Windows 10: Can't play online multiplayer on Minecraft Windows 10

Discus and support Can't play online multiplayer on Minecraft Windows 10 in Windows 10 Gaming to solve the problem; When I try to accept a new realm membership from a friend on Minecraft Windows 10, it says I "cannot play online multiplayer through xbox live because... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Gaming' started by John W_17, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. John W_17 Win User

    Can't play online multiplayer on Minecraft Windows 10

    When I try to accept a new realm membership from a friend on Minecraft Windows 10, it says I "cannot play online multiplayer through xbox live because of how my account is set up." So I went online and changed my settings to allow me to play online, went back to minecraft, and got the same error. I have tried rebooting, refreshing and closing then reopening Minecraft.

    Please help!

    John W_17, Jul 12, 2018
  2. Jesuar Win User

    my internet crashes as i play multiplayer minecraft in a specific server, only in Windows 10

    Recently I rejoined Minecraft to play with some friends in a popular server. I used to play it with Windows 7, but when I try to play on it with Windows 10, my internet crashes and restarts with no reason. I can only play for a few minutes before it drops
    me off, I also tried to play again on the Windows 7 computer again and I had no problem, but its really annoying to have the need of turning on a computer only to play a game in multiplayer at 10 fps or less. Minecraft also displays an error: "IOException:
    An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host". The minecraft version i'm using is the Java one, not the beta for Windows 10
    Jesuar, Jul 12, 2018
  3. Andre Da Costa Win User
    I cant play multiplayer on Minecraft Windows 10

    Do this first:

    Find a server to play on. In order to connect to multiplayer games in Minecraft, you'll need to find a server that you want to connect to. You can't browse servers from within Minecraft; instead, you'll be searching for servers using your web browser. There
    are several sites that specialize in server listings, and many popular servers have their own websites. Some of the biggest server listing sites include: Server section Server section

    Look for a server IP address. It will look something like or It also may have a port on the end displayed as :25565.

    Decide what server is right for you. There are several things you'll want to pay attention to when selecting a server. Different servers offer wildly-different experiences, and most will have descriptions that you can read. Look for a few important details
    before picking a server to try:

    Game type - While many servers offer the standard Minecraft gameplay, there are lots of servers with all kinds of game modes. These range from capture the flag to in-character role-playing, and everything in between.

    Whitelist - If a server operates a whitelist, it only accepts users that have been registered. This usually means you'll need to create an account on the server's website in order to connect.

    Population - This is the number of people currently playing, as well as the maximum number of people. Keep in mind that you may not actually be playing with all of these people. Servers often split large populations onto multiple servers.

    PvP - This stands for "Player vs. Player", and means that players can attack each other. These can be tough servers if you're new to the game.

    Uptime - This is how often the server is online and available. If you plan to play online a lot, you'll want to find a server with an uptime of 95% or better.

    Copy the server IP address. To connect to a server, you'll need the server's IP address. You can find this IP address in the server listing. The IP will be groups of letters and/or numbers separated by periods. Highlight the address and copy it to your clipboard.

    Check the server's game version. Servers often run on older versions of Minecraft, as it takes a while for server tools to get upgraded to newer versions. Take note of the version of Minecraft that the server is running.

    Start the Minecraft Launcher and set your game to the correct version. Before you start the Minecraft game itself, load the Launcher and take note of the Minecraft version displayed in the bottom-right corner. If this is different than the version the server
    is running, you'll need to edit your profile so that you load the correct version.

    Click the Edit Profile button in the bottom-left corner.

    Click the "Use version" drop-down menu and select the version that matches the server. Click Save Profile to save your changes.

    Consider creating a new profile specifically for the server. If you find yourself connecting to multiple different servers all running different versions, you may want to create separate profiles for each one. This will make connecting a lot simpler.

    Launch Minecraft and click "Multiplayer". This will open the Multiplayer menu.

    Click the "Add server" button. This will open the Edit Server Info screen.

    Paste the address into the "Server Address" field. Enter in a name into the "Server Name" field. This can be anything, but entering the actual name of the server will help you identify it.

    Click "Done" to save the server information. Your newly-added server will appear on your list of games.

    If the server doesn't appear, make sure that you've entered the Server Address correctly.

    Select the server and click the "Join Server" button. Minecraft will then attempt to connect the server and load the world. If you get a message saying that the server is running a different version, make sure that you selected the correct version from the
    Profile menu.

    Start playing on the server. Most servers will spawn you in a Welcome area. Here you may find rules and instructions for using the server, as well as information on how to join the rest of the players.

    When playing on a public server, make sure that you don't destroy anyone's creations. Not only is this considered rude behavior, it will likely get you banned from most peaceful servers.

    Abide by the server rules. Minecraft is a more enjoyable experience when everyone is following the same guidelines. Rules vary from server to server, so make sure to read the information in the Welcome area and check out the server's website.
    Andre Da Costa, Jul 12, 2018
  4. Loraine Mon Win User

    Can't play online multiplayer on Minecraft Windows 10

    Minecraft Windows 10 - How do I join servers and multiplayer? (I feel like I may have missed something)

    Hi Caitlin,

    Issues with playing multiplayer games online may occur if your account's privacy and online safety settings are blocked. To resolve your concern, log in to this
    and follow the steps below:

    • Go to the Xbox One/Windows 10 Online Safety tab.
    • Set Join multiplayer games to Allow.
    • You can also change other settings before clicking the Save
    • Play Minecraft again.

    For more information about changing the Privacy and Online Safety settings, you may visit this


    If you need further assistance, you can contact us anytime.
    Loraine Mon, Jul 12, 2018

Can't play online multiplayer on Minecraft Windows 10

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