Windows 10: Computer shuts down on its own, then boots back up

Discus and support Computer shuts down on its own, then boots back up in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; This issue has only started today. I recently got a new motherboard, new CPU, and new memory. Everything had been working absolutely perfectly until... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by ThereAllIsAchin, Mar 19, 2018.

  1. Computer shuts down on its own, then boots back up

    This issue has only started today. I recently got a new motherboard, new CPU, and new memory. Everything had been working absolutely perfectly until today. While playing a game (SC2) my computer will abruptly shut down on its own, then re-boot after a few seconds. All the LED lights inside the comp and on the motherboard turn off as well, so this is not a typical Windows-related reboot (at least I don't think so) and it is somewhat difficult to replicate the conditions that trigger this, as the two instances today were 2 hours apart.

    I haven't changed my usual computer routine heavily since the upgrade and my PSU has never given me issues before and is rather new-ish. I don't know if this is a hardware issue or an overheating issue. I highly doubt it is overheating related, so I don't even know where to begin with this one.

    EDIT: It happened a third time just moments ago, while not under heavy load in-game. The GPU temperature was nominal and the CPU and core temperatures did not go above 20-25 degrees C.

    This is my current PSU Corsair Professional Series HX 750 Watt ATX/EPS Modular 80 PLUS Gold (HX750):Amazon:Computers & Accessories

    I have had the PSU for 4 years almost to the day

    ThereAllIsAchin, Mar 19, 2018

  2. PC shuts down then boots back up on shutdown, drives missing from back up, unable to reset windows

    Hi all, i have a ryzen 7 pc running windows 10, for a couple of days now when i shutdown my pc everything turns off but then my pc boots back up within seconds..

    i had this happen a couple of times in the past, the first time i unticked fast boot as seen on a post here and that worked my pc shutdown without issue..

    a few months later it happened again, i checked the fast boot and it was already unticked so i looked for what could be causing it and found a windows update was mid install.. i waited for the update to complete and the pc shutdown without issue..

    this time around i checked the fast boot option and it was ticked so i unticked, shutdown this time the pc booted back up, check windows update and im up to date.. booted into safe mode tried shutdown pc booted back up..

    so at this point im thinking well ive had this install for a while maybe ill just reset my pc. (ive also been getting an infrequent system hang for a few seconds where all cores/threads show 100% usage generally on start up, virus/malware scan shows no issues)

    i have files that i do not want to loose and i know the reset says that it keeps ur files but i wanted a back up "just in case" so i load windows back up but it only shows a single drive available to back up to which is my one of my game drives (EComputer shuts down on its own, then boots back up :)... i
    have C: windows, E: Games, G: Games, H: Media and Z:backups no disk drive currently as i used it for another pc i have.

    i tried to add the drive through the option given but only the E: drive displays.

    so ok maybe i need that reset more than i knew.. so i went ahead and tried to reset my pc trusting my files would still be there, my pc rebooted windows started up and gave an error that the reset could not be performed..

    any help would be greatly appreciated, i cant turn off my pc without pulling the plug and im unable to backup or reset it.
    Davies1985, Mar 19, 2018
  3. Computer randomly shuts down then boots up to Recovery

    Power on and off your computer three times

    On the third time, your computer will boot into the Advanced Recovery environment

    Click Advanced Options

    Click Troubleshoot

    Click Advanced Options

    Click System Restore, see if you can go back to an earlier time.

    If not, boot into the recovery environment again, then try a startup repair.

    If that does not work, boot into the recovery environment, then click 'Go back to previous version of Windows'

    If that does not work.

    Go to a working computer, download, create a bootable copy, then perform a clean install.

    Step 1: How to download official Windows 10 ISO files

    Step 2: How to: Perform a clean install of Windows 10

    If there are files on the drive you want to recover, see - How to: Perform a Custom install of Windows 10
    Andre Da Costa, Mar 19, 2018
  4. Computer shuts down on its own, then boots back up

    won't let me edit my original post, but I've done some further experimenting and found:

    - This hard crash is only happening during the last few missions of SC2's "Legacy of the Void" campaign, which may or may not be relevant. It has been happening almost on cue during a certain mission. It does not happen in custom games

    - It does not occur when running much more load-intensive games where the temperatures for the GPU and the cores are significantly higher
    ThereAllIsAchin, Mar 19, 2018

Computer shuts down on its own, then boots back up

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