Windows 10: Desktop is missing

Discus and support Desktop is missing in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; Desktop is not visible or accessible from any Explorer window. 117756 Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by robdam1001, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. robdam1001 Win User

    Desktop is missing

    Desktop is not visible or accessible from any Explorer window.

    robdam1001, Sep 12, 2018
  2. ThofikhAhamad Win User

    Windows 10 missing desktop files

    Hi Adriane,

    Thank you for posting your query in Microsoft Community.

    I can imagine the inconvenience you have experienced. I will definitely help you with this.

    • Did you do a clean installation of Windows or upgrade to Windows 10?
    I suggest you to follow the below steps and check if you can find your desktop files.

    • Open This PC.
    • Double click on C: drive.
    • Open Users > double click on your user name.
    • Open Desktop and check if you can find missing files.
    Kindly let us know if you need any further assistance with Windows. We are glad to assist you.

    Thank you.
    ThofikhAhamad, Sep 12, 2018
  3. smartali89 Win User
    Why did the startup window get cleared?

    I didn't missed any step, the list was gone and gone , even after using lot of programs the programs were not listed in that list.
    smartali89, Sep 12, 2018
  4. Jesrael Bor Win User

    Desktop is missing

    Missing desktop icons


    In order for us to address your concern about the missing desktop icons, kindly answer the following questions first:

    • Have you made any recent changes to your computer system prior to getting this issue?
    • What is the current version and build of your Windows 10? To get these information follow these steps:

    • Press Windows key + R.
    • Once the Run box appears, type Winver.
    • Press Enter.
    • A small window will appear which will show these information.

    (You may need to update your Windows computer, please refer to this
    support link
    to get information about Windows update history as well as how to update your device.)

    • Aside from doing the commands above, what are other troubleshooting steps have you taken for your missing desktop icons issue?

    We look forward to your response.

    Jesrael Bor, Sep 12, 2018

Desktop is missing

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