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Discus and support Clean Windows 10 install issues in Windows 10 Ask Insider to solve the problem; Hello all, I just finished my first PC build: As a professional software engineer, I thought for sure that installing the... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Ask Insider' started by /u/malcolmmcswain, Aug 8, 2020.

  1. Clean Windows 10 install issues

    Hello all, I just finished my first PC build:

    As a professional software engineer, I thought for sure that installing the operating system would be the easiest part of the build for me. However, I have spent nearly 20 unbelievably frustrating hours trying to install Windows 10 all to no avail. I am desperate for anything: advice, similar experience, additional things to try.

    Context for the issue: I have always been a loyal Mac user, so I do not have access to a Windows 10 computer that I can run as administrator and my PC build does not have a CD drive. I have an OEM System Builder License product key and CD I bought from Newegg. My motherboard BIOS (Click Bios 5) boots fine and I can see all my hardware is connected and everything seems to be working properly hardware-wise.

    What I have tried: I first followed what every most recent Medium article said about making a bootable USB drive on Mac: install the iso, but the install.wim is too large for FAT32 file transfer so copy everything else on to the USB and then use wimlib to either split into .swm files or compress into a smaller file with optimize. I originally had an M.2 SSD and SATA HDD connected to the computer but I read online to disconnect unnecessary hardware/drives to minimize issues so I disconnected the HDD SATA cable (since I wanted the OS on my SSD) and selected disk 0 (SSD) the install started to do stuff and then... boom! I got Error 0xC0000005, the dreaded error that has been the bane of my existence over the last few days. So I look up the error and it's pretty generic and people say yada yada disconnect and reconnect stuff but like I said I'm 90% sure my hardware's solid. So I thought perhaps my shitty mac workaround was in fact a shitty mac workaround and I needed to do this right on a Windows machine. So I borrowed my friend's work PC (which his company controls, so I can't use the Media Creation Tool or Rufus since they require admin privileges) and tried to make the bootable drive using no external tools. So first I tried different formats. My BIOS is UEFI so I started with exFAT. Didn't even recognize the drive as bootable. Next, I tried NTFS, which booted but then had some generic Windows error screen "Your computer ran into a problem and needs to restart. Clean Windows 10 install issues :(" and got stuck in a reboot loop. So I gave up and told myself if it's possible to do on Mac, (which, based on what I've read, seems like it is) I've got to be able to figure it out. So I thought, ok maybe this hacky CLI install.wim split/compression is the problem, what I need is a tool. I found UNetBootin which looked really promising because it managed to get an unmodified install.wim onto the FAT32 drive. So I tried the install again (also the previous install had partitioned and written some data to the SSD, so I used diskpart to erase it for a clean install, and then rebooted to a new disk) just to end up back at square one with 0xC0000005, at which point I kicked the leg of my desk in frustration so hard I almost broke my toe. At this point, I gave up, I have no idea how to proceed. Google searches are useless, as it's always in a totally different context like a Windows upgrade and probably due to the fact that the error code basically means "something is wrong with the computer that is preventing installation". I don't think the issue is with the bootable USB drive based on the number of different formats I have tried and the number of people who have been successful with the exact same techniques I've used. I reallllllly don't wanna touch the hardware because everything looks perfect and all the cables are ziptied etc. But of course, I will do whatever I have to do at this point. Please help me before I break my computer and give up on Windows for the rest of my life, perpetually stuck in my little Apple bubble.

    TL;DR I can't install Windows 10 due to a generic error code 0xC0000005, and I think that the issue is probably related to my hardware and not my USB drive based on what I've read and tried, but have zero clue how to proceed.

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    /u/malcolmmcswain, Aug 8, 2020

  2. Clean Install Workaround for Vista

    You may remember this news story on techPowerUp! a couple of days ago relating to the lack of clean installs when using the Upgrade Editions of Vista, which required an old OS to be installed. However, Paul Thurrott has managed to find a workaround for this issue, which ironically lets users do a clean install Vista without any previous version of Windows, albeit a little tedious. Here are the steps:
    • Boot from the Windows Vista Upgrade DVD as normal
    • When prompted for a product code, leave this blank
    • Select the version of Vista you have purchased and let Vista install
    • When you boot to your desktop for the first time, run the Vista setup from Windows
    • This time enter your product key
    • When asked whether you want to do an Upgrade of Custom install, select custom and choose a clean install
    • Windows will now install for a second time and you should be able to activate it
    Remember, these steps are only advised for use in order to achieve a clean install of Vista, it is only legal to use the upgrade editions if you have previously purchased the appropriate version of Windows.

    Source: DailyTech
    Jimmy 2004, Aug 8, 2020
  3. Windows 10 clean install issues

    I have the well known to the webs 'Start Menu Not working / Slow opening apps from taskbar' like you in RS3 aka Fall Creators update,
    Even after CLEAN windows install...and there is no permanent fix out there, until M$ fix it.
    So i have clean install RS2 Iso and block the updates so RS3 dont install to my system.
    Im waiting for RS4 to be released hopefully fixes all those issues...but i doubt, they only thing they do is adding more and more bloatware.

    Proof of my problem:

    Start Menu Not Working in Windows 10 [Solved] - Driver Easy
    Start Menu does not open or Start Button not working in Windows 10
    Fix Windows 10 Menu Not Working - Easy Steps - The Windows Plus

    All those articles are fresth from January 2018, mind you all those ''FIXES'' dont work.

    Video from 2015, until now the problems still exist:

    LocoDiceGR, Aug 8, 2020
  4. Clean Windows 10 install issues

    New install Windows 10 (issue solved)

    It's good that you're not experiencing any issues. Unfortunately many folks are, a quick Google search will show the same info im offering the OP.

    Heres a couple examples:



    It's basically what I mentioned above, small issues here and there ,but nothing to end your day.. for the most part.

    I know it's anecdotal, but for my experience 95% of the time it's perfectly fine. The issues I've run into wouldn't be enough for me to roll back , but they would be enough (had I not installed it yet) ,to avoid it for another couple weeks which is why I'm suggesting it to the OP

    Windows 10 Fall Creators Update problems and complaints
    • Installation problems with the Fall Creators Update
    • Microsoft Edge problems with the Fall Creators Update
    • Drivers problems with the Fall Creators Update
    • Experience problems with the Fall Creators Update
    keep in mind, as of recently, the FCU is installed on 5% of devices roughly.....
    jboydgolfer, Aug 8, 2020

Clean Windows 10 install issues

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