Windows 10: Convenience of using W10 without MS store?

Discus and support Convenience of using W10 without MS store? in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; This is speculative, but what do people see the impact of the Win10 store being upon people's engagement with 3rd party software? And what attitude... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by Delicieuxz, Apr 23, 2015.

  1. Convenience of using W10 without MS store?

    This is speculative, but what do people see the impact of the Win10 store being upon people's engagement with 3rd party software?

    And what attitude will MS adopt concerning quality testing for software that's offered through their store app?

    With game sales, some retailers like Steam don't apply their own quality testing to updates that developers push through to their customers, but other retailers, like Origin, and GoG, do go through their own quality test process, and it results in patches being slower to get applied through their services compared to Steam - which regularly upsets customers for a variety of reasons (waiting on bug-fixes or new features, simple impatience, appearance of favouritism).

    If W10 run no independent quality test, it's possible that some malicious software could get delivered to large numbers of customers, who hypothetically might accuse MS of not protecting them, and as being responsible for whatever damages are experienced on their end.

    And MS' Games For Windows Live garnered a very disfavourable reputation among gamers that resulted in developers shunning the service, even leading to some of them removing GFWL from their games retroactively to satisfy gamers' pleas. A poor gamer reception and engagement level led to MS claiming to be shutting down their GFWL service, which caused gamers to become upset that they would no longer have access to gaming software which they'd paid for.

    MS later rescinded their decision to shutter their service - but the situation crafts a question of dependability regarding MS server-hosted 3rd-part app software, and where it leaves customers if a publisher stops selling a piece of software on the MS store. When it comes to games no longer sold on Valve's Steam service, the games remain available for download to owners who purchased the game while it was still being sold.

    What are the intentions of people here, regarding uptake of the MS store as a resource to access new software?

    Delicieuxz, Apr 23, 2015

  2. How can I download Windows 10 now and install later at my convenience?

    Original Title: MS 10 download

    How can I download W10 now and install later at my convenience?
    GeorgeDavidAtkins, Apr 23, 2015
  3. timppu Win User
    New Maps not convenient to use!!!

    Why can't you download 0.5 GB through wifi? I just downloaded several gigabytes of Nokia Maps map data using a mere 3G connection (albeit it is quite a speedy 3G connection, reported it well over 10Mbit/s dl, and almost 3 Mbit/s ul Convenience of using W10 without MS store? :) Saunalahti, I think I love you... ).

    If I understand you right, you are downloading the map(s) straight to the phone, not using Nokia Suite? Which country are you trying to download?

    At least if you use Nokia Suite program in Windows, for many bigger countries it lets you define which part of the country you want to download, ie. you don't need to download the whole country. This is the case with e.g. US and Russian (obviously), but
    also e.g. Germany, UK, Spain, France, Italy and many others.
    timppu, Apr 23, 2015
  4. WHS
    whs Win User

    Convenience of using W10 without MS store?

    It will highly depend on what they will offer. If they do an additional product assurance and make sure that no malware or other PUPs are being delivered, then I would use it. But if it is just a copy of what is available from the owner site, then it would have little value added.
  5. I doubt I would use it for desktop software, would prefer to go to the website and download myself

    Been through this when I was an Apple user, and extra restrictions placed on anything from the store (not sure if MS would do the same)

    If you buy from the website, install it and backup your download then it is there to re install whenever you want, even if a new version comes out
    Downloading from the store you only get the latest version, so if you need to do a reinstall you can only get the latest, which might require purchasing again if you have an older version

    store apps like the ones in win 8 I don't mind, desktop style apps I would not get from the store
    paulsalter, Apr 23, 2015
  6. ARC1020 Win User
    It's something I briefly brushed on HERE, where I said "... I also have very little trust that Microsoft are carrying out sufficient checks on what they allow in their store and get the impression they just want quantity over quality at any cost. It’s a mess. And to make things worse, because they’re supposed to be vetting apps, it gives consumers a false sense of security when installing them."

    I don't like this trend of apps requiring permissions to access things like location, calendar, contacts, camera, microphone, etc. even though there is no apparent reason for them to do so and is one reason I don't install third-party apps. There needs to be more detailed information/transparency before installing.

    Now, I fully understand with traditional desktop software once you allow a piece of software admin privileges it can do whatever it wants on your computer, however with normal PC software not only do people like myself only install from reputable software companies (unlike 'apps' where a lot of them are from unheard-of developers with little accountability), but I also have firewall whitelisting and only software that has a legitimate reason to connect to the internet gets whitelisted (which outside Microsoft/Sysinternals software is only Ebay Turbo Lister and Canon DPP for lens data downloads).

    If normal Windows desktop software was accessing peoples location, calendar, contacts, microphone, etc. without a good reason people would be boycott that software pretty much immediately, but with 'apps' they seem rather blasé about it, which I think is due to consumers having a false sense of security with 'apps'.

    So, in conclusion, if Adobe for example were to release software through Windows store that had full functionality of normal desktop software, didn't want to scrape my contacts list, etc. then sure I'd buy from there (presuming I have the option to buy it outright, rather than be forced into a subscription). However, third-party apps with limited functionality, that doesn't solve a problem, from an unknown developer, that want's full access to personal information... Uhm, why would I do that?
    ARC1020, Apr 23, 2015
  7. GEWB Win User
    I'll never use the Store.
    I turned the Store off (disabled) for all users but still haven't got it removed from the start menu...reg edit comes next.
    Next I need to get rid of more Win10 programs that will be a deal breaker if I can't rid the system of them (separate post later next week).

  8. BunnyJ New Member

    Convenience of using W10 without MS store?

    For me I use the store to get board games and news. Do I need it.. no but it has it's advantages for me at least.
    BunnyJ, Apr 23, 2015
  9. Mystere Win User
    There's no reason to guess, all this is already in place for Windows 8, and the rules and regulations are already there for app developers. As far as quality goes, Apps must go through a rigorous security scan, which is automated.. so it's not impossible for something to pass through this scan, but Store apps are already running in a sandbox which gives them very little damage they can cause anyways. Of course, social engineering is something you can't scan for.

    As for revoking apps, or what not.. I think this entire model Is still in flux... and will change over time.
    Mystere, Apr 4, 2018

Convenience of using W10 without MS store?

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