Windows 10: Define wireless settings per user account

Discus and support Define wireless settings per user account in Windows 10 Network and Sharing to solve the problem; Hi, At home we have a shared PC running Win10 Pro which is used by adults and youngsters. I want to ensure that when youngsters use the PC then... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Network and Sharing' started by ejepsen, Jul 30, 2017.

  1. ejepsen Win User

    Define wireless settings per user account


    At home we have a shared PC running Win10 Pro which is used by adults and youngsters.

    I want to ensure that when youngsters use the PC then they access an Wifi accesspoint which does only gives them access to the internet but not internal file shares or other computers on the network etc.

    So when the admin or other accounts logs onto the PC (under a specific account) then they are automatically logged on to the "unlimited" access point where they can access file shares etc.
    However when youngster's account logs onto the PC, with their specific user account, then they automatically log onto the "limited" access point.

    In Win7 this was possible through:
    How to Enable User-Specific Wireless Networks in Windows 7

    But it seems that this feature has been removed in Windows 10 ? Any workarounds to fulfil my objective?

    ejepsen, Jul 30, 2017
  2. berserkk Win User

    5800 XM: Issues with WPA (and EAP authorization)

    I've had issues with this same problem, trying to connect to my university network.

    I use the following settings, and it magically starts working:

    internet access point settings

    network status: public

    wlan mode: infrastructure

    wlan security mode wpa/wpa2

    homepage: none

    use access point: auto

    wlan security settings

    wpa/wpa2: EAP

    epa2 only mode: off

    eap plug-in settings

    tick: eap-peap

    tick: eap-fast (even if your network does not support it!)

    eap-peap settings

    personal: not defined

    auth cert: (my uni's wireless auth cert, i got it off my wireless laptop)

    user name in use: user defined

    user name: my user name

    realm in use: user defined

    realm: my uni's domain name

    tls: priv off

    allow peapv0: OFF

    allow peapv1: off

    allow peapv2: off

    EAP's (in the next tab under eap-peap settings)

    ticked eap-mschapv2 ticked

    eap-mschapv2 settings:

    user name: blank

    prompt password: yes

    go right back out

    EAP-fast settings

    no cert's defined

    username user defined

    user your user

    real user defined

    realm your network

    everything else off

    EAP's: eap-mschapv2

    username : blank

    prompt password: yes

    Ok now go back out and attempt to connect to wireless point.

    It will prompt your user/pass a few times, but then connect.
    berserkk, Jul 30, 2017
  3. genebryan Win User
    Nokia 5800 - University WPA2 Enterprise Connection Problem

    "Select L: wireless@UOS* (WPA/WPA2-Enterprise). Fill in the following fields:

    connection Name: L: wireless@UOS *

    data bearer: wireless LAN

    wireless network name : L: wireless@UOS

    Network status : Public

    WLAN network mode: Infrastructure

    WLAN security mode : WPA/WPA2

    Home Page: none

    Use access point : automatic

    WLAN security setting : EAP

    WPA2 only mode : off

    EAP plug in setting : EAP-PEAP only check

    EAP tab:

    Personal Certificate : not define

    Authority Certificate : Thawte server CA thawte

    User name in use : user define

    user name : UOS username

    Realm in use : user define

    realm: Blank

    TLS privacy: off
    Allow PEAPv0 Yes

    v1: No

    v2: No

    EAP tab : EAP- MSCHAPV2

    Username : filled

    Prompt password : no

    Password filled

    ciphers : check all cipher

    I was successfully connected to university sharah wifi

    I hope you can connect too.
    genebryan, Jul 30, 2017
  4. bro67 Win User

    Define wireless settings per user account

    You would have to use a Security profile that restricts the device to only a certain network. They cannot find other wifi and connect to them if they are password protected.
    bro67, Aug 1, 2017
  5. Shadowjk Win User
    This sounds like an Access point hack to complete. If you don't have an expensive AP then chances are you'll struggle to complete this. OR if you already have the policy applied on the network side then you should be able to configure network configurations as a logon script to force wireless connectivity. That said, it won't stop them from changing networks if need be.

    Josh *Smile
    Shadowjk, Aug 1, 2017
  6. Samuria Win User
    Does your router have a setting user isolation or simliar name that lets users go on the net but not connect local
    Samuria, Aug 1, 2017
  7. ejepsen Win User
    Nope - the router does not know who are connecting

    @Josh - I think your suggestion on the script sounds feasible... The kids just want internet access so I'm not concerned that they will try hard to access the unlimited access point

    @bro67 - can you elaborate on what you mean by "Security profile" ? - what you describe is exactly what I had in Win7 but lack in Win10.
    ejepsen, Apr 5, 2018

Define wireless settings per user account

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