Windows 10: Dell Dimension E520 ... CPU Not Compatible?

Discus and support Dell Dimension E520 ... CPU Not Compatible? in Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware to solve the problem; Hello, I'm trying to solve the mystery of why I cannot upgrade to Windows 10 Pro 64bit on a Dell Dimension E520. The Windows report shows that the... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware' started by artaslove, Dec 28, 2015.

  1. artaslove Win User

    Dell Dimension E520 ... CPU Not Compatible?


    I'm trying to solve the mystery of why I cannot upgrade to Windows 10 Pro 64bit on a Dell Dimension E520. The Windows report shows that the CPU is not compatible.

    I've researched the problem a little and discovered that other people seem to be running windows 10 on this hardware although Dell isn't releasing specific windows 10 drivers. It's an all-Intel system, ICH8

    I've got the latest BIOS flashed and NX is enabled.

    Here's a dump from coreinfo:
    Code: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.06GHzIntel64 Family 15 Model 4 Stepping 9, GenuineIntel Microcode signature: 00000003 HTT * Hyperthreading enabled HYPERVISOR - Hypervisor is present VMX - Supports Intel hardware-assisted virtualization SVM - Supports AMD hardware-assisted virtualization X64 * Supports 64-bit mode SMX - Supports Intel trusted execution SKINIT - Supports AMD SKINIT NX * Supports no-execute page protection SMEP - Supports Supervisor Mode Execution Prevention SMAP - Supports Supervisor Mode Access Prevention PAGE1GB - Supports 1 GB large pages PAE * Supports > 32-bit physical addresses PAT * Supports Page Attribute Table PSE * Supports 4 MB pages PSE36 * Supports > 32-bit address 4 MB pages PGE * Supports global bit in page tables SS * Supports bus snooping for cache operations VME * Supports Virtual-8086 mode RDWRFSGSBASE - Supports direct GS/FS base access FPU * Implements i387 floating point instructions MMX * Supports MMX instruction set MMXEXT - Implements AMD MMX extensions 3DNOW - Supports 3DNow! instructions 3DNOWEXT - Supports 3DNow! extension instructions SSE * Supports Streaming SIMD Extensions SSE2 * Supports Streaming SIMD Extensions 2 SSE3 * Supports Streaming SIMD Extensions 3 SSSE3 - Supports Supplemental SIMD Extensions 3 SSE4a - Supports Streaming SIMDR Extensions 4a SSE4.1 - Supports Streaming SIMD Extensions 4.1 SSE4.2 - Supports Streaming SIMD Extensions 4.2 AES - Supports AES extensions AVX - Supports AVX intruction extensions FMA - Supports FMA extensions using YMM state MSR * Implements RDMSR/WRMSR instructions MTRR * Supports Memory Type Range Registers XSAVE - Supports XSAVE/XRSTOR instructions OSXSAVE - Supports XSETBV/XGETBV instructions RDRAND - Supports RDRAND instruction RDSEED - Supports RDSEED instruction CMOV * Supports CMOVcc instruction CLFSH * Supports CLFLUSH instruction CX8 * Supports compare and exchange 8-byte instructions CX16 * Supports CMPXCHG16B instruction BMI1 - Supports bit manipulation extensions 1 BMI2 - Supports bit manipulation extensions 2 ADX - Supports ADCX/ADOX instructions DCA - Supports prefetch from memory-mapped device F16C - Supports half-precision instruction FXSR * Supports FXSAVE/FXSTOR instructions FFXSR - Supports optimized FXSAVE/FSRSTOR instruction MONITOR * Supports MONITOR and MWAIT instructions MOVBE - Supports MOVBE instruction ERMSB - Supports Enhanced REP MOVSB/STOSB PCLMULDQ - Supports PCLMULDQ instruction POPCNT - Supports POPCNT instruction LZCNT - Supports LZCNT instruction SEP * Supports fast system call instructions LAHF-SAHF * Supports LAHF/SAHF instructions in 64-bit mode HLE - Supports Hardware Lock Elision instructions RTM - Supports Restricted Transactional Memory instructions DE * Supports I/O breakpoints including CR4.DE DTES64 * Can write history of 64-bit branch addresses DS * Implements memory-resident debug buffer DS-CPL * Supports Debug Store feature with CPL PCID - Supports PCIDs and settable CR4.PCIDE INVPCID - Supports INVPCID instruction PDCM - Supports Performance Capabilities MSR RDTSCP - Supports RDTSCP instruction TSC * Supports RDTSC instruction TSC-DEADLINE - Local APIC supports one-shot deadline timer TSC-INVARIANT - TSC runs at constant rate xTPR * Supports disabling task priority messages EIST - Supports Enhanced Intel Speedstep ACPI * Implements MSR for power management TM * Implements thermal monitor circuitry TM2 * Implements Thermal Monitor 2 control APIC * Implements software-accessible local APIC x2APIC - Supports x2APIC CNXT-ID * L1 data cache mode adaptive or BIOS MCE * Supports Machine Check, INT18 and CR4.MCE MCA * Implements Machine Check Architecture PBE * Supports use of FERR#/PBE# pin PSN - Implements 96-bit processor serial number PREFETCHW - Supports PREFETCHW instruction Maximum implemented CPUID leaves: 00000005 (Basic), 80000008 (Extended). Logical to Physical Processor Map: ** Physical Processor 0 (Hyperthreaded) Logical Processor to Socket Map: ** Socket 0 Logical Processor to NUMA Node Map: ** NUMA Node 0 No NUMA nodes. Logical Processor to Cache Map: ** Data Cache 0, Level 1, 16 KB, Assoc 8, LineSize 64 ** Unified Cache 0, Level 2, 1 MB, Assoc 8, LineSize 128[/quote]

    artaslove, Dec 28, 2015
  2. s1millar Win User

    Is there a driver that will let me use windows 10 with my Radeon x1300/x1550 on a dell dimension E520 running windows 7 32 bit

    Original Title: windows 10 graphic driver

    Is there a driver that will let me use windows 10 with my Radeon x1300/x1550 on a dell dimension E520 running windows 7 32 bit
    s1millar, Dec 28, 2015
  3. atbee Win User
    Windows 10 rejected Intel Q6600 as insufficient CPU

    I had both (multi-boot) Windows 7 32bit and 7 64bit running on a Dell Dimension E520 with an Intel Q6600 CPU - in the Win7-64bit version it allowed an upgrade to Windows 10 and that works fine, but the Win10 Upgrade App showing on Win7-32 reports that the
    Intel Q6600 "CPU isn't supported"!

    The recent "fix" (KB2952664) for the Appraiser CPU error has been installed but, when trying to force
    the Compatibility Appraiser to run it seems to fail, as the last test date is not incremented.

    I will wait to see if the Appraiser runs sometime by itself and corrects this erroneous compatibility response, or I may try the BIOS to disabled "NX", as suggested, - that is if the E520 BIOS has that capability. (The reason I had to install a 64bit OS
    was that one major programme is no longer supported in 32bit, but another program fails to work in 64bit mode!)
    atbee, Dec 28, 2015
  4. TrustMe Win User

    Dell Dimension E520 ... CPU Not Compatible?

    I have a Dell E310 with a Pemtium 4 HT processer and it is running Windows 10 just fine. Are you trying to upgrade through Windows Update? I made a Windows 10 install USB stick and started the upgrade from the desktop. Plug in your USB stick and double click on Setup.exe. Either that or make a Windows 10 DVD and start the upgrade with it. From the Desktop put in the Windows 10 DVD and when Setup.exe pops up click on that. Your upgrade should start. Don't try to do the upgrade through the Windows Update.
    TrustMe, Dec 28, 2015
  5. artaslove Win User
    Found it.

    I could probably install the 32bit version.

    (Through a clean install)
    artaslove, Dec 28, 2015
  6. fireberd Win User
    I had a Dimension E510 (same as a Dimension 5150) and it struggled with Vista 32 bit (upgraded from the original XP). With a max 4GB of memory there was no reason to use a 64 bit OS.
    I can only imagine how "great" it would work with newer Operating Systems.
    fireberd, Dec 29, 2015
  7. artaslove Win User
    Windows 7 Pro 64bit was running okay on this machine however it was not being used for games or anything like that. At one point with a Radeon HD 6450 installed I saw a windows experience index of 4.2 The machine still lives, so I'm trying to keep it as up to date as I can. It's a bit of a hassle, but I'm still considering a backup and clean install of the 32bit version of Windows 10 Pro. It means only 3GB of memory however which I'm not really all that pleased about. Sure would be nice if Microsoft's easy transfer or something accounted for this 64bit to 32bit situation. I guess I can try to find a better 64 bit CPU - if the E520 will support it
    artaslove, Dec 29, 2015
  8. artaslove Win User

    Dell Dimension E520 ... CPU Not Compatible?

    artaslove, Dec 29, 2015
  9. fireberd Win User
    Keep in mind the only real reason to use a 64 bit is if you have more than 4GB of RAM. 64 bit OS will address more than 4GB, where the 32 bit will not. However, a 64 bit OS uses more of the basic memory so there is less available for programs.
    fireberd, Dec 29, 2015
  10. artaslove Win User
    Yes, in this case, 1GB would be video card memory, leaving me with only 3GB addressable system RAM using 32bit. If I can upgrade the system slightly for $35 and get the easy upgrade path to Windows 10 I'm going to do it.

    It looks like others have had success with 8GB with a 64bit OS on the E520 here:
    artaslove, Dec 29, 2015
  11. Just FYI: I have a Dell Dimension E520 (the one I'm typing this on) that originally came with Windows XP, a Core2Duo cpu and 2 G of ram. I long ago updated it to 8 G of ram and a Core2Quad Q6700 four core cpu and it has run XP, Vista x64, 7 x64, 8 x64, 8.1 x64 and now Win 10 x64 without any drama.
    whysoserious, Dec 31, 2015
  12. HalS Win User
    Bit of an old thread, but since the Win-10 upgrade period is ending soon, figured I'd chime in.

    I just updated a similar computer, a Dimension 5150, from XP 512 megs to Win-10 32-bit with 3GB.
    I also had problems going to 64-bit so I swapped in a faster D945 processor when upgrading to 64-bit.

    The old hardware runs nicely under Win-10 64-bit even with only 3GB of memory for my setup.
    The upgrade to 64-bit didn't get me any more ram (a 5150 only sees 3.25GB max) but 64-bit OS
    has other benefits, it allows you to run the 64-bit versions of web browsers, more secure, more stable.
    Also, it seems like there is better support for peripherals with the 64-bit drivers.

    All in all, definitely worth it to basically have a brand new PC.

Dell Dimension E520 ... CPU Not Compatible?

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