Windows 10: cant play multiplayer

Discus and support cant play multiplayer in Windows 10 Gaming to solve the problem; I updated my asphalt 8 now everything is gone I want my cars back and my progress... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Gaming' started by PhillipFergerson, Oct 8, 2019.

  1. cant play multiplayer

    I updated my asphalt 8 now everything is gone I want my cars back and my progress

    PhillipFergerson, Oct 8, 2019

  2. Free Multiplayer

    Hey there,

    Welcome to the Microsoft Community forums.

    With regards to free multiplayer for Xbox Live, please post to the Xbox UserVoice service here:

    The community will be able to comment and vote for your suggestion. Please be sure to search for free multiplayer suggestion before making a suggestion of your own.

    These forums are for people who would like help, or to discuss, Microsoft products listed on the home page here:
    Microsoft Community

    For information on where to post Xbox Questions that do not fit into this community, please look at my article here:

    Finding the right support options, for problems with the Xbox Console and Accessories

    A final note, PlayStation users have to pay for online play also cant play multiplayer :) It is only PlayStation 3 users that don't . But ask yourself this: If Microsoft offer free play for online multiplayer, how would you fund the servers needed for Xbox Live?

    • Higher Game Prices?
    • Higher rental Prices?
    • Less servers and availability?
    • Less servers and sustainability?

    Good luck with your suggestion,

    Nathan Roberts (SunkNath), Oct 8, 2019
  3. Rise of Nations: Extended Edition multiplayer not working.


    You may receive a permission to access multiplayer services error if you are using a child account or your online safety settings are set up incorrectly. To properly isolate your concern, please provide us the following information:

    • Are you using a child account?
    • Aside from the privacy settings, have you tried to change the online safety settings of the account?
    • Can you play other multiplayer games using the same account?

    If you are using a child account, we would like to let you know that only a parent account can change the online safety settings of your profile. In the meantime, you may follow the steps on this

    to allow your account to play multiplayer games online.
    Loraine Mon, Oct 8, 2019
  4. cant play multiplayer

    What multiplayer games do you play?

    Please list what multiplayer games you play.

    I play
    Counter-Strike: Source
    Day of Defeat: Source
    Call of Duty 2
    Unreal Tournament 2004
    Guild Wars (soon getting Factions)
    (Soon getting G.R.A.W.)
    Azn Tr14dZ, Oct 8, 2019

cant play multiplayer

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