Windows 10: CPU making noises when SSD spinning

Discus and support CPU making noises when SSD spinning in Windows 10 Ask Insider to solve the problem; As title. I know SSD does makes noises even most says it doesn't. And if it does, should I be surprised that CPU/RAM also making noises? Been... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Ask Insider' started by /u/Elegant_Collection_7, Apr 11, 2021.

  1. CPU making noises when SSD spinning

    As title.

    I know SSD does makes noises even most says it doesn't. And if it does, should I be surprised that CPU/RAM also making noises?

    Been scratching my head for over 1 year now.

    My system is constantly making read/write noises like conventional HDDs 24/7 non-stop whereas I don't have conventional drives. Sound comes from under CPU socket or capacitors from motherboard.

    They are exactly SSD read/write noises but maybe louder.

    Indexing has been turned off. Browsers off. Epicgames/steam off. Windows defender off. No upload/download activities found in web traffic monitor. Nothing in Task Manager either.

    Had driver issues with Intel Power Management Module (fixed). Forcing the service to stop helped the issue somehow, but not completely. Comes back randomly.

    Well maybe not 24/7 but when it happens it goes on for hours or days non-stop like loading a super huge game that maybe terabytes big.

    CPU usage is 3-15% whereas it should've been 0%.

    Noisy enough I had to wear ear plugs.

    Running Wind 10 Pro 64 build 2004 with i7-3930k 6c/12t on x79 MB, 32G ddr3 and Cruial MX500 and Intel 500 SSDs.

    Reinstalling Windows 10 didn't help.

    Also happened on Win 7 before.

    Not happening when full screen gaming

    Not happening when running Linux.

    Anything thoughts?

    Any test software could help me find out what's going on?

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    /u/Elegant_Collection_7, Apr 11, 2021
  2. LawrenceC Win User

    High-pitched noise from tower during DSKCHK on SSD

    • When you boot your system, you should have an option to press F2 or similar to get into a firmware menu. If you don't see a prompt on the screen, put the make and model of your system into Google with the words " access BIOS menu" or " access firmware menu."
      • Once you get into the firmware you might be able to access a log facility that tells you why it shut down.

    It's unlikely a failing SSD would make any noise.

    The hardware I would suspect, in order of suspicion, is:

    • Broken CPU fan - CPU is overheating and causing shutdown
    • Broken power supply fan or issue with power supply.
    • You have something metal on the motherboard like a screw causing a short.
    • Bad RAM.

    If you have 2 sticks or more of RAM, you can kinda-sorta test the RAM by running it with one stick - if problems go away with only 1 stick in there, then your issue was the other stick of RAM.
    LawrenceC, Apr 11, 2021
  3. computer makes car engine noises now and then after replaced motherboard

    Hi Domagoj78,

    It sound like the CPU fan is faulty or spinning at top speed & is making a loud noise when the fan starts spinning to cool down a heated CPU.

    If the fan is working fine, it could mean that the CPU is over heating.

    Higher temps = higher voltage = higher fan performance = noise and vibration.

    *Do not set the fan to silent & run your computer it is not recommended.

    There are a few possibilities.

    1. Thermal Paste: check if thermal paste was applied to the CPU before the heatsink & fan was attached to the replaced CPU. If not, apply thermal paste on it.

    2. Cables impeding in the fan: this is mentioned in the manufacturer`s guidelines in installing the fan.

    3. Faulty fan: the fan itself maybe damaged. Best to replace the fan to eliminate the excessive noise.

    4. Faulty CPU: the CPU maybe damaged. (worst case scenario)

    Or you could read thru the guide below.


    This is a non-Microsoft website which would provide accurate and safe information. Watch out for ads on the site which are frequently classified as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Products). There is no need to buy paid products to fix your computers as they do
    more harm than good sometimes.


    Lee Teck Koon, Apr 11, 2021
  4. DaveM121 Win User

    CPU making noises when SSD spinning

    Fan making grinding noise

    Hi rdldn

    If your fan is making a grinding noise, that would be an issue with the fan . . .

    If your fan is running at top speed, then something on your system s using up CPU or GPU

    Open Task Manager (Ctrl +Shift + Del)

    Leave that open on the Processes Tab to monitor your system

    When your fan is very busy, is your CPU or GPU at a high percentage?

    (GPU - depending on your version of Windows 10)

    If so, click on the relevant column header, so the arrow faces down

    What are the top 5 processes listed?
    DaveM121, Apr 11, 2021

CPU making noises when SSD spinning

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