Windows 10: configure Server Ports in Outlook e-mail app

Discus and support configure Server Ports in Outlook e-mail app in Browsers and Email to solve the problem; Is it possible to configure the Server Ports in the outlook e-mail app? I use AT&T for e-mail, and my mail account requires that I use server port... Discussion in 'Browsers and Email' started by CountryBumkin, Jun 16, 2015.

  1. configure Server Ports in Outlook e-mail app

    Is it possible to configure the Server Ports in the outlook e-mail app?

    I use AT&T for e-mail, and my mail account requires that I use server port 995 (incoming) and 465 (outgoing). I can create a new POP3 service for AT&T and setup everything up except the server ports (normally this setting is found under the Advanced tab in Outlook account settings).

    Is there a way to set up server ports?

    CountryBumkin, Jun 16, 2015

  2. Connecting to the Google Mail application on a Nokia 2630

    You can try another alternative. You can configure your phone's e mail client to gonnect to gmail. First activate IMAP from the options on your gmail account, then go to the Personal configuration settings on your phone and define your e mail adress, incoming
    server( and outgoing server ( Proxy port for outgoing server is 465. Hope this helps
    wolfsbane_25, Jun 16, 2015
  3. Can't get emails

    Windows 10 Mail is not Outlook. Nevertheless, Microsoft sometimes calls it Outlook Mail.

    When you added the account, did you allow Windows 10 Mail to configure it automatically, or did you configure it manually? If the latter, what server, ports, and encryption settings did you specify?
    Brian Tillman [MVP-Outlook], Jun 16, 2015
  4. configure Server Ports in Outlook e-mail app

    I just updated the Outlook mail app and it seems that you can specify the servers and if they use SSL. Specifying SSL should set up the ports as you need them for AT&T

    Add account
    Select advanced setup
    Select Internet email
    Select POP3
    make sure both Use SSL boxes are checked.

    configure Server Ports in Outlook e-mail app [​IMG]

    That should do it, I did not take it to the next step - I don't have AT&T as a provider *Wink
    Slartybart, Jun 16, 2015
  5. I have followed the steps shown in your attachment, but there doesn't seem to be a place to enter the Server port numbers. These port numbers I something AT&T added/required a couple of years ago.

    I do check both boxes for use "SSL"
    I enter Incoming Server (POP3) = "
    and Outgoing Server (SMPT) = "

    but then I need add "Server Port = "995" (incoming) and Server Port = "465" (outgoing).

    These entries are done from the Advanced Tab on the regular Office Outlook program, but this Win10 Outlook app doesn't have a place to enter port numbers (that I can find).

    Thanks for responding.
    CountryBumkin, Jun 16, 2015
  6. Right, but setting SLL should change the port # to 995 & 465 - did you try it and did it not work?

    I get that your question is about explicitly setting the port #s - and I didn't find a place to do that either.

    The ports are fairly standard so MS might have figured "Why have an extra step that someone might screw up. We'll just plug in the standard number for the user". I'm not saying this is the right thing to do, but that's what we have now.

    There are always exceptions, so MS should at least offer the option to set the ports, even if they bury it deep.

    Have you set up AT&T and tested it in the mail app? Does it work or throw an error about the port? Any error would be helpful if there is an error.

    Please use the Feedback app to send MS your requirement to specify the port #s - I'll +vote it the next time I launch feedback and if I see it.

    Edit: the olMail app has it's own feedback mecahnism
    Slartybart, Jun 16, 2015
  7. I entered everything except the port numbers and hit finished. But MS said no account was found.

    On my other computer running Office 2013 with Outlook, I know that if I do not enter the specific ports (995, 465) it will not work. The default ports used are 110 and 25 which are not encrypted - see this

    So, perhaps I will install Office 365 tonight and see if it has the additional setup options I need.
    CountryBumkin, Jun 16, 2015
  8. configure Server Ports in Outlook e-mail app

    Thanks, that might be an olMail app issue - the same thing happened to me when I first launched the app - then my account just showed up on the screen.

    Right - that's what I meant when I said setting Secure Socket Layer (SSL) should change the call to use the 995 & 465 secure ports.

    Report all of your experiences to MS. I'll play around with the mail app a bit more and post my findings.

    CountryBumpkin: I entered everything except the port numbers and hit finished.
    But MS said no account was found.

    Right now, the port # isn't the issue - it's setting up an account to use. If you can get past that, you might be able to set up a working account and then change the setup so that it uses the servers and ports as required by AT&T. This is fairly standard stuff - eMail has been around since day 1 (ok it was called messaging then)
    Slartybart, Jun 16, 2015
  9. Mystere Win User
    Have you tried using the server*Tongueort designation? ie, or whatever...
    Mystere, Jun 16, 2015
  10. To update -- last night I checked my e-mail and it was working!
    I suppose I just needed to wait longer for the e-mail to configure itself. So I did not need to enter the server ports (like I do in Win7/8 Outlook).
    CountryBumkin, Jun 17, 2015
  11. Excellent, I still haven't dug much deeper, but the olMail App might allow (or show) port configuration in settings for the account. I always forget that Settings on new Apps is not as intuitive as Desktop apps.

    Look at your Win7/8 configuration and untick the SSL box to see how that changes the ports
    (110 / 25 -> 995 / 465).
    Don't save your changes on the other installs though *Wink

    I'll look more at the olMail App because I'm curious, but I'm glad you're up and running.

    Slartybart, Jun 17, 2015
  12. Is it known if the W10 mail app supports port 587 for SMTP? I have fiddled with this since I installed W10 yesterday, and I cannot manage to send email. The app retrieves them fine from the server, but whenever I try to send an email, it gets put into the Drafts folder and I get a message that the app was not able to send the email. My server uses port 587, and that is by now the only thing that I can think of being the problem. I have tried port designation as, but no go. I am frustrated. Why can this not be as easy to set up as it is on android?
    OppfinnarJocke, Jul 30, 2015
  13. Mystere Win User

    configure Server Ports in Outlook e-mail app

    Did you use the advanced account setup?
    Mystere, Jul 30, 2015
  14. Yes, of course.

    But here is a very strange thing... I just now decided that I'll give it one more try after numerous failed attempts yesterday and this morning. Only now I used the calendar app to set up the account, and... Suddenly it works! Now I can both fetch and send emails, and my exchange calendar works.

    More strange things... none of the accounts that I created in the email app show up in the calendar app, but the account I created in the calendar app shows also in the email app!

    So... if anyone has problems setting up an exchange mail account, try the calendar app and see if it works to set up an exchange calendar account.
    OppfinnarJocke, Apr 5, 2018

configure Server Ports in Outlook e-mail app

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