Windows 10: Deleted desktop icons by accident

Discus and support Deleted desktop icons by accident in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; i was wiping down the keyboard and i deleted the icons i had on the desktop including recycle bin . How do i get it back.... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by jon92, Sep 20, 2015.

  1. jon92 Win User

    Deleted desktop icons by accident

    jon92, Sep 20, 2015
  2. PatroseHU Win User

    lost photos plus desktop icon missing.

    while moving photos from android file to pictures folder Iost the can I find them.

    Also don't have Recycle icon or wastebasket icon on desktop to check when accidently delete items.
    PatroseHU, Sep 20, 2015
  3. millou123 Win User
    Deleted application by accident

    hi,how do i re-install? thanks
    millou123, Sep 20, 2015
  4. Cliff S New Member

    Deleted desktop icons by accident

    Dumb question but... have you tried right clicking the desktop > View > show show desktop icons?

    Deleted desktop icons by accident [​IMG]
    Cliff S, Sep 20, 2015
  5. XweAponX Win User
    Haha! Happened to me once.
    XweAponX, Sep 20, 2015
  6. Cliff S New Member
    I only thought of that, because it's near impossible to delete ALL the icons when scrubbing the ol' fingerboard*Wink, that and I keep icons turned off, because I use the desktop toolbar in the taskbar to access them.
    Cliff S, Sep 20, 2015
  7. XweAponX Win User
    Well, they are native icons. but when Windows 10 is freshly installed, there are no desktop icons. I found the setting to add them buried deep in the settings tile, and turned on This PC, Control Panel and a few other things. Don't ask me to find it again, heh. I can't remember where it was. But once those are added to the desktop they'll stay put.
    XweAponX, Sep 20, 2015
  8. Cliff S New Member

    Deleted desktop icons by accident

    Settings>personalization>themes<desktop icon settings
    Cliff S, Sep 20, 2015
  9. cameos Win User
    cameos, Sep 20, 2015
  10. Cliff S New Member
    Deleted desktop icons by accident [​IMG]
    Cliff S, Apr 4, 2018

Deleted desktop icons by accident

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