindowsApps/A278AB0D.DisneyMagicKingdoms_3.5.0.8_x86__h6adky7gbf63m
    563M    ./Program Files/WindowsApps/A278AB0D.DisneyMagicKingdoms_3.5.1.2_x86__h6adky7gbf63m
    570M    ./Program Files/WindowsApps/A278AB0D.DisneyMagicKingdoms_3.6.0.9_x86__h6adky7gbf63m
    569M    ./Program Files/WindowsApps/A278AB0D.DisneyMagicKingdoms_3.6.1.1_x86__h6adky7gbf63m
    583M    ./Program Files/WindowsApps/A278AB0D.DisneyMagicKingdoms_3.7.0.8_x86__h6adky7gbf63m
    15M    ./Program Files/WindowsApps/A278AB0D.DisneyMagicKingdoms_3.7.1.1_x86__h6adky7gbf63m
    185M    ./Program Files/WindowsApps/A278AB0D.MarchofEmpires_3.5.0.11_x86__h6adky7gbf63m
    142M    ./Program Files/WindowsApps/A278AB0D.MarchofEmpires_3.6.0.11_x86__h6adky7gbf63m
    141M    ./Program Files/WindowsApps/A278AB0D.MarchofEmpires_3.6.1.1_x86__h6adky7gbf63m
    142M    ./Program Files/WindowsApps/A278AB0D.MarchofEmpires_3.6.2.3_x86__h6adky7gbf63m
    143M    ./Program Files/WindowsApps/A278AB0D.MarchofEmpires_3.7.0.7_x86__h6adky7gbf63m
    150M    ./Program Files/WindowsApps/A278AB0D.MarchofEmpires_3.8.0.13_x86__h6adky7gbf63m
    185M    ./Program Files/WindowsApps/
    167M    ./Program Files/WindowsApps/
    167M    ./Program Files/WindowsApps/
    170M    ./Program Files/WindowsApps/
    173M    ./Program Files/WindowsApps/
    181M    ./Program Files/WindowsApps/
    178M    ./Program Files/WindowsApps/
    181M    ./Program Files/WindowsApps/
    186M    ./Program Files/WindowsApps/
    186M    ./Program Files/WindowsApps/
    186M    ./Program Files/WindowsApps/
    189M    ./Program Files/WindowsApps/
    191M    ./Program Files/WindowsApps/
    191M    ./Program Files/WindowsApps/
    137M    ./Program Files/WindowsApps/
    189M    ./Program Files/WindowsApps/
    189M    ./Program Files/WindowsApps/
    192M    ./Program Files/WindowsApps/
    192M    ./Program Files/WindowsApps/
    rubpa, Jun 29, 2019
  4. camelia Win User

    Can't open C:\Program Files\WindowsApps

    Why I can not open C:\Program Files\WindowsApps ?


    Can someone please explain me how to open C:\Program Files\WindowsApps to see it contents? *Huh

    How do I fix "This access control entry is corrupt" ?


    Can't open C:\Program Files\WindowsApps [​IMG]

    Can't open C:\Program Files\WindowsApps [​IMG]

    Can't open C:\Program Files\WindowsApps [​IMG]

    Can't open C:\Program Files\WindowsApps [​IMG]
    camelia, Jun 29, 2019

Can't open C:\Program Files\WindowsApps

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