Windows 10: Computer Bricked (Essentially)

Discus and support Computer Bricked (Essentially) in Windows 10 BSOD Crashes and Debugging to solve the problem; Hello I am at wits end and have decided to create an account to ask the community for assistance and in advance thank you to any and all for any help... Discussion in 'Windows 10 BSOD Crashes and Debugging' started by CerebralCS, Aug 30, 2019.

  1. Computer Bricked (Essentially)

    Hello I am at wits end and have decided to create an account to ask the community for assistance and in advance thank you to any and all for any help provided... My computer was working just fine last night so I am not sure what happened I powered on my PC this afternoon first oddity I noticed was when I tried to open Microsoft Edge I received the error “class not registered” I have never seen this error before so I searched it online via google and found fixes but then ran into more problems. The suggested remedy was fixes via task manager but I cannot open task manager not by run or ctrl + alt + delete nor can I open the start menu.

    So I am trying to do a system restore but I cannot open that either I literally cant run anything on my computer except looking at files on my hard-drives. I suspect a virus is causing this but surprise I cannot even open system mechanic pro (my anti virus) or windows defender. So this had led myself to believe that a virus is the culprit. I wanted to try running windows 10 in safe mode to do the restore but alas I cannot even start it in safe-mode without using the start menu. I do know you can via command prompt but I cannot start that as admin since I cannot access start menu.

    I appreciate any help because I am extremely frustrated + livid haha.

    CerebralCS, Aug 30, 2019
  2. Akumos Win User

    Computer Technicians Essential Tool Kit

    Hi! For Christmas I'm getting a Belkin Tool Kit. The idea is to create a thread with 1 or 2 suggestions each on essential tools needed by a computer technician. I want to make my tool kit as complete as possible so I'm asking for suggestions on what to buy to add to it. I don't just mean for upgrading a computer... I want troubleshooting gear too and other useful tools. I'll start with:

    SATA/IDE to USB Cable

    Every computer techie should have one... I need to use one of these about twice a week!! What else can you think of?
    Akumos, Aug 30, 2019
  3. Winows-10 Essentials 12 will not recognize my email address

    Hi Barb,

    Thank you for posting your query in Microsoft Community. Appreciate your interest in using Windows 10.

    I suggest you to repair Windows Essentials by following the steps provided below:

    • In the search bar, type Control Panel and press Enter.
    • Click on Programs and Features.
    • In the list, right click on Windows Live Essentials and select

    Hope the information is helpful. Feel free to
    write to us for any other assistance with Windows, we’ll be glad to assist you.
    Eeshwar Kumar, Aug 30, 2019
  4. Computer Bricked (Essentially)

    Windows 10 Windows Defender versus Microsoft Security Essentials

    Hi Bryan,

    Microsoft Security Essentials was upgraded to Windows defender and it was a default security software from Windows 8. You cannot have both as they are one.

    Since you get this annoying popup at the startup i suggest you to disable any Microsoft Security Essentials entries in Startup tab.

    • Open the Task manager. by pressing Press CTRL+Shift+ESC.
    • click on Startup tab
    • Right click on Microsoft Security Essentials entry and click on Disable.

    Restart the computer and check if that helps.

    Waseemulla S, Aug 30, 2019

Computer Bricked (Essentially)

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