Windows 10: Credential Manager Access Denied

Discus and support Credential Manager Access Denied in Windows 10 Customization to solve the problem; I'm the administrator (sole user) of my Windows 10 PC yet I get error 0x8007005 "Access is Denied" error when I attempt to access Credential Manager.... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Customization' started by SteveGray2, Aug 9, 2019.

  1. Credential Manager Access Denied

    I'm the administrator (sole user) of my Windows 10 PC yet I get error 0x8007005 "Access is Denied" error when I attempt to access Credential Manager. What steps should I take to correct this error? Thanks very much!

    SteveGray2, Aug 9, 2019
  2. OSXB Win User

    Credential manager

    Whenever i try to get to the credential manager I get the following message:

    you do not have permission to save files to this location. Select a different location.

    Error code: 0x80070005

    Error message: Access is denied

    I tried the steps mentioned in this article:

    windows credential manager says I do not have permission error code 0x80070005 access is denied.

    but nothing changed.
    OSXB, Aug 9, 2019
  3. OlafPiper Win User
    Credential Manager Won't Start, access is denied, cannot set up email on Windows 10

    I have the same problem as the original reporter here and none of the MS suggested solutions have helped so far - 1) Attempting to make Credential manager to start and 2) to fix the
    roaming\Microsoft\credentials folder permissions.

    I can not add any accounts to Mail, Calendar or People due to an error code that suggests the Credential Manager service is not running. Indeed, the Credential Manager service will not run. I can't start it manually and it will not start automatically after
    a reboot either.

    If it's relevant, the PC on which I have this issue was upgraded from Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate 64-bit (to Windows 10 Pro 64-bit). On my laptop, which I upgraded to Windows 10 Pro from Windows 8.1 Home, I do not have this issue.

    So for now the question seems to be why Credential Manager refuses to start, or why access to is denied, according to the error code.
    OlafPiper, Aug 9, 2019
  4. Credential Manager Access Denied

    Credential Manager Won't Start, access is denied, cannot set up email on Windows 10

    I have been struggling in the evenings after work day after day attempting to fix this issue.

    I cannot set up my email because my credential manager won't start.

    To summarize the steps I have taken already, I have restarted numerous times and while I could change the credential manager to "automatic" (it was on manual) it still will not start.

    I have typed "services" into the search bar, right click, and select "run as administrator." When I attempt to start the credential manager I get an error code 5: access is denied.

    I then created a second user account with administrator privileges, and after going through all of that, I get the same error from that account as well. I had thought that perhaps some files were corrupt on my user profile so I took the steps to create a
    new one, with no success at starting the credential manager and still no way to set up email.

    I have run the system file checker which did not find any problems.

    I am at a loss as I have been without email since I updated to windows 10 over the weekend.

    This is my own personal computer, there are no other users, and until this issue, I had only one login account as administrator.

    My computer is a Toshiba S55-A5295:

    • Intel® Core™ i7-3630QM Processor
    • Windows 8 ----> Upgraded recently to Windows 10 from windows 8.1.
    • 12GB DDR3 1600MHz memory
    • Intel® Integrated Graphics
    • 1.0TB (5400 RPM, Serial ATA)

    I have searched the web for similar problems and have come up with little. I have tried the steps above without success in starting the credential manager, and my email is still unable to be set up.

    I have run the windows defender scan and the Avast scan for viruses, etc.

    Please provide me with the steps necessary to getting my credential manager running so that I may set up email as that is essential on my home computer.

    Thanks you.
    ColinBonfield, Aug 9, 2019

Credential Manager Access Denied

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