Windows 10: Desktop disappears/reappears; no renaming

Discus and support Desktop disappears/reappears; no renaming in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; Running Windows 10, with the latest update. Latest nVidia card update installed. When I click on the desktop, after a couple of seconds it all... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by Luminaire, Aug 14, 2019 at 2:48 AM.

  1. Luminaire Win User

    Desktop disappears/reappears; no renaming

    Running Windows 10, with the latest update. Latest nVidia card update installed. When I click on the desktop, after a couple of seconds it all disappears, replaced by the background color. See that for about a second, then the desktop reappears. If I try to open a folder or shortcut on the desktop, it does what I just described, but nothing opens. However, if I try the same item again, then it works. I am baffled. *Banghead


  2. File disappeared after renaming..

    Hi Arturo,

    To troubleshoot your issue if the file or folder disappear you need to refresh your desktop. You can do one of the following, if changes are made to the default UAC setting:

    1. Keep C:\Users\Public\Desktop folder window opened on the user's desktop while doing rename operation.

    2. Press F5 on user's desktop when this problem happens.

    Get back to us if the steps won't work.
  3. taskbar icons disappear and then reappear

    That could mean there was a change detected which needed to be handled by all your active tasks.

    That suggests that the current focus was most likely on the Desktop (e.g. assuming you have a lot of icons on your Desktop). Please try to be sure that Narrator gets focus on things that you are interested
    in. Again, it may be necessary to practise using the tools before you actually need to try to understand something that is less clear.

    Good luck


    Robert Aldwinckle on forums, Aug 14, 2019 at 2:51 AM
  4. Ruz San Win User

    Desktop disappears/reappears; no renaming

    My Downloads Renamed Itself to Desktop

    Hi Matt,

    To rename the folder back to Downloads, follow these steps:

    • Open File Explorer.
    • Click on This PC.
    • Open Local Disk (CDesktop disappears/reappears; no renaming :).
    • Open Users.
    • Open the folder of the user profile you are experiencing this issue in.
    • Rename the second Desktop icon you see as Downloads.
    • Close File Explorer then reopen it.
    • Check if the Downloads folder has been renamed successfully.

    Let us know if this resolves the problem.

Desktop disappears/reappears; no renaming

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