Windows 10: converting a POP (pst file) to imap

Discus and support converting a POP (pst file) to imap in Browsers and Email to solve the problem; I use outlook in office 365 and have setup up as a POP. Is it possible to convert the pst file to and IMAP file. The reason for doing this is to sync... Discussion in 'Browsers and Email' started by Dave1954, Oct 22, 2017.

  1. Dave1954 Win User

    converting a POP (pst file) to imap

    I use outlook in office 365 and have setup up as a POP. Is it possible to convert the pst file to and IMAP file. The reason for doing this is to sync my phone with my PC when using outlook or am I wasting my time. I have a windows phone running windows 10 and my PC runs windows 10

    Dave1954, Oct 22, 2017

  2. Sub-folders will not transfer from Outlook 2013 to Windows 10 Mail app

    TalkTalk is an email provider, we need to know what kind of account, POP, IMAP, hosted Exchange, or something else, that you have with them. A .PST file would indicate a POP account, we need to know for sure.
    Hal Hostetler - MVP-Outlook, Oct 22, 2017
  3. restore older data to new Win10 PC

    What is the exact error message when you try to copy it?

    Secondly, are you using IMAP email or POP? (Look in account settings in Outlook).

    If you are using IMAP then there's no need to copy the pst file as all you need to do is to re-connect to your mail account and all your email will be there.

    If that's the case then you need to perform just a little bit of tweaking to get your Contacts and Calendar over...
    Gordon B-P, Oct 22, 2017
  4. Tony K Win User

    converting a POP (pst file) to imap

    Hi there. I have 6 devices in which one is a Windows phone.

    Not quite sure why you would want to convert files. To me it would indeed be wasting your time attempting to do so.

    IMAP and POP are email protocols, not files. Personal Storage Table (.pst) is a file format used to store copies of messages, calendar events, and other items on the MS server. When downloaded to a device it is Off-line Storage Table (.ost)

    If you sign into your devices (PCs, phone, or tablets) using the same MS account, different MS accounts for each, local accounts, or a combination (any which way) you can use multiple accounts (including 3rd party) in any Outlook program on any device.

    Set up email in Mail for Windows 10 - Outlook

    POP, IMAP, and SMTP settings for - Outlook
    Tony K, Oct 22, 2017
  5. z3r010 Win User
    I think he wants to import the email in the PST into the imap setup.
    z3r010, Oct 22, 2017
  6. Helmut Win User
    Basically what you do in Outlook (the application) is move all Emails, particularly those which are stored locally on your HDD(pst file) into folders in to an Account that you will use when you set it up for IMAP.
    You can certainly use an Outlook Mail Account for this, and I think Gmail.

    You will have to create folders in the Account and manually move(or Copy) those Emails over. Tedious task if you have to retain old Emails as you can't just copy across the folder structure.
    No conversion as such.

    Then you just change the Account to use IMAP.

    Here is the reference I actually used for moving Emails out of WLM 2012 in to an IMAP account, just substitute Outlook in Office 365.
    It is the clearest article I could find.
    The section
    "Special instructions for users of locally stored data in Windows Live Mail 2012 application".
    Obviously you have a different Mail client so
    "Moving data to Mail app for Windows" would be Outlook 365 instead. The principle is the same.
    Helmut, Oct 22, 2017
  7. Tony K Win User
    Hi John. Not quite sure what he wants, but he did state that he wants to sync his phone with his PC. Outlook uses POP protocol by default so far as I know. Whichever protocol he uses, it uploads .pst and downloads .ost.

    He can link accounts on the phone if he's signing into his phone with a different account or has a local account. We'll need more info.
    Tony K, Oct 22, 2017
  8. Helmut Win User

    converting a POP (pst file) to imap

    The Win 10 Mail App supports IMAP. The possibility that the somewhat pricey Outlook does not is somewhat remote.
    Helmut, Oct 22, 2017
  9. Dave1954 Win User
    Hi Guys,

    Thank you for your responses. I think I should give more details for my request.

    I have a PC running windows 10
    I have a phone running windows 10
    I m about to purchase a Tables running windows 10
    All will have the same windows login

    I would like to sync all my devices so that when I add a calendar item to any device they all sync or I reply to an email it syncs all the devices. My PC and phone are setup as POP and as far as I know they do not sync. I am told that it has to be an IMAP setting, hence the question to convert POP to IMAP. Hope this helps
    Dave1954, Oct 23, 2017
  10. Tony K Win User
    You're welcome, @Dave1954. Glad to be of help. *Smile

    This is fairly easy then, if [aka Microsoft account (MSA)] is what you use to sign into PC/phone/tablet with the same MSA account/address. However you can also use multiple MSA or integrate other (3rd party) email accounts with them as well. That's a little bit more complicated.

    Basics > Signing into a device with an MSA and using an email app with an MSA or 3rd party email address/account are two separate entities. You can use multiple email accounts within an email program on any device as long as you sign into a device with a MSA.

    Outlook programs, whether Office Outlook or Windows Outlook UWP app (Store app > whether PC or phone) uses POP protocol by default so far as I can see in documentation. is the hub for all MS Outlook email programs. It uses Exchange servers to do so.

    Firstly, if you're now signing into your PC and phone with the same MSA account and your Office Outlook program is not syncing with your phone or vice versa, then there is a syncing problem with one of them. No need to be concerned about POP or IMAP protocol at this point/yet, for they should have been set up with the same protocol unless you set it up differently, changed something, or the program is faulting.

    Do you have Office 365 (O365) or a stand-alone Office that you installed on your PC? If O365, then your MSA's email address ties you to that and it should have set up your O365 Outlook program with that address using the proper protocol settings. If stand-alone Office install (from a disk or downloaded), did you set up the email account in it? If so, did you set it as POP? If not, then I believe it needs to be changed to POP using the proper protocol settings.

    When you set up your phone did it ask for an email account? If so, did you set it up with the same MSA email account as your PC? Then when the first time you open the Outlook email app on it did it ask you to use that account? If yes, then it would have set it up using the proper settings.


    Add an email account to Outlook for PC - Office Support

    Set up email in Mail for Windows 10 - Outlook

    BTW, editing/updating your system specs in your account here within the Settings link at the top of the page will help us out to aid you better in the future. There is now the option to list two devices. Please look at mine or others' for reference.

    System Specs - Fill in at Ten Forums General Tips Tutorials
    Tony K, Oct 23, 2017
  11. If you log into your email account online, do you see all your emails? Has to be within the browser
    kingtez1984, Oct 23, 2017
  12. Tony K Win User
    Good point, kingtez1984.

    I've performed this before. To test it he can send an email on each device using a different subject line, sign into his, and check to see if both made it there. He should also get it on each device, which as he states he doesn't. But at least he'll know which device's email app is faulting.
    Tony K, Oct 23, 2017
  13. Dave1954 Win User

    converting a POP (pst file) to imap

    Hi Guys,
    Thank you for your responses, but I still not achieving what I want to do.
    I have office 365 home premium with outlook 2016 installed. It is not an online version but installed on all my PC's. As Indicated I have a window's 10 phone and new a windows 10 tablet. I login to windows with the same login details on all 3 devices. What I would like to do is that all 3 devices sync. Example when I reply to an email I would like the reply to be on the other to devices. My emails are all setup as POP accounts with the same sending and receiving settings. The question is this possible and what are the settings.
    Dave1954, Nov 1, 2017
  14. Tony K Win User
    Hi Dave. Sounds like a sync problem. It should not matter which Outlook app it is that one uses, even using online with a browser. They should all sync.

    Try opening each device's app mail settings on each device.

    In the UWP/Store app (PC, phone, or tablet) > Account > Manage accounts > Click on the account > Change mailbox sync settings > Select the settings appropriately. This is how I have mine.

    converting a POP (pst file) to imap [​IMG]

    In the Office Outlook app > Go to File > Options > Make sure settings are ok in there especially in "Advanced" > Send and receive > Send/receive button at the right.

    converting a POP (pst file) to imap [​IMG]

    Go to your mail > Click on the Settings gear at the top right > Make sure settings are ok there.

    You may want to try sending an email from each device with a subject line "TEST" in each and place "PC" or "phone" or "Tablet" in the body so you know which device it is. Go to and see if all get there. Please post what you find.
    Tony K, Apr 5, 2018

converting a POP (pst file) to imap

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