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Discus and support couple of questions in AntiVirus, Firewalls and System Security to solve the problem; hi again microsoft i have a couple of SVChosts.exe running in my taskmanager now my first question is this, is svchost.exe a virus, malware or a worm?... Discussion in 'AntiVirus, Firewalls and System Security' started by CoolvibesRadio, Jul 30, 2021.

  1. couple of questions

    hi again microsoft i have a couple of SVChosts.exe running in my taskmanager now my first question is this, is svchost.exe a virus, malware or a worm? what is dashost.exe should i remove or disable svchost.exe would it be dangerous to do so?what is MaskVPN could you please explain this to me as i have it installed on my system is that a virus malware or a worm and can i safely uninstall it? also what would you highly recommend to speed up a windows 10 HP laptop?

    CoolvibesRadio, Jul 30, 2021
  2. JKarch Win User

    A Couple Questions About Partitions

    Hello, it's been a couple days. So I decided to get back at the effort of resolving this, but I'm so confused on how to perform the steps you have listed above even though the list looks pretty simple and self-explanatory. Is it possible to go a little bit more in depth and explain it like you're talking to someone who has no experience doing something like this? That would be greatly appreciated.
    JKarch, Jul 30, 2021
  3. simrick Win User
    A Couple Questions About Partitions

    Hi. Yes, sure, no problem.

    So, what we need to do is properly install W10 onto your SSD, so that Windows ONLY needs the SSD to boot, and get rid of all unnecessary partitions.

    So, step #1: go to Kyhi's recovery media thread and download the 64-bit W10586PESEx64 ISO.
    Decide how you are going to use it - will you boot your system to a disk, or boot to USB flash drive? Either burn the ISO to a DVD, or right-click it, select MOUNT and then copy all the files to a flash drive.

    Step #2: Download and install Macrium Reflect Free. Create an IMAGE of your C partition from your SSD onto your data drive. Be sure to select VERIFY in the options. Grab an ISO of Windows 10 from MS. Create a DVD or Flash drive which you will eventually use to clean install Windows 10. Then shut your computer down.

    Step #3: Disconnect your Data drive, leaving only your SSD connected.

    Step #4: Boot into the Windows 10 media you made from MS and clean install Windows 10, keeping nothing - no files, no programs. Using the custom install selection, you can nuke all partitions before the install. This will create the necessary partitions cleanly. The drive needs to be "un-allocated" when you begin the clean install of W10.

    From the tutorial in our forum:
    couple of questions [​IMG]

    Step #5: Shut down after W10 is clean installed.

    Step #6: Re-connect your data disk.

    Step #7 Boot the computer into Kyhi's recovery media

    Step #8: Open Macrium Reflect (on the recovery media), in the restore tab, navigate to your C partition image on the data drive, and drag it over to the C partition on the SSD. Perform the recovery and your OS will be as it was, with all partitions cleanly in place as they should be.

    Your system will then boot from the SSD only and all unnecessary partitions will be gone. Does that make sense? couple of questions :)

    EDIT: If you need screenshots to help visualize things, just let us know.
    simrick, Jul 30, 2021
  4. couple of questions

    N8 - A couple of niggling questions...

    On the whole I think it's a fantastic piece of kit, but I have a couple of questions:

    In the Contacts menu is it possible to either remove the 'Add to favourites' button or send it down to the bottom of the list?

    When viewing individual contacts is it possible to remove the 'Social networks' button? I won't be using my phone for Facebook, so this is unnecessary. :smileytongue:

    Thanks :smileyhappy:
    SatansArse, Jul 30, 2021

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