Windows 10: Cpu usage spikes on idle ? Is that normal

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  1. Cpu usage spikes on idle ? Is that normal

    /u/jsschrist, Jan 9, 2020

  2. Explorer constantly spiking CPU usage for Win 10

    Hi. Thank you for your answer. I tried all your suggestions, but nothing helped.

    Clean bot seems helped at first but no after some hours spikes came back and now spiking more often with every hour of PC working.

    Same happened also without clean boot.

    Any other suggestions what to try ?

    Just to let you know that I worked with Win 7 before with even more programs installed than now and I did not switched off my PC for weeks and CPU usage was lower in general not to talk about any spikes in CPU, newer noticed anything like that...

    DanielRamirezz, Jan 9, 2020
  3. Cpu usage spikes

    Hello ! My PC specs are the following:

    - AMD Ryzen 1600x CPU

    - Nvidia Gtx 1060 6gb GPU

    - 8 GB DDR4 RAM ( 2400 MHz)

    - Asus B350 Prime Plus Motherboard

    Sometimes I get those weird spikes ( they come and go ) lasting for 1-2 seconds of 100% CPU utilization. In idle state the CPU utilization stays between 5-10% ( up to 20% if im browsing the internet and having programs like Steam, Discord etc running in
    background), but when the spike comes I can see how the pc freezes for 1 second ( typical lag freeze) and how the cpu utilization rizes to 100% CPU then jumps back down to under 20%. I have waited with taskmanager such a spike and discovered that when it happens,
    System NT Kernel & System is the one process that its sudently eating up all the CPU resources.

    I tried updating all the drivers and im still having the problem. Here is a Windows Performance Record

    where I left the pc running for 45 minutes and I saw atleast 1 spike happening in those 45 minutes ( I kept going away from the computer and coming back).
    CatalinIancu, Jan 9, 2020
  4. Cpu usage spikes on idle ? Is that normal

    How fix 4-times-higher CPU usage at idle?


    To: Ten Seconds; simrick; RoadBlaster

    Thank you all again. I'm making Progress now! I didn't want you guys to think I'd abandoned and discarded all the work you've done on my problem. Here's where I am and some questions. I should have more info in another day.

    simrick: thanks especially for your link to a "clean boot" write-up in the Forum . I'm now working on what I believe is the right step in this write-up, step 11.

    The progress is that my clean boot was OK, with only 1% CPU usage at idle. So I feel a lot better I' can fix my 40% CPU usage at idle by the process of elimination of good services and good startup programs, so I find the bad ones.

    But I'm still working to find out if there are problems in my screen shots of the list of all non-Microsoft services. I'm suspicious because I see a many exact duplicate service names, plus an believable number of these services running.

    Could someone answer these 3) questions?:

    1) Am I correct that stopping any of the remaining (non-Microsoft) services will Not shut down my PC during clean boot reboots (since all the Microsoft services are running)? But, for example, are things like Chron Service (by Fork, Ltd.) or Intel(R) Capability Licensing Service (by Intel(R) Corporation) exceptions that I need to leave alone?

    2) So would posting a list of all non-Microsoft services running help me pick ones to test first (and/or help me to more quickly find the problem service(s) running than just using the write-up's half-group process of elimination?)?

    3) Should I expect that only 1 of these services will show the 30% jump in CPU usage at idle of my PC vs the 10% CPU usage at idle of our normal PCs? (My PC CPU usage at idle is 40% MINUS our normal PCs CPU usage at idle of 10% EQUALS 30% jump) Or could it be multiple services I need to gauge?

    Thanks once more. I'll post again this weekend.
    FuturePerfect, Jan 9, 2020

Cpu usage spikes on idle ? Is that normal

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