Windows 10: Desktop Audio: Old 5.1 Home Theater System vs. New Powers Speakers

Discus and support Desktop Audio: Old 5.1 Home Theater System vs. New Powers Speakers in Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware to solve the problem; Motherboard: Gigabyte z170n-wifi Stereo: Sony STR-K850P I'm down-sizing a bit and want to do away with my largish Sony receiver. I'm currently... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware' started by loaba, Feb 3, 2016.

  1. loaba Win User

    Desktop Audio: Old 5.1 Home Theater System vs. New Powers Speakers

    Motherboard: Gigabyte z170n-wifi
    Stereo: Sony STR-K850P

    I'm down-sizing a bit and want to do away with my largish Sony receiver. I'm currently using it to drive a 3.1 setup. I'm okay with deleting the center channel, less okay with eliminating the powered sub. It just seems to me that small speakers usually need a sub to balance them out.

    At this point in my life, I only use my speakers when the family isn't around and even then I'm past the "crank it" phase. Yes, I typically listen at a reasonable volume. The majority of my game playing is done via headphones (Sony MDR-7506).

    I'd like to hear from users in a similar situation, as in what are you using and how do you like it? I am okay going with a 2 channel setup, but the speakers have to deliver a nice range. Am I looking for an animal that doesn't exist? Should I just stick with what is probably a 9-yr old receiver at this point? Truth be told, it's only crime is being too big (and yes, I get that a lot...)

    Anyhoo - thoughts welcome.

    loaba, Feb 3, 2016
  2. JakeCorp Win User

    5.1 Surround Sound Option Not Showing Up

    I have recently set up a home theater system in my room. The audio comes out of all speakers, but it's mainly focuses on the Front Left and Front Right speakers. I go into my options, and there is no option for 5.1 surround sound. I am connected to the
    subwoofer through a mini to RCA cable. If you need any other information, please do comment.
    JakeCorp, Feb 3, 2016
  3. PhilB_06 Win User
    How to get 5.1 surrond sound from Realtek in Windows 10?

    How to get 5.1 surrond sound from Realtek in Windows 10? It doesnt give me an option to test all 5 speakers or configure more than 2 speakers. I am running a Sony Home Theater 5.1 Surrond Sound device but only able to get 2 speakers. Please help me to
    fix my sound.
    PhilB_06, Feb 3, 2016
  4. jds63 Win User

    Desktop Audio: Old 5.1 Home Theater System vs. New Powers Speakers

    Welcome to Ten-Forums !

    What is your Sound Device on this Motherboard ?
    For me over years being a music lover i prefer quality sound and does not have to be loud also to enjoy, but when it can be it should sound good low or high.
    So this depends on Sound Device in your system to and at least for me. Using a Creative Sound Blaster ZxR 5.1 along with Logitech Z906.
    This card has capability to hook to external Amps or receivers, but i prefer good pair of PC speakers and 5.1 because i also like to watch occasional movies and it also enhances Music.
    jds63, Feb 3, 2016
  5. loaba Win User
    Mobo sports Realtek ALC1150 HD. It's 7.1 capable, optical out. Very nice onboard audio. Having said that, and maybe it's just me, the receiver sounds better (at least when using optical).

    I'm okay with going with the onboard setup, the question then becomes what kind of 2.1 system to go with. A buddy says I should take a serious look at Logitech options.
    loaba, Feb 3, 2016
  6. jds63 Win User
    Optical out will give you all channels, question is a receiver to have an optical input. I feel for me better to have PC speakers even though can save you money running it to a AV receiver. Logitech pretty good at PC speakers as not many brands out there, since you have capability on onboard card for more then 3.1 or stereo sound. Although discrete cards (slot card) will always produce better, as with Graphics cards.
    jds63, Feb 4, 2016
  7. loaba Win User
    I built a mini-ITX rig, the only full-size card on the system is my video card. So I'm stuck with the onboard audio, and that's cool.

    I've done some comparing and I kind of like Logitech Z906 (full surround, a receiver-type head-unit) or the bare-bones Z333 (2 speaks and a sub.)

    Z906 is $400.00 vs $80.00 for the Z333. I guess what I need to do is price out a small-size receiver and a pair of bookshelf speakers. I think I can find something for less than 400, but is it worth it in the end? I really don't have much desk space or privacy right now. That will change eventually, but not anytime soon.
    loaba, Feb 4, 2016
  8. jds63 Win User

    Desktop Audio: Old 5.1 Home Theater System vs. New Powers Speakers

    I was only telling you what i have, by no means telling you to buy that. Those Logitech seem fine for $80.. I think being what you have, would not be worth spending that kind of money on speakers or a receiver. Can find 5.1 speakers for around the cost of those $80.00 Logitech, that way you will have use of 5.1 the integrated card provides.
    jds63, Feb 4, 2016
  9. bobkn Win User
    What's your budget? How much space do you have for speakers? How serious are you about sound quality?

    There's a bit of a range.



    About $1500 for just the speakers. I mention these more or less as a joke, although with high-end audio, the sky is the limit. (I looked at an ad today for a 6' power cable that costs more than $10k US. You'd have to be an eccentric to buy one of those. An eccentric is defined as a nut case with money.)

    If you have less space, and less money ($500):

    Digital Hi-Fi Speakers - X300A - EGG - KEF United States

    The KEF Egg is a powered speaker, with a variety of inputs (Bluetooth, USB, toslink, analog). Two of those inputs don't use the soundcard. It's limited in bass, of course. You may wish to add a subwoofer (<$100 to infinity). One potential problem: the cable that connects the slave speaker to the master is 2m (78") long. It's permanently attached at the slave end, and the electrical connector at the other end is a small 4 pin one. (Proprietary?)

    For tiny speakers, these are popular ($250):

    A2+B Powered Desktop Speakers

    They also support a direct USB input, as well as analog. Adding a sub would be nice.

    None of the above are strictly computer speakers, but they are intended for use near the listener.

    In the computer speaker line, I listened to a Klipsch Promedia 2.1 ($150; I've seen them on sale for $127.). Its satellite speakers sounded pretty bad in the store, at least with the source sound BestBuy supplied. (The cheap Logitechs sitting next to them were considerably better.) They're fairly popular, though. Maybe there are a lot of bass lovers out there. Regardless, they are THX certified.

    If you want a THX system that is less expensive that the Logitech Z906, look at the Z623. ($120 at Amazon.) It's a 2.1 system, and if you want loud, there you have it. It lacks an optical input, but I think that's unimportant to most of us.
    bobkn, Feb 4, 2016
  10. jds63 Win User
    jds63, Feb 4, 2016
  11. loaba Win User
    No worries, man - it is very helpful to know what other folks are having success with.
    loaba, Feb 4, 2016
  12. loaba Win User
    The A2+B's seem more like what I'm looking for, but then I'd have figure out how to integrate a sub. Shouldn't be too hard. Having said that, the Z506's seem like a great deal for the money.
    loaba, Feb 4, 2016
  13. jds63 Win User

    Desktop Audio: Old 5.1 Home Theater System vs. New Powers Speakers

    Something having to do with a Crossover, Bobkn may know more on that then i do.
    I see your point if already have a Receiver you can just use speakers, may spend less buying a decent PC 5.1 speakers and save on the figuring out on how to get it to work well with the receiver and speakers and receive all channels of surround.

    What works for me is having good quality sound for my PC and keeping my AV Receiver separate for TV, Music and Movies.
    jds63, Feb 4, 2016
  14. bobkn Win User
    I know less about crossovers than I should. Basically, a crossover sends the proper frequencies to the appropriate driver. (In a 2 way system, highs go to the tweeter, and lows to the woofer.)

    For a subwoofer, the best available option appears to be LFE (low frequency effects). The device would send only low-frequency stuff to the sub, which would need no low pass filter. In some system it sends less low frequency signals to the woofers in the primary speakers, which relieves them from the burden of reproducing low frequency sounds.

    My sub gets its signal from a Harman Kardon receiver. It has a sub output, but it's not limited in frequency. The sub has a variable upper frequency cutoff, which has to be adjusted to optimize the response of the system.

    If you really want a surround system, you may want to stay with computer speakers. I had a set made by Monsoon which was perhaps a little better than most of the Logitech products, but Monsoon has gotten out of the computer speaker business. (The amplifier in my system died a year or so ago, and I didn't attempt a repair.)
    bobkn, Feb 5, 2016
  15. jds63 Win User
    Very Well explained tho ! Not too many brands of PC speakers, i remember being on the hunt year back. Seems Logitech is about the best out there now, Creative used to be better. I feel is if the integrated sound device on PC has an Optical Out and you have a AV 5.1 Receiver that has a Optical input then your good, other then that then your using a 3.5mm split to composite jacks from Green connector on Integrated Sound device and so on if rest works well and still need an composite input.
    Desktop Audio: Old 5.1 Home Theater System vs. New Powers Speakers [​IMG]
    jds63, Feb 5, 2016

Desktop Audio: Old 5.1 Home Theater System vs. New Powers Speakers

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