Windows 10: Continuous Errors Produced on SSHD

Discus and support Continuous Errors Produced on SSHD in Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware to solve the problem; I bought a new hard-drive a Seagate SSHD. The one with a 8 gig cache and 2TB regular drive. Everytime or so I boot into Windows 10 it hard-drive... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware' started by campdude, Sep 8, 2015.

  1. campdude Win User

    Continuous Errors Produced on SSHD

    I bought a new hard-drive a Seagate SSHD. The one with a 8 gig cache and 2TB regular drive.
    Everytime or so I boot into Windows 10 it hard-drive errors.
    MTF errors needing the hard-drive to be scanned to fix. Security Descriptor erros fixed through Scandisk.

    The odd thing is When I boot Windows 10 it causes other internal Hard-drives to be corrupted entries... index, MTF errors.
    Errors that only checkdisk can fix.
    The other hard-drives have windows xp and windows 7 on it. They are NTFS.
    However, my Ubuntu Harddrive is never effected.
    I run Windows 10 for a signifigant amount of time then it tells me to restart due to drive errors that need to be fixed.
    If I never go into windows 10 i never have problems.

    So people? Is Windows 10 being finicky with my SSHD, should I get a new drive? Not compatible with SSHD?
    I had the drive on my computer for a significant amount of time before putting windows 10 on it. It was blank and never caused problems... not until I put windows 10 on it.

    Any ideas?

    campdude, Sep 8, 2015

  2. SSH help

    Can you run this

    dpkg -L openssh-server

    Does it error or does it show you:




















    cpitchford, Sep 8, 2015
  3. pogrodnik Win User
    Updating Windows 10, after first reboot, I receive "Missing Operating System"

    I had same issue with old Lenovo T410 and hybrid Seagate SSHD disk with several partitions.

    To solve the problem I swapped SSHD disk with old 120GB "regular" disk (with one partition) and cloned Win7 partition into it.

    On this "normal" disk installation was performed successfully.

    After the instalation I swapped back SSHD disk and cloned Win10 partition to SSHD drive.

    It looks that Win10 installer has some problems either with SSD or SSHD or multiple partitions on a disk drive.
    pogrodnik, Sep 8, 2015
  4. campdude Win User

    Continuous Errors Produced on SSHD

    I disabled turn off harddrive and disabled writecaching.
    Seems like my computer is happier now. But unsure which one of those options fixed it.
    I can't find if writecaching is reccomended for SSHD's or not.

    There was an error in the preview builds that bricked other boot-drives and it had to do with performance/power-saving options with the SSHD. I will re-enabled writecaching and find out if that was the problem. Then we will know.
    campdude, Sep 10, 2015
  5. campdude Win User
    I re-enabled Write Caching and kept Harddrive Idle disabled and system is happy.
    In the power options i disabled turn hard-drive off. I set it to 0 minutes. I've had a happy computer error free for 3 days.
    Before it would produce MTF system errors, Security Descriptor errors, and more that needed chkdsk to fix.
    At one point it would not boot anymore. had to launch checkdisk from my Windows XP disk to fix all my boot hard-drives.
    campdude, Apr 5, 2018

Continuous Errors Produced on SSHD

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