Windows 10: Chrome taskbar windows re-align on hibernate wake

Discus and support Chrome taskbar windows re-align on hibernate wake in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; I usually only have multiple windows open in Chrome (which isn't very often anyways) so I don't know if this happens with any other program (I've never... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by DaveCan, Jan 2, 2018.

  1. DaveCan Win User

    Chrome taskbar windows re-align on hibernate wake

    I usually only have multiple windows open in Chrome (which isn't very often anyways) so I don't know if this happens with any other program (I've never shut my laptop lid while other programs had multiple windows open that I remember), but it means that I have to close the windows in the wrong order because trying to rearrange them moves all of them at the same time...

    For instance, I open a program so it appears in the taskbar at the bottom (this is on Windows 10 but it's happened on Windows 7), then I'll open say another window (like a new webpage but not as a tab, or an Incognito window), which I use in work scenarios, then when I go to a meeting I close the laptop lid (so it hibernates, but the problem also happens on sleep) and open it back up, the last window is now first and the order is reversed.

    How do I fix this? It seems like Windows is opening each window in reverse order, which makes no sense especially since I can't rearrange them.

    DaveCan, Jan 2, 2018
  2. Huaraz Win User

    How can you install updates on a Laptop when you want ( never scheduled )

    Sorry that does not address my question. I do not want to schedule Windows Update and I do not want that Windows 10 reboots on its own and wakes up a hibernated Laptop.

    I have manually disabled the reboot scheduler, but as soon as I manually run Windows Update and manually reboot it will re-enable the scheduler for a time I do not want as it may wake up my hibernated system.

    Huaraz, Jan 2, 2018
  3. Problems with switching between windows on Windows 10 64-bit after updating from Windows 8.1

    Thank you for your response. Indeed these few days I tried a regular reboot on my machine and the issue was resolved. However, today when I was using Virtual desktops holding my Adobe reader and Chrome window on the same VD the problem appeared again. A
    simple reboot also resolved the issue. I have found that after I start the machine from hibernation, the problem appears. The problem appeared particularly when I put the machine to hibernation with Chrome open. Several apps affected also include Word 2013
    and Chrome. For example, when I wake my machine, I am situated at the Chrome screen but unable to switch between the Chrome and Word 2013 screens without continuously clicking. Issue experienced with different apps opened before hibernation. I will keep this
    post updated with more trial results, including the clean boot option.


    The following are the results obtained:

    (+ = the problem exists, - = the problem does not exist)

    Before clean boot:

    App before hibernation = Word: +

    App before hibernation = Chrome: +

    App before hibernation = Desktop: +

    App before hibernation = Adobe Reader: +

    Starting in clean boot:

    App before hibernation = Word: -

    App before hibernation = Adobe Reader: -

    After returning to normal boot mode from clean boot:

    App before hibernation = Chrome: +

    App before hibernation = Desktop: +

    Also, I noticed a particularly slower hibernation after I returned my PC to normal boot mode when I am using the power button to hibernate. Also, the icons on the task bar keeps refreshing.
    Harry Nguyen Chan, Jan 2, 2018
  4. pepanee Win User

    Chrome taskbar windows re-align on hibernate wake

    The closest thing that your post was it triggered a memory that I have.

    I use a program called DexPot (where you can create multiple Desktops to switch between). Suppose that I have three different programs open in Desktop #1, and four different programs open in Desktop #2. When I switch between those two Desktops, those programs that are open, that you can see in the TaskBar, get re-arranged. Don't know if you use that program. Look at all your 3rd party programs that are currently running, and see if they have anything to do with this. Maybe close off all the programs that start up with your computer, then open the webpage windows like in your example above, Hibernate, then turn the computer back on. Let's see if that does anything.
    pepanee, Jan 3, 2018
  5. pepanee Win User
    Also, there's a very useful 3rd party program that I use called 7+ TaskBar Tweaker.

    I have a certain setting in there that makes every single window as a Unique entry in the TaskBar. So I can rearrange every single window in the TaskBar the way that I want to. I use computer's a lot and this is one of the very few programs out there that I consider as pretty much a 'requirement' for everybody to have.

    Check my screen shot below. Notice every single entry in the TaskBar? I can re-arrange each window individually the way that I want to.

    Chrome taskbar windows re-align on hibernate wake [​IMG]
    pepanee, Jan 3, 2018
  6. DaveCan Win User
    DexPot isn't installed. Also the issue isn't multiple programs, it's with multiple *windows* of the program open (Chrome is just the example I'm referencing because it's the usually the only one I have multiple windows open with).

    Since I'm not sure you're understanding what I mean by not being able to rearrange the windows in the taskbar (at the bottom of the screen of course if you're using the default Windows 10 layout), you can see what I mean by opening Chrome, hitting Ctrl+N to open a new window (which puts a new taskbar block right beside the first), then hit Ctrl+Shift+N to open an Incognito window (which then adds another taskbar block to the right of it). Try moving the middle block to the left, or the right block to the left, or the left block to the right... notice ALL of the blocks move together, it's impossible to switch them around if they're in the same program.

    On hibernate/sleep wake, sometimes these are rearranged (like when Windows randomly rearranges your desktop icons), and can't be reordered manually, you have to close them all and re-open them in the order you like. It's like if you order your Chrome tabs (in the same window of course) to be in a certain order to make it easier for you find things, except with Windows taskbar it doesn't let you reorder each window of a program there. I wouldn't mind it so much if Windows didn't reverse their order on wake.
    DaveCan, Jan 3, 2018
  7. DaveCan Win User
    Taskbar Tweaker might be the solution if IT lets me install it and it doesn't add problems.
    DaveCan, Jan 3, 2018
  8. pepanee Win User

    Chrome taskbar windows re-align on hibernate wake

    Okay I see what you mean now. I don't know of a solution that would make Windows not re-arrange your tabs in the TaskBar, yet 7+ TaskBar Tweaker can definitely make it easy to re-arrange those tabs in any order that you prefer, any time. One thing about this app is that you must have it running all the time. But it's okay, it only has a Notification Icon, and you can put it in the list of Notification Icons that are hidden. I like to minimize the amount of programs that are in the Startup of the computer. Yet this program is a definite requirement for me.

    There may be some other settings you might have to do within Windows, but let's not worry about that. Let's try this first. There is no harm in trying the program. It's free and easy to use. If you don't like it, you can uninstall it, and all your settings will go back to normal. Refer to the green box in the picture for the option that you need to set.

    Also, some other useful settings.
    • I like the old fashioned right click menu on a TaskBar program: Top-Left option - Right click > Standard window menu
    • Whenever I put the mouse over the TaskBar and use the Up/Down Scroll Wheel on the mouse, I can adjust the volume: Top-Right option - Control volume when mouse is over > The taskbar
    • Double clicking on an empty space on the TaskBar takes me to the Task Manager immediately; no need to Ctrl+Alt+Del to get a menu and then click Task Manager. Nice and simple double click: Double click on empty space > Task Manager
    • Mute the volume with the mouse wheel click on the TaskBar: Middle click on empty space > Toggle mute system volume
    • And I like seeing the seconds on that clock in the bottom right corner of the screen, so that whenever the seconds are at 57, 58, 59.. I get soo excited to see the minute change!: Other > Display seconds on the tray clock

    Chrome taskbar windows re-align on hibernate wake [​IMG]
    pepanee, Apr 4, 2018

Chrome taskbar windows re-align on hibernate wake

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