Windows 10: Can't update my Google chrome in windows 10

Discus and support Can't update my Google chrome in windows 10 in Windows 10 Installation and Upgrade to solve the problem; I am not able update my Google in windows 10 when I try to update Google it's give me his error 0x8007005... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Installation and Upgrade' started by MurliDharan, Sep 21, 2020.

  1. Can't update my Google chrome in windows 10

    I am not able update my Google in windows 10 when I try to update Google it's give me his error 0x8007005

    MurliDharan, Sep 21, 2020

  2. Windows 10 and Google chrome problems


    Thank you for your interest in Windows 10.

    As you have mentioned that now you rolled back to windows 7 ultimate.I would suggest you to follow the steps given below and check.

    Uninstall and reinstall Google Chrome and check

    To uninstall and reinstall Google Chrome follow the steps given below.

    • Press start button.

    • Select Control Panel.

    • In Control Panel , Click on

    • Then Click on Programs and features.

    • Select Google Chrome and Click Uninstall button
    Uninstall Chrome prompt dialog appears and the further uninstallation process continues if you click uninstall button. Once Google Chrome gets uninstalled, you can download and install Google Chrome from its official website,
    and check if issue persists.

    If issue still didn’t get resolved by the above mentioned steps, I would also suggest you to post the query in Google support forums for more help.

    Get help from the Chrome community:
    Google Chrome Help

    Hope this helps, if you need further assistance on Windows let us know we will be glad to help.
    Ashish Sondhi, Sep 21, 2020
  3. Naki Win User
    Possible minor bug - Update with both Opera 2x & Google Chrome installed

    Strange bug: Running the previous-older version of GPU-Z on Windows 7, 64-bit, SP1 and trying to update GPU-Z. Have Opera 23/24 installed as a 2ndary web browser, and Google Chrome installed as default/main web browser.
    Steps that work fine:
    1) Run GPU-Z whatever version.
    2) Open About.
    3) Click the links.
    Result: Links open correctly in default browser - Google Chrome.

    Steps to reproduce bug:
    1) Run GPU-Z, version before latest.
    2) Try to check for updates.
    3) GPU-Z says an update is available.
    4) Tell it to show the update.
    Result: Link opens incorrectly in Opera 23/24, instead of default Google Chrome web browser.
    Expected: Open in Google Chrome instead.

    Note: Opera 23/24 uses the same core as Google Chrome.

    Please check and fix, if necessary.
  4. Xylee Del Win User

    Can't update my Google chrome in windows 10

    problem uninstalling google chrome


    Since you already uninstalled Google Chrome using the Programs and Features, Google notifications may still be running in the background processes. We suggest that you follow these steps on how to end the Google Chrome process:

    • On your keyboard, press Ctrl+Alt+Delete.
    • Select Task Manager.
    • Under Processes, locate Google Notifications or Google Chrome.
    • Right click on them and select End Task.
    • Double check under Programs and Features if Google Chrome is completely gone.

    Let us know if these steps worked.
    Xylee Del, Sep 21, 2020

Can't update my Google chrome in windows 10

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