Windows 10: Can't play DVD's anymore suggestions?

Discus and support Can't play DVD's anymore suggestions? in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; Hi guys can you please recommend an App that will play my DVD files especially the .VOB I have had a look at VLC and Media player in the apps store but... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by DJ Steve, Jul 26, 2015.

  1. DJ Steve Win User

    Can't play DVD's anymore suggestions?

    Hi guys can you please recommend an App that will play my DVD files especially the .VOB I have had a look at VLC and Media player in the apps store but I don't like either of them and they was so cluttered to use with both of them and did not play the DVD either


    DJ Steve, Jul 26, 2015
  2. Craftilou Win User

    DVD player not working

    I have upgraded from Windows 7 Home to Windows 10. I can't play my DVDs anymore. The DVD makes a noise but then the Windows DVD player says it can't decode the DVD
    Craftilou, Jul 26, 2015
  3. Need to install Media Player

    This may sound like a dumb question, but I can't play DVD anymore because my Power DVD is out of date. So I

    tried to play it on Windows media player, and it won't play. I know it's not the DVD. Even if it was, my player still won't come on and I

    don't know how to upgrade it. Can anyone help?
    DenitaArnold_800, Jul 26, 2015
  4. bobkn Win User

    Can't play DVD's anymore suggestions?

    If you're looking for a free player, this is for Win 8, but it would also apply to 10:

    If VLC can ship a free DVD player, why can't Microsoft? | ZDNet

    If you're looking for a paid player, I don't know what to recommend. Cyberlink PowerDVD is common, but I'm not fond of it, mainly because I've only used versions that were bundled with hardware and they had built-in limitations that appeared to be aimed at getting the customer to buy a full version of the program.
    bobkn, Jul 26, 2015
  5. NUS
    Nus Win User
    I've been using the K-Lite Codec Pack for years. It has codecs for 'everything' and will let you play DVD. vob, ts, mpeg2, etc.

    The standard, full and mega packs come with Media Player Classic, but if you don't like that then the codecs will let you play anything in Window Media Player or whatever other player you want to use.

    K-Lite Codec Pack - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Download K-Lite Codec Pack
  6. turt1e Win User
    I rarely use WMP due to too many messy codecs requiring to be pre-downloaded. VLC the legacy desktop program is my choice, however sometimes crashes encountering some of my commercial DVD movie files.

    So in you situation, I'd like to recommend my alternative 5KPlayer for any DVD files playback. It's free media player but has well-designed interface and easy-to-follow wizard. I'm very satisfying with this program, so far it works good.
    turt1e, Jul 27, 2015
  7. Wenda Win User
    K-Lite works well, or PowerDVD.

    I use both.

    Wenda, Jul 27, 2015
  8. Can't play DVD's anymore suggestions?

    Power DVD is brilliant I have the whole package when they offered it on a big discount got the latest build 15 for £40 instead of £190 something with everything else put in for free and I find it play any DVD there is.
    hTconeM9user, Jul 27, 2015
  9. jimbo45 Win User
    Hi there

    My best advice here is to use say AnyDVD to decrypt and de-regionalize the DVD (no compression - it's 100% copy for copy) to create an ISO file./ Windows 10 will mount the ISO and then you'll find VLC (desktop version) or almost any other DVD player will play the movie without any problems too. You also have got a nice archive of your DVD.

    You can also create a new PHYSICAL DVD from the ISO -- de-crypted and de-regionalised by using W10's built in DVD burner -- works a treat.

    Those other players K-Lite or PowerDVD will play the ISO too without problems.

    jimbo45, Jul 27, 2015
  10. Almighty1 Win User
    Almighty1, Sep 13, 2015
  11. Hi folks,

    Slightly different DVD issue here for me. After upgrading from Win 7 Pro to Windows 10, I no longer have the ability to burn DVD's. I previously used ImgBurn with no problems at all, but now there's no option shown when to select the drive to burn the data / program to.

    Can't play DVD's anymore suggestions? [​IMG]

    Same when in Windows Explorer - the Send to Command doesn't list my Samsung DVD.

    Any thoughts on a way round this ? At the moment I'm having to copy files to a USB pen drive then use my laptop to burn a DVD which isn't ideal but at least I have a workaround.
    weescotsman, Sep 13, 2015
  12. Bazz Win User
    Perhaps try re-installing Imgburn, or try another free program like ashampoo.
  13. Dch48 Win User

    Can't play DVD's anymore suggestions?

    Dch48, Sep 13, 2015
  14. Call me crazy, but I don't think VLC is cluttered at all. It has a simple menu to open the disc or file you want. Are you sure the .vob files aren't corrupt? I haven't come across anything that VLC can't play.

    As a note, I am running the traditional desktop program, not the Windows Store app.
    DeaconFrost, Sep 13, 2015
  15. caperjack Win User
    did you check device manager to see if the dvd drive is listed in dvd/cd romdrives.

    quickest way to device manager is right click on the start icon
    caperjack, Sep 13, 2015

Can't play DVD's anymore suggestions?

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