Windows 10: .csv Format And Notepad Question ?

Discus and support .csv Format And Notepad Question ? in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; Hello, I have a radio control programs that uses files copied from various sources to control a sw radio. But, these files must be in .csv format.... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by Robert11, Nov 1, 2018.

  1. Robert11 Win User

    .csv Format And Notepad Question ?


    I have a radio control programs that uses files copied from various sources
    to control a sw radio.

    But, these files must be in .csv format.

    (perhaps I should be saying that the data in the file must be in .csv format)

    Let's say I have done a COPY from a web source that has fields like Station, Frequency, Time...etc.

    I tried pasting into Notepad, but cannot come up with how to Save this file as a .csv

    It's apparently doable, as I have several very old files that the program uses just fine,
    and are apparently Notebook files.

    The files have a .txt extension on their name,
    but are obvious .csv formatted, as they have all the commas or semicolons
    between Station, Frequency, etc. fields..

    Can anyone please guide me thru this, and how to csv "format" data that has been Pasted/Saved into Notepad ?


    Robert11, Nov 1, 2018
  2. JoWatson1 Win User

    Exporting in CSV format into excel not working

    I used to be able to export from a wordpress website a list of event bookings in CSV format which would automatically open in Excel. Now it opens in notepad which is useless to me. How can I restore opening in Excel?
    JoWatson1, Nov 1, 2018
  3. Romel Ram Win User
    how can edit the format of documents in notepad

    Hi Ramon,

    We understand that you'd like to edit the format of documents using Notepad application.

    If you're trying to open an Office document like Word or Excel using Notepad, be informed that since the app only detect pure text, it will lose all the format and objects originally came with the document.

    You can follow these steps to open a document in Notepad:

    1. Right-click the document file.

    2. Select Open With, and select Notepad. If not its not on the list, click
    Choose another app.

    3. Select Notepad, and click OK.

    Kindly post back if you have further concerns.
    Romel Ram, Nov 1, 2018
  4. .csv Format And Notepad Question ?

    Windows 10 Character Map and Notepad

    Well I found the answer to my question. I should have thought through this a little longer.

    Notepad is native in ANSI mode.
    However Wordpad can work in UTF-8 mode.
    I found steps to make Notepad usable in UTF-8 mode but there are a lot of steps and once again there has to be a registry hack to make it work.
    Now how do I make Workpad be listed in the most used application through the Start Menu?
    1ThursdayJC, Nov 1, 2018

.csv Format And Notepad Question ?

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