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Discus and support Data usage, windows 10. in Windows 10 Network and Sharing to solve the problem; Can you point me to the best fixes to stop Win 10 using so much data, no videos being watched, maybe looking a photos on usedguns, too much, not much... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Network and Sharing' started by chewtah, Mar 27, 2016.

  1. chewtah Win User

    Data usage, windows 10.

    Can you point me to the best fixes to stop Win 10 using so much data, no videos being watched, maybe looking a photos on usedguns, too much, not much else.

    chewtah, Mar 27, 2016

  2. How to reset data usage?

    Original titile: DATA USAGE

    How to reset data usage in windows 10
    SUNILKUMARS, Mar 27, 2016
  3. Andre Da Costa, Mar 27, 2016
  4. Data usage, windows 10.

    In what regard? Are you referring to disk activity. how much memory is taken up or something else? As for as a good deal of memory being taken off of the top you will tend to see that more with the 64bit Windows compared to the 32bit since the 32bit does far more swapping out data to the paging file used as virtual memory while the 64bit preloads more into the active ram. That more or less preloads to some extent the most often used programs for a more efficient start up when going to run something.

    If you feel something is still grabbing too much out of the resources the Startup tab found in the Task manager is the place to go to look over your startup items and besides any essentials you can easily disable any that appear to be "memory hogs"? being one of the old school terms there.

    First before deciding to disable any a look in the Memory tab will generally indicate just what is taking the most memory. The Performance and Resource meters now seen in 10 can also be a help at times in trying to determine just what is grabbing up the resources if this is software related.
    Night Hawk, Mar 27, 2016
  5. chewtah Win User
    Just internet usage, hidden downloads etc. I have turned a few off, but just wondering if there are any more.
    chewtah, Mar 27, 2016
  6. TairikuOkami, Mar 27, 2016
  7. Certain ISPs will have their own speed test sites while a network monitoring tool can able a help at times. The 8PackGadgets intended for Windows 8 seem to work while the simple right click on the desktop will reveal the gadgets still found in 10! Bottom right side of Page 2 of 4 is one option gadget wise you simply drag onto the desktop for a fast look.

    Another freebie that has a good rep is the NetoWorx you can look over at NetWorx : bandwidth monitor, connection speed test traffic usage log
    Night Hawk, Mar 27, 2016
  8. chewtah Win User

    Data usage, windows 10.

    Thanks for all that, I'll mark it as solved, and get on with it!
    chewtah, Mar 28, 2016
  9. Hopefully that can work out for you ok! The tool is a bit involved however when first going to use it. A few others looked over lately where nothing but project type apps where you had to sign up for a new account somewhere to join a project community rather then finding a stand alone type monitoring too. This was an MS tool however and has been used previously.
    Night Hawk, Mar 28, 2016
  10. chewtah Win User
    If i can re open the post, I found Facebook has a auto open video thing, Iv disabled it too, all the little vids kept opening without being asked to, and I suppose there were several running at once.
    chewtah, Mar 31, 2016
  11. Isn't it fun with embedded videos?! *Rolleyes especially when several are present and not knowing which is running?! *Mad

    Actually I seem to run into mostly when going to a new site to look over some report or blog and some embedded video is running without seeing any motion but a still in a column where there may be several. I never run into that on any of the social networks however. If you have set Facebook as the home page you might want to move off of that entirely to use one like the Bing home site to avoid any of that.
    Night Hawk, Mar 31, 2016
  12. chewtah Win User
    So Iv got Glasswire, what do I look at to see what is using the data. I only get 4gig a month which some say is nothing, but if I had unlimited, Im sure Id use it all up too!*Wink

    Also, Iv started leaving pages open, I look at a shooting forum, a share trading forum, maybe ebay, facebook, and emails, and leave the pages open, so I dont have to open them each I want to read up, is that using more data than closing them down and reopening them?
    chewtah, Apr 2, 2016
  13. Data usage, windows 10.

    For a limited bandwidth that can be a problem! It isn't so much as far as data but the ISP hosting being the problem for you. Are you on dial-up or some form of limited dsl plan? is the question I could be asking. 4gb is small since a Windows 10 download in iso form would be over 3gb in size! The unlimited on the other hand would allow you to download all day long!

    Now as for having several browser windows open I find sometimes I may to use multiple browsers in order to and FB or Twitter page open as well as a few other sites and still be able to open any new windows required if something has to be looked up. This is one reason I had switched from IE 8 and later 9 years back to Opera and then found Waterfox which started acting up last summer when getting into 10. Cyberfox being an Australian variant was then tried and set for default while now I ended up with the latest 64bit flavor of FF!

    That will also prevent seeing stalls or bog downs when having several windows open suggesting a max number for each browser over a period of time will help to prevent crashes from the freeze ups generally the most common. With 16gb of memory you know that can't be the reason! The browsers themselves have their own limitations you have to work with.
    Night Hawk, Apr 2, 2016
  14. fdegrove Win User

    Indeed they do. One workaround for IE users is to increase the default cache size from 250Mb to say 500Mb.
    That helped me when IE complained about lacking memory (running 16Gb here too) when FB's embedded videos where running without me paying attention for instance.

    Cheers, *Wink
    fdegrove, Apr 2, 2016
  15. I run into that problem at times when going to a blog site I frequent and as soon as you arrive some video starts sounding off in the background until you find and hit the stop button. On FB or Twitter however the only time a video starts up is when you pass over it with the cursor for a few seconds. That seems to be a preview function FB saw added in there.

    As for Overriding things in FF that's easy enough! I raised it up from the 383mb I found it with to 1024mb! May as well make it even GB! *Biggrin How To Increase Firefox Cache Size

    I will be giving this a try on WF as well as Cyberfox as well since I favored Waterfox over FF while lately it's been FF seeing the fixes being made.
    Night Hawk, Apr 2, 2016

Data usage, windows 10.

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