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Discus and support Change F hotkeys in Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware to solve the problem; Hi! I installed Win10 some time ago, and I just installed the driver so I can disable Wi-Fi with the F key. When I do that, the OS goes into Air Plane... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware' started by Swinzon, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. Swinzon Win User

    Change F hotkeys

    Hi! I installed Win10 some time ago, and I just installed the driver so I can disable Wi-Fi with the F key.
    When I do that, the OS goes into Air Plane mode, is there any way so I can make the F key to disable only Wi-Fi?

    Swinzon, Oct 23, 2014
  2. ylun Win User

    CTRL+F hotkey broken

    Ah thank you very much, much appreciated! I can happily use CTRL+F again after following the instructions!

    Okay so what I did:

    1. Created a new profile by following steps in your link and logged into that profile after reboot.

    2. Let everything load, then trying CTRL+F in this new profile, and that worked.

    3. Logged off from the new profile, logged into my own profile.

    4. Profit! It works again!

    Does this mean that my own initial profile is repaired? I will try and see what happens when I remove the newly created profile.

    5. After removing the new profile, the CTRL+F shortcut is broken again. So I guess that my own profile is still garbled. Any chance in repairing my profile without too much hassle?

    6. Additionally, I have installed a language pack on my main (only) profile. The installation language was Dutch, but I prefer everything in English. In the Windows Login Screen I noticed that in the bottom right no language icon was available for the new
    profile, but for my own profile I could see the language icon "ENG" with "INTL" keyboard layout.

    7. Redid the steps to add a new profile again. Reboot. Instead of first logging in to the new account, I logged in to my own account first. CTRL+F did not work. So logged out from my own account, logged in to the newly made account where CTRL+F did work.

    8. Rebooting and logging in to the newly created account first to check if CTRL+F still works, it does. Then logged into my own account where CTRL+F still doesn't work.
  3. ylun Win User
    CTRL+F hotkey broken

    Hello all,

    the problem is that I can't trigger the find/search function by using CTRL+F, in any of the software on my desktop PC. It is as if the CTRL+F combination does not trigger the find/search function. I can't find out what has overridden this hotkey and I hope
    one of you can help me with it. It is extremely annoying. Oh and so you don't have to ask: as far as I know the combinations and have tried them, all the other hotkey combinations DO WORK. Except for this precious code/text crawler CTRL+F.

    So, the situation is the following. The motherboard of my previous desktop died (specifically the VRM was giving a lot of hardware problems). Luckily I could take over another motherboard+cpu combination from someone else. After completely reinstalling windows
    10 on this machine (by using USB boot drive) I installed most of the software I needed for study and work. Also installing office 365 and I had no problems with CTRL+F not working, yet.

    Anyway, a couple of days later I had to go through a lot of text and code, and my CTRL+F did not work anymore. Well, that was weird. So I started looking around. I came across some hardware related issues and broken files issues, however no solutions did the
    trick for me. I really don't want to reinstall windows and all the other software again, so please come with a simple fix or maybe a .dll that I can just place in the right location.

    Edit (20180314@1221): I could mention that I installed and uninstalled Skype quite often, because the new skype just enrages me and after following the carefully placed traps in the "where can I download the old skype?" threads I gave up on it. It would be
    really weird that the repeatedly installing&uninstalling caused the CTRL+F to get killed, however I have seen users who are *not so happy with the new skype* miss the search option (including using CTRL+F) in chats in the new Skype. Edit2: Actually, I just
    downloaded the classic skype now so that makes me happy again. but it did not resolve the CTRL+F triggering the search option.

    To sum up what I tried:

    1 tried: Ctrl+F does not work or bring up Find On This Page

    1 result: both things did not work.

    2. tried: using CTRL+F in other software.

    2. result: broken everywhere.

    3. tried: using alternative keys for find/search, i.e. using F3.

    3. result: F3 works in Edge, Firefox. All other applications need CTRL+F.

    4. tried: other hotkey combinations along with CTRL+F. Upon clicking CTRL+WIN+F.

    4. result: showing pop-up "Find Computers" with an error "Find in the Directory: The active Directory Domain Services is currently unavailable".

    5. tried: booting in safe mode (network enabled).

    5. result:
    CTRL+F worked everywhere.

    6. tried: keyboard drivers. Updating. Removing and scanning for changes, re-installing. Removing and rebooting computer.

    6. result: CTRL+F not working either.

    7. tried: other keyboard hardware (wireless usb, USB3.0 slot).

    7. result: CTRL+F not working either.

    8. tried: autohotkey to use CTRL+F.

    8. result: CTRL+F not working either.

    So, what can it be that it works in safe mode and not in regular mode? What should I do?

    edit: 2018-03-14@18:30 format of point 5.
  4. Berton Win User

    Change F hotkeys

    Wi-Fi and Airplane Mode are interconnected and are part of FAA and airline regulations.
    What's airplane mode? - Windows Help

    It's the Fn key plus others that accomplish several functions, some before the Operating System loads.
    Berton, Oct 25, 2014
  5. Kari Win User
    Hei Swinzon, velkommen til de Ti Forumene!

    Your system specs show you have a Pavilion series HP laptop. Basically the Airplane Mode is what you get when you use the function key to turn WiFi off; it does not only turn the WiFi but also Bluetooth off. Windows 8 / 8.1 / 10 Airplane Mode does the same, turns off all wireless communications.

    When you press the function button to turn Bluetooth and WiFi off Windows detects no more active wireless devices and to mark this it shows Airplane Mode being on.

    Nothing to worry, this is as it should be.

    (Jeg er en mann, til tross for navnet; er en mannlig navn i Finland, ikke en kvinnelig navn som i Norge *Smile)
    Kari, Apr 5, 2018

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