Windows 10: Discuss add-on & is not responding

Discus and support Discuss add-on & is not responding in Browsers and Email to solve the problem; Today I helped my brother to learn Win10 and I am used to using EDGE. He was interested in using IE11 since that is what he uses to play Pogo on his... Discussion in 'Browsers and Email' started by MeAndMyComputer, Jan 20, 2017.

  1. Discuss add-on & is not responding

    Today I helped my brother to learn Win10 and I am used to using EDGE.
    He was interested in using IE11 since that is what he uses to play Pogo on his Win7 computer.
    His home page on his Win7 computer in IE11 is Yahoo
    When we connected to IE11 on his Win10 computer the following message showed up on the bottom of the screen.
    --- The ‘Discuss’ add-on from an unknown publisher is ready for use
    --- I did not enable it: Is it ok to enable it?
    --- Even though it shows that it’s from an unknown publisher, is that something that Yahoo allows and works with?

    While still in IE11 and Yahoo on his Win10 computer
    The following message also showed up on the bottom of the screen when he clicked on Mail.
    --- is not responding Recover webpage.
    The Yahoo webpage never recovered and nothing could be done Yahoo’s page.
    --- Could that be because I did not enable the Discuss add-on?

    MeAndMyComputer, Jan 20, 2017
  2. garym123 Win User

    E-mail address in verification box for microsoft acct. not correct

    In this discussion the words 'Microsoft account' mean the account listed under these words in settings, email+accounts. All this means is the primary account for the phone.

    As you can see you can not enter a complete email address in the forum. Use just or live .com. The account name under Microsoft account in settings, email+accounts can be or
    Which is it?

    When the phone asks for a password for your Microsoft account this could be the or, depending which is listed under 'Microsoft account in email+accounts.

    If yahoo is there it is perfectly normal for you to log into this site using and its password
    garym123, Jan 20, 2017
  3. Windows 7 Backup Failing after Windows 10 Anniversary Install with Access Denied on Toshiba G: Drive 0x078014B error code

    Hello Rachelle,

    Thanks for the methods. I did them both and I only received a not responding message once afterwards. However after I enabled my AdBlock Plus add-on, I thought I was receiving them more frequently, but when I disabled I still got them all the
    time so I'm not sure. The add-on worked fine for months before the Windows 10 anniversary update. What do you think?

    Thanks, Claude
    Claudito2N, Jan 20, 2017
  4. bro67 Win User

    Discuss add-on & is not responding

    Internet Explorer is dead. Use either Chrome or Firefox if Edge does not work.
    bro67, Jan 20, 2017
  5. torre Win User
    Never a good idea to open an unknown add-on.

    Check the Event Viewer for IE errors and "google" the Event ID for further info. May want to run a system scan with your AV, run Adw Cleaner, and clear your temp files, cookies, etc.
    torre, Jan 22, 2017
  6. bro67 Win User
    It is a part of the Microsoft Office and Office 365 Packages, nothing to do with Yahoo and no malware.
    bro67, Jan 22, 2017
  7. GregoryP Win User
    Simply Edge is a new generated version of Internet Explorer
    Just a new name and User Interface, but is still a old Internet Explorer. Marketing Stuff.
    GregoryP, Jan 28, 2017
  8. CmmTch Win User

    Discuss add-on & is not responding

    I have been for the most part forced to Edge, IE simply does not function reliably through Yahoo, over the last couple months I've had repeated freeze ups, recover webpage errors, etc... I'm using w10 Home, my personal opinion is MS is doing everything it can to move users off of IE even it means causing continuous problems.

    It sounds like tin foil hat, conspiracy stuff but on the computers I have that have W10 home (my desktop, one my of wife's laptops) IE is barely usable anymore. We've both moved to Edge on those boxes. OTOH I have a couple laptops with W10 Pro, and one of my wife's has W10 Pro. Unlike the W10 Home versions, the laptops with W10 Pro have very little trouble running IE, hardly ever freezing up. Although still some Yahoo trouble, not as much with IE on those systems.

    My theory is since many enterprise systems will use the Pro version, MS is not interfering. I know, it's not anything other than an opinion, but I can't get it out of my mind that it's all social engineering to move Home users to Edge.

    But another note, Yahoo has definitely been acting squirrelly for a while now, especially their news pages and posting reactions to story's. Yahoo mail is also been having problems every once in a while.

    As a workaround you might have him try Firefox, it's very much like IE, much more so than Edge.
    CmmTch, Apr 5, 2018

Discuss add-on & is not responding

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