Windows 10: Deleted SSD partition

Discus and support Deleted SSD partition in Windows 10 Installation and Upgrade to solve the problem; I was originally running Windows 10 on a Dell machine with a HDD and SSD in RAID 0 configuration. I have inadvertantly deleted the SSD partition when... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Installation and Upgrade' started by JoshProidlove, Nov 12, 2019.

  1. Deleted SSD partition

    I was originally running Windows 10 on a Dell machine with a HDD and SSD in RAID 0 configuration. I have inadvertantly deleted the SSD partition when doing a Windows 10 re-install. Can anyone advise how to restore the RAID 0 setup and get the SSD partition back? The SSD is visible in BIOS but not in Device Manager/Disk Management.

    JoshProidlove, Nov 12, 2019
  2. HLL_544 Win User

    Saving free space on SSD (Regarding multiple obligatory partitions on main drive)

    Gerry Here just copy-paste some irrelevant response.

    Well, **I've figured it out**. Here my solution (I Take no responsibility from any damage that might arise from this process, and I do not guarantee it to work for u.)

    We'll assume u have 2 disks; SSD and HDD.

    Also NOTE: I Work in a GPT-Disk partitioning scheme, I don't know if it's applicable on dos-style MBR partitioning.

    General-methodology wich we are going to work with (or TL;DR).

    • Delete all partitions on all drive
    • Install Windows on the HDD Drive
    • Install Windows on the SSD Drive (yes, twice!)
    • Repartition the HDD to free up and reallocate as we wish (The only parition that HAVE to be there is the EUFI System (Fat) )
    • After freeing up HDD space, move user folder to the HDD
    • PROFIT
    And in more detail:


    * - Asterisk, not a real step, just additional information

    • Boot into windows 10 installation
    • Clear ALL partitions on BOTH drives
    • Let windows install itself onto the HDD, We'll call this installation win-hdd
      • There is no need to actually boot into this OS.
    • Boot into windows 10 installation
    • Let windows install itself onto the SSD. We'll call this installation win-ssd
      • *What would happen now, Is that windows detects the recovery and eufi partitions and does not need to create such additional partitions on your ssd. It would only create a 16MB windows reserved partition.
      • *Your boot partition would be hdd/eufi; But since windows detect it's own bootloader it would allow you to duel-boot between win-hdd and win-ssd(default)
    • Optional: During windows-ssd first run wizard switch to audit mode (CTRL+SHIFT+F3)
      • *We would use audit mode to:
        • * Optional1: Repartition hdd
        • * Optional2: Change "Users" folder to the hdd.
        • * If u do not want to move Users folder, u can do 6.2 After win-ssd fully boots instead
      • Repartition hdd & move Users folder:
        • Using a 3rd party tool such as "MiniTool Partition Wizard" you can do the fallowing *as you wish*:
          • Delete win-hdd partition
          • Delete recovery-hdd partition
          • Delete windows reserved (16 mb) partition.
          • You can also later move the EUFI to the start of the hdd disk, if needed
          • Create new partition (free to use) on hdd.
          • Make sure to properly assign drive letters to all drive as u wish
          • Fallow
            this guide
            to relocate the User folder (Starting from Step 2)
    • Boot into windows-ssd; If u do not know which one (int the OS selection screen) It's safe to assume that the automatically-selected one is the win-ssd.
    • If u have not performed 6.2 Yet, this is the time to do that now.
    HLL_544, Nov 12, 2019
  3. VBX
    vbx Win User
    Help, I deleted a partition, and can't seem to "extend" the other partition

    Ok, here's how it happened.

    I had 2 partition. XP and Win7 x86.

    I shrank the Win7 x86 partition and created a new partition (Win7 X64)

    I then deleted Win7 x86 partition.


    edit: what warup suggested did the trick. It took 20+ minutes for that software to do it, but hey it worked.. Thanks
  4. Melvis Win User

    Deleted SSD partition

    How to recover files off a HDD from a deleted partition? help!!!

    Thanks for your reply. I used my m8s program and it worked like a dream, recovered all the files and also deleted ones from yrs back, was amazed how well it did. Next step is i will use that Partition Table Doctor to recover the deleted partition. Thanks for the link *Toast :toast:
    Melvis, Nov 12, 2019

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