Windows 10: CD/DVD Dive down

Discus and support CD/DVD Dive down in Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware to solve the problem; The upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 knocked my CD/DVD Lightscribe drive out. At the moment it isn't a problem, as these days most everything can... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware' started by SylkRode, Aug 14, 2015.

  1. SylkRode Win User

    CD/DVD Dive down

    The upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 knocked my CD/DVD Lightscribe drive out. At the moment it isn't a problem, as these days most everything can be run without a CD, but long-term it will cause me some measure of inconvenience. I've checked with the manufacturer, I've ran Windows update several times, but it continues to be conspicuously absent from my "This PC" directory. The tray works, but putting a disk in does nothing. This is something I really need to deal with - this is the final kink standing between me and a permanent future with Windows 10.
    My computer is an old HP Pavilion p6614f from around 2009. Mostly stock, short of a new hard drive.

    SylkRode, Aug 14, 2015

  2. my dvd/cd rom drive is gone?!?!? where did it go???


    I just updated my HP pc to windows 10 about a week ago and everything was fine...but now i started my laptop and went to start a game in witch depends on the dvd/cd rom drive and it said the dvd/cd rom drive was not found ... when i opened the start
    menu and clicked computer it opened how it should but did't show dvd/cd rom dive with my game disk inside. i have no idea as to what might have caused this to happen but it needs to be fixed so please help me out here.

    thanks ,

    \ jacob
    jacob rice57, Aug 14, 2015
  3. mlg63 Win User
    Windows 10 thinks my dvd dive is a cd drive

    That is normal. Properties always says cd drive even though it is both. You should already be aware that windows 10 cannot play or burn any video dvds. You have to install a 3rd party dvd player-burner. Biggest complaint about win 10.

    Open Device Manager, cd-dvd drives and see what it says there--it should have the correct model number.
    mlg63, Aug 14, 2015
  4. Antilope Win User

    CD/DVD Dive down

    Check on the HP or Intel website to see if there is a chipset driver update for your motherboard. It doesn't necessarily have to be a Windows 10 update. Even a newer driver than 2009 for Windows 7 may work. It's probably a disk controller driver problem rather than a CD drive problem if it worked okay before the Windows 10 upgrade. The drive controller is probably built into the motherboard, unless you have an IDE or SATA card in an accessory slot. In that case, try to get a newer driver for the accessory card.

    Here's a link to the HP driver page for your model. It looks like there is a DVD driver update for Windows 7, also.
    HP Software and Driver Downloads for HP Printers, Laptops, Desktops and More | HP® Customer Support
    Antilope, Aug 14, 2015
  5. SylkRode Win User
    You mean HP MediaSmart DVD Application Update? It says it is not trusted and will not run. It says contact administrator - which is me. I click run as administrator, and it still says it is not trusted. I even tried extracting it as an archive, and it still didn't work. I've tried this with every item that looks potentially relevant, but either nothing happens, or it says I have the wrong OS. The only one that seems to be a safe bet is something that needs to run....... from a CD. Which may yet be possible, actually; the computer itself seems to see the disk drive (it occasionally spins up on boot), a file in the root directory is labeled something like "bootmgr" - suggesting it runs separate from the OS, and I do have access to other computers - but, somehow, I doubt that will work, either.

    On the initial bootup screen, there is a diagnostic action keyed to F9. Maybe that is something to try??

    As for the motherboard route, I have no idea where to look or what to look for. If all else fails, maybe I'll have to ring up HP and shout at them. I have found several log files in a directory in the C drive labeled "intel" - perhaps an answer can be found there?

    If I don't get this fixed by next week, I'll have to roll back to Windows 7. I'm not going to risk shooting for the month long deadline and wind up missing it. And, despite the crashes and features lost from Seven (most notably the highly jackdaw-friendly Aero effect) I would rather not have to do that.
    SylkRode, Aug 14, 2015
  6. SylkRode Win User
    Well, I weighed the pros and cons, and decided I wasn't gaining enough with 10 to justify all the issues. Plus, I missed 7's simplicity. It's clear-cut and I know it like the back of my hand. I wasn't using the shiny new things that 10 offered, coupled with all of the hardware issues. I've waffled on it for days, but I'm done now. I'm sticking with the OS that will probably go down in the company's history as one of its greatest accomplishments.

    Sorry for wasting your time.
    SylkRode, Apr 5, 2018

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