Windows 10: Captured images stuck on "just a moment" or black screen loading

Discus and support Captured images stuck on "just a moment" or black screen loading in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; Hello everyone! Tenforums has been a great source of information for me when working in our IT environment, as opposed to Microsoft´s websites that... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by TBear, Aug 24, 2017.

  1. TBear Win User

    Captured images stuck on "just a moment" or black screen loading

    Hello everyone!

    Tenforums has been a great source of information for me when working in our IT environment, as opposed to Microsoft´s websites that rarely provide any (useful) information.
    I have now encountered a problem that is taking up most of my work-hours and it is becoming a real problem as we need to get this in place asap. Any help is most welcome and if there is already a post about this somewhere that I did not find, please excuse me and kindly point to where I can find that thread *Smile

    We have recently decided to use Windows 10 for our systems that we deliver to clients and no matter how I try to get this to work, all my images end up stuck in either black screen loading or blue background "just a moment" loading.

    All suggestions are more than welcome! If you need any further information please ask and I will provide.
    Thank you very much!


    This is the vm-setup I´ve used, same setup used for my test-wm when testing the captured image:
    Original DVD with Windows 10 Pro x64 sv-SE build 15063
    Hyper-V virtual machine with following settings:
    4096mb memory
    4 virtual cpu cores
    no network access during any part of the process
    virtual drive 100GB not dynamic - IDE 0 slot 0
    dvd drive for macrium boot - IDE 1 slot 0
    When capturing, during stopped mode, I add virtual 20GB drive to save the image on
    during audit mode i use dvd drive to load an iso with software like teamviewer etc, to install without network.
    checkpoints are set to standard
    no key storage drive, no scsi, no com, no diskette drive

    Here is a summary of how I have set up our reference image for deployment from start to finish:

    * Install Windows 10 Pro x64 sv-SE build 15063 from DVD
    * At first OOBE launch, boot into Audit mode

    * In aduit I have done the following settings (based on tutorials from Tenforums):
    * Changed desktop background
    * Set 1920x1080 resolution
    * Set all notifications to off
    * Set power balance to never sleep/shutdown computer/screen
    * Make sure date&time formats are they way we want
    * Set homepage in internet explorer
    * Add a local GPO to remove edge tab from IE
    * Check that pagefile is active
    * Install and config Teamviewer 12 host
    * Install Filezilla client
    * Add a folder to C: with useful documents for our clients
    * Install dotnet 3.5
    * Install vcredist 2012,2015 and 2017
    * Install Languages:
    * english US (set as default)
    * keep swedish in list
    * norwegian
    * danish
    * suomi
    * german
    * french
    * italian

    * Add two local windows accounts
    * set passwords on accounts
    * check boxes "password never expire" and "user cannot change"
    * add accounts to local administrators group

    * As instructed in the tutorial video for sysprep in audit mode;
    created a runonce script to clean quick-access in file-explorer

    * Create an unattend.xml file which includes:
    * Pass 4: copyprofile: true
    * Pass 4: computername NAME
    * Pass 4: Display\DPI set to 96 for 100% scaling
    * Pass 4: Display\Resolution set to 1920x1080 in case it does not remember my setting
    * Pass 4: OEMinformation\Logo added link to logo.bmp located in our "useful folder" added to C:
    * Pass 4: Added OEM manufacturer, model, support url, support phone and support hours.
    * Pass 4: Added Themes\DesktopBackground in case it does not remember this setting
    * Pass 4: WindowsFeatures\Showinternetexplorer=true Mediacenter=false Windowsmail=false Mediaplayer=false
    * Copied original install.wim to sysprep folder and changed CPI:SOURCE to this location

    * CMD: check the mediacenter networksharing service is stopped
    * CMD launch sysprep.exe /generalize /oobe /shutdown /unattend: link to unattend.xml file in sysprep folder

    * After successful sysprep, restart system with macrium boot and capture windows drive + system reserved to a separate disk for captured images

    * Run test-wm-machine, boot via macrium iso and apply captured image to disk (disk is slightly larger than the captured one to make sure it does not cause conflict)

    * Successfull application of the image. Restart system to boot from hard disk.

    * If this is done in VM it will get past first loading section, it will reboot once, get into blue background and stuck infinite on "just a moment".
    If the application of image is made on a real system it will get stuck on black screen with loading circle, if I reboot the computer it will make it to the blue background and again stuck on "just a moment".

    TBear, Aug 24, 2017

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Captured images stuck on "just a moment" or black screen loading

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