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Discus and support delete old microsoft account in AntiVirus, Firewalls and System Security to solve the problem; how do i delete an old Microsoft account. My laptop has an old email address associated to its login and sleep modes but none of the last 3 passwords I... Discussion in 'AntiVirus, Firewalls and System Security' started by bbsmo, Sep 6, 2018.

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    delete old microsoft account

    how do i delete an old Microsoft account. My laptop has an old email address associated to its login and sleep modes but none of the last 3 passwords I have written down are working. Because the email address is no longer valid resetting the PW and then updating the email address is not an option. If I go to Setting -> Accounts -> Email & App Accounts I can see the old account and my other active account, but the Manage option routes me to the Microsoft page where it is again asking for my password. So How do I delete the old account or merge the old with my new account. , Since this old email address is tied to my computers Sleep mode I can't log in after it goes to sleep, I have to do a force reboot to bypass the sleep mode's re-log in process. I'm on Windows 10.

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    bbsmo, Sep 6, 2018

  2. Windows 10 Old Microsoft account issue.


    Thank you for your reply, appreciate the time taken by you in keeping us updated on the status of the issue.

    Since the issue is still facing, you may try the below steps and check.

    Step 1: Change your old account type from Microsoft account to Local account and then delete this old account by logging into some administrator account.

    To switch to a Local Account follow these steps:

    • Login to your old account.
    • Press “Windows key +X”.
    • Go to Settings
    • Choose Accounts and then select Other User Accounts towards the left.
    • You will get an option “Switch to a Local account” right below your user account name.
    • Select “Switch to a local account” option.
    • Enter the required details.
    Step 2: Login to some other account which has administrator privilege and delete the old account.

    • Click on Start and select
    • Click on Accounts.
    • Now select Family & other users.
    • Here you find your old account, just select and click on

    Hope this helps. Please do let us know if you need any further assistance.

    Thank You.
    ThofikhAhamad, Sep 6, 2018
  3. Deleting microsoft account


    Thank you for posting the query on Microsoft Community.

    I do appreciate your efforts and time.

    Are you trying to access emails using a Mail app or Office Outlook?

    If you are using a Mail app, then I suggest you to try the steps below and check if it helps.

    Run the troubleshooter for Windows apps:

    Check for updates for apps from Windows Store and install if you find any.

    Restart the computer and check. Also, check for Windows updates.

    Try to run the following commands and check if it helps.

    • Type CMD in Search. Right click on it to run as an administrator.
    • Type the following 4 commands at the CMD prompt:
    dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth

    sfc /scannow


    Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers |Where-Object {$_.InstallLocation -like "*SystemApps*"} | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml"}

    • Close the CMD window.
    • Check to see if the issue is resolved. If not, restart the PC.
    If you want to delete the account, then you need to create a new account/use existing Microsoft account and then give administrator permissions to it, then delete the old account.

    Or other option is switching to a local account, then when switching a Microsoft account, it will ask you for the account, then enter a different email address and password.

    Follow the steps below.

    Step 1

    Refer the link below to create a new account and to switch to a local account.

    Set up accounts:

    Step 2

    Follow the steps to change the account type of the new account to administrator by navigating to user accounts under control panel:

    a. Press Window key + X and select Control Panel.

    b. Click on User accounts.

    c. Click on Manage another account.

    d. Click on the new account that you have just created.

    e. Click on Change account type settings.

    f. Click on Change account type.

    g. Click on Administrator.

    h. Click on Change account type.

    i. Restart the computer and log in through the new administrator account.

    Step 3

    To remove the account log into your old account and delete it.

    • Press Window key + X and select Control Panel.
    • Click on User accounts.
    • Click on Manage another account and then select the user account that you want to delete.
    • Click on “delete the account”.
    • Depending on whether you want to “Keep the files” or “Delete the files” choose the appropriate option.
    • You can delete the other accounts similarly.
    Note: Once deleted, the user accounts cannot be recovered. Make sure you back up any data if required.

    Hope this helps in resolving the issue. If the issue persists, do get back to us. We will be happy to assist you.
    Kalpana Shankarappa, Sep 6, 2018
  4. delete old microsoft account

    delete old and create microsoft account

    A coworker has bought a new Lumina 830. His phone recognizes an old Microsoft account which he used a address which is no longer active and has forgotten that password. The point was to load up his office 365 using the login info for that account.

    is it best to delete old account and create new one using 365 login info?

    MarkClarksonXK, Sep 6, 2018

delete old microsoft account

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