Windows 10: CSGO lag issues

Discus and support CSGO lag issues in Windows 10 Gaming to solve the problem; Hey, First off, let me say that this problem may not be Windows 10 exclusive, but it happened to me in Windows 10 (I haven't tried in Windows 7... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Gaming' started by Kieran Ballard, Jun 29, 2015.

  1. CSGO lag issues


    First off, let me say that this problem may not be Windows 10 exclusive, but it happened to me in Windows 10 (I haven't tried in Windows 7 yet), and that is the reason I am making my post here.

    I've been running the Windows 10 Technical Preview for about a week on build 10130. My problem started two days ago, when playing a competitive match on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. My ping will be low (under 50 most of the time) and then randomly jump up to the 200 range for no reason (it stays at 200 for barely a second, but is still very distracting). This problem has occurred on every server I have played on since that day (community and Valve official).

    (I made it terrible quality for a smaller filesize, therefore becoming a faster upload)

    Things I've tried:
    Restarting my PC
    Restarting my router
    Connecting over WiFi
    Connecting over Ethernet
    Resetting my router
    Resetting my network adapter settings

    Has this/does this happen to anyone else, and does anyone know of a fix (I've tried google, but nothing I found helped).


    Kieran Ballard, Jun 29, 2015
  2. vosaci Win User

    lag when playing games

    im having lag when playing csgo

    its a mouse lag issue on windows 10, i cant seem to find out what is the cause of the problem.

    i dont know where to go to find a solution to the problem so im just posting everywhere to try and get a solution
    vosaci, Jun 29, 2015
  3. Can Fullscreen optimization cause input lag?

    I've heard some games like Overwatch and CSGO can have some lag input when fullscreen optimization is enabled. Can you tell me what Fullscreen optimization actually does?
    PatrickCastillo1, Jun 29, 2015
  4. MrNeeds Win User

    CSGO lag issues

    ADSL by any chance? this looks like aluminium degradation to me, it's basically from your cables going to your home which are starting to degrade over time, they were probably installed in the early 90's when copper was super expensive and BT used aluminium instead, bad idea, can you do a test over at this address> - The Global Broadband Quality Test and post your results below.
    MrNeeds, Jun 29, 2015
  5. Here are my results

    CSGO lag issues [​IMG]

    And yeah, I'm pretty sure its ADSL
    Kieran Ballard, Jun 29, 2015
  6. MrNeeds Win User
    It's looking alright from my end, and with those pings, that's got to be fibre unless you're sat on top of the exchange, have you had any loss of service at all since having this issue (internet intermittent, slow loading of pages, that sort of thing), if you have then it might just be internet traffic at certain times of the day.
    MrNeeds, Jun 29, 2015
  7. Yeah, we have fiber. Our connection has dropped a few times, but only for a few seconds, and I haven't noticed any major slowdowns when browsing the web, but I have noticed lower results than usual on Flash by Ookla - The Global Broadband Speed Test.

    Here's a test I just did

    CSGO lag issues [​IMG]

    I usually get 15 ping, 37 download and 6 upload while connected over ethernet.
    Kieran Ballard, Jun 29, 2015
  8. MrNeeds Win User

    CSGO lag issues

    sounds intermittent, might be a faulty router, have you contacted sky customer service? might be worth asking about it and see if they can send you out a new router, threaten them with loss of business if they try anything, saying you haven't got your advertised speeds.
    MrNeeds, Jun 29, 2015
  9. MrNeeds Win User
    the canterbury server seems to be running slow, i'm getting 80mb with a 15ms ping from that server

    CSGO lag issues [​IMG]

    when I normally get this>

    CSGO lag issues [​IMG]
    MrNeeds, Jun 29, 2015
  10. I'll try getting in contact with sky over the next few days, I'll leave it and see if the problem persists for now I guess.

    Thanks for your help MrNeeds *Biggrin
    Kieran Ballard, Jun 29, 2015
  11. MrNeeds Win User
    No worries Kieran, hope it gets sorted mate.
    MrNeeds, Jun 29, 2015
  12. batlhilz Win User
    id guess its the ACK doing that. should be fixed by registry. anyway, i dont know if win10 has the same base with the ping and connection handling regarding ACK/s (edit - as in TCP handling that is *Smile ). should check it when i get to home. but if you got time and are familiar with the registry you can check TcpAckFrequency from the system. 1 will disable delayed ack and default is 2, so you should use TcpAckFrequency=1. cant remember the correct registry path tho *Sad

    might help you out on this one.
    batlhilz, Jul 9, 2015
  13. Flagonard Win User

    CSGO lag issues

    Bro i´m having the same issue, did you resolved it? I don´t know what is the cause but i have +250 fps and my ping is stable 80, this stutters make it unplayable, also tested the netgraph and is the same issue like the video.
    Flagonard, Aug 22, 2015
  14. This hasn't happened to me since I posted this, apart from one time last week. I couldnt find a proper fix, a setting to change. It just stopped. You can try and get proof and contact your ISP to see if they can help resolve this.
    Kieran Ballard, Aug 22, 2015
  15. Flagonard Win User
    Man thanks for your fast response, i solved it. I have a Dell Wireless Card 1502 b/g that i disabled and exchanged for a TP Link wifi card USB, now using this my ping on netgraph stays still and no more stutter, rubber banding, etc.

    Flagonard, Aug 22, 2015

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