Windows 10: Chrome keeps freezing

Discus and support Chrome keeps freezing in Browsers and Email to solve the problem; I don't know what I'm doing. All I know is my Chrome keeps freezing, and my last update was 9/14/16 KB3188128. I don't want to jump thru a ton of... Discussion in 'Browsers and Email' started by gplea, Sep 21, 2016.

  1. gplea Win User

    Chrome keeps freezing

    I don't know what I'm doing. All I know is my Chrome keeps freezing, and my last update was 9/14/16 KB3188128. I don't want to jump thru a ton of hoops, I just want to click on an .exe and the problem gets fixed. Sorry for the lack of patience, but I don't have an MCSE, and I shouldn't have to to fix this issue.

    gplea, Sep 21, 2016
  2. Jane Lla Win User

    Chrome Keeps Freezing

    Hi Kate,

    I'd like to get more information regarding this so we could further check and provide a more established workaround.

    Any changes made to the system that might have caused the issue?

    And do confirm the current build your Windows 10 is running, as this information is vital for us to proceed with the investigation.
    (Type winver into the Cortana search box, then hit Enter.)

    Noting the troubleshooting you've completed on your end to sort the issue. May I suggest to try

    resetting Chrome to default
    as some add-ons might have caused this hindrance. That way we could isolate the possible cause.

    Make sure to check for any pending update of the affected application.

    Also, to complete pinpoint the culprit, you'd need to
    perform a clean boot
    and see if the issue would persist on that state.

    We will keep an eye out for your update.

    Jane Lla, Sep 21, 2016
  3. Chrome Keeps Freezing

    It's like Chrome has a mind of it's own. One day it works fine, the next, it's freezing everytime I open a new tab (freezes for like 3 seconds then finally loads) or sometimes randomly. ALMOST EVERY TIME I CLICK. You see, in Windows 10, there is this feature
    where you can press Win+G to open Game Recording bar. Everytime chrome freezes, I do that and it finally loads.

    EX: I click to load a website, and it freezes. Then I open the game bar (Win+G) and it loads the site.

    Also, it just set Bing as the thing when you first open Chrome. Then I set it back to Google and even REMOVED Bing and all the other ones (like Ask, Yahoo, etc) but it still does that. Is this a virus, is it Windows 10, or just Chrome? Cause this is the
    ONLY problem I'm having at all with this [new] computer. Firefox and everything else works just fine. And don't ask, I've uninstalled, restarted, cleared history, and even just left Chrome alone for the day. I've literally had to open the game bar almost 10
    times in 7 minutes. ?? This is starting to get REALLY annoying!!!

    Also, here are video's of it ��

    Here, it freezes while I try to do this and I open the gamebar so i can scroll because it freezes every time I try to scroll

    Here it also freezes while I try to reload the page????

    Anyone else getting these problems???
    KateSmith2, Sep 21, 2016
  4. gplea Win User

    Chrome keeps freezing

    I still can't get rid of this freezing issue. I don't think it's the OS, just based on the fact that it only freezes when I load Chrome, and I can almost set my watch to how soon it freezes, which is about 15 mins. I mean, isn't there a simple 2-3 ticks to check, or is it a glitch in the Flash plugin?
    gplea, Dec 18, 2016
  5. Wullail Win User
    Try switching to another browser (firefox) and see if it continues, it might be issues with scripts the websites you're visiting possibly?

    Otherwise , clear the web cache and make sure you're using the built in flash only and you don't have adobe's one loaded also.
    Wullail, Dec 18, 2016
  6. Steve C Win User
    I would just uninstall then reinstall Chrome. Try the Chrome cleanup tool here if that doesn't work Chrome Cleanup Tool
    Steve C, Dec 20, 2016
  7. Might want to start with a clean profile and see if that helps.
    cyberrufus, Apr 5, 2018

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