Windows 10: Consistent BSOD errors/loops

Discus and support Consistent BSOD errors/loops in Windows 10 BSOD Crashes and Debugging to solve the problem; Hello all, Today I'm writing this asking for help on my computer. A couple of days ago I started getting BSOD errors and eventually ended up in a... Discussion in 'Windows 10 BSOD Crashes and Debugging' started by Francisco Ontiveros, Aug 17, 2019.

  1. Consistent BSOD errors/loops

    Hello all,

    Today I'm writing this asking for help on my computer. A couple of days ago I started getting BSOD errors and eventually ended up in a loop. The most common one was System thread exception not handled and kmode exception not handled. At first, I wasn't even able to boot into anything but after down patching BIOS settings I was at least able to get back onto the computer. From there I tried reading dump files to see if I could figure it out what it was and just kept seeing that .sys files kept crashing. I've also tried clean installing windows but every time I do it still crashes with Critical process died. I'm basically out of ideas and am looking for any help. Below is the list of things I've tried and I'll also link a file with all of the dump files.

    - Uninstalling video drivers and reinstalling

    - Pulling out the GPU and using MB video
    - Swapping out ram and Memtest86 original ram
    - Swapping out Mobo
    - Wiping one nvme and trying to clean install windows on it (Took the one with windows out)
    - sfc /scannow
    - /checkdsk
    - DISM Restore/check/Other ones I can't remember

    (Might be others I can't remember currently)

    Dump Files
    At this point like I said I'm basically out of ideas other than trying to swap more components. If you need any other information I'll try to get to you asap. Thank you in advance.

    Francisco Ontiveros, Aug 17, 2019
  2. Arjay Dom Win User

    bsod loop device verifier ionmanager violation

    Hi Tom,

    To better assist you, provide the answers to the following questions:

    • Have you made any changes on your device prior to the issue?
    • What is the complete error message that you're seeing on the screen?

    For the meantime, we suggest checking the answers on the following threads below which we found similar and helpful in resolving the issue:

    Windows 10 Driver Verifier BSOD loop.. how to get out of it?

    Windows 10 stuck in bsod reboot loop

    Let us know if you need further assistance.
    Arjay Dom, Aug 17, 2019
  3. Kursah Win User
    BSOD - Registry Error

    Your BSOD code is 0X000000051

    Here's the Google search I did for it:

    There is a hotfix available that might help,

    This thread makes a few good suggestions too:

    +1 to listing your full system specs, OS version, etc. I did only look at your BSOD log file.

    Run a Diskchk /R (I know you already ran one, so you can skip this)


    Report back.
    Kursah, Aug 17, 2019
  4. ChrisHaEs Win User

    Consistent BSOD errors/loops

    BSOD due to DPC_Watchdog_Violation

    I have done some of the steps suggested and it seems the BSOD goes away in general but it's still consistently triggered by one activity, downloading via qBitorrrent. It happens consistently, with the same error code, DPC watchdog violation

    Here's my new MiniDump file: 012618-31203-01.rar

    Are there any more clues as to why this specific application consistently trigger the BSOD? I've tried other similar application like uTorrent but it still triggers BSOD regardless of which application I use.

    Thank you again for your help.
    ChrisHaEs, Aug 17, 2019

Consistent BSOD errors/loops

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